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Achilles' Heel

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
4th Episode in the Uncharted Lands Series
2nd Episode of House Gandian's very own Commander Abel's side

Looking over the fields where farms once stood and your squire's first near death experience happened, your focus is drawn away when you hear a horse galloping through the gatehouse.

It's a messenger from the Capital.

"Commander Abel, Lord Gadvius would like to see you." says the Messenger
"For what reason?" you respond.
"He'll explain everything, just come with me."

You mount your steed and ride off to the capital, leaving one of your trusted soldiers in command of the rebuilding of the countryside. After several hours, you and the messenger finally arrive at the capital. Although you have seen it many many times, the walls shine brilliantly in the warm light of sunset. The heart of what you fight for, the capital and all who reside in the towering and magnificent fortress sitting at the other end of the city. Upon passing through the gatehouse, large lines of smiling and cheerful citizens pave the way to the doors of the towering fortress. You soon remember from your childhood what this means.

"Wake up son! Commander Doga is being promoted today! It's Gandian tradition that we all line the way for him on the streets of our city." You see your now deceased father, who died
in a cave-in, talking to your younger self.
"Aw, do we really have to? It's not even sunrise yet!" You hear your younger, more childish voice echoing in your head.
"You want to be a leader in the army dont you? What if you get promoted and you never saw me walking out of our house for YOUR promotion?" echoes in the back of your head.
"Looks like you were right, dad, just like all those other times. I just wish that had been a lie." you mumble under your breath and under a promise to him, you fight back your tears.

You soon find yourself in front of Lord Gadvius, the head of the Gandian military force. A tall, sturdy and a imposing figure to boot, he greets you with a smile and a salutations.

"Ah, salutations there Commander Abel!"
"Greetings, Lord Gadvius." you reply, kneeling to him.
"What's the matter? Stand up boy! You wouldn't want to start your career of being one of our valued generals in the army by not showing the guts to stand up to a man larger than that horse of yours?" He says to you, followed by a slight laughter from the citizens.
"General? But why so quickly?" You ask, starting to stand up.
"As it turns out, the large attack force going directly after the capital was merely a diversion, to draw our main forces away. As it turns out, some of their "Knights" were merely meat puppets, with a blade crudely stuck in their hands, thrown on a horse, and a wooden frame making them solid and not flail around while the horse was in motion. It turns out after an interrogation with one of many captured soldiers, they sent an attack force by sea to attack what they thought to be a weak point..."
"...and I'm assuming I was at that weak point when they struck?" You interrupt, followed by a surprised reaction from the citizens.
"Yes, you were, news of your victory at the Crimson Plains was enough to lessen the willpower of Grafesco's Generals, especially since you've won with 5 times less soldiers than their attack force." finishing up his previous statement.
"In all honesty, I thought I was going to fall before the enemy, but at the same time, I felt the need to survive another day, for...personal reasons."
"You don't need to explain it all, we aren't here for a life story, nor is this a Kideo Hojima work. On behalf of the Military advisors to our king and country, I bequeath to you, the Stole of Acala." Lord Gadvius reassures you, while placing the stole around your neck and his hands on your shoulders. The citizens cheer and a celebration is held for you on behalf of tradition. The Celebration goes on into the night, and eventually dies down as everyone heads inside to sleep for more hard work tomorrow. The same could be said for you, as a knock on the door and a messenger telling you that you are needed in a mission briefing. You get up and head to the military academy's briefing room.

"You wanted to see me?" You ask as you walk into the briefing room.
"Ah, there's our new general, I'm General Doga and have been for 5 years. All things aside, we have an important mission for you. As you may have learned in our military history class, Achillies' Heel peninsula was constantly fought over and eventually abandoned since both sides suffered many casualties. What we need you to do is to rebuild our old abandoned fortress lying there and retake it as our own, showing house Grafesco that we are here to stay and won't back down for what they did on that one fateful day. Will you accept this mission seeing as no one else will bother with it?"
"If no one else will do it, I'll take up the job." you tell him with stern confidence.
"Thats my boy! We really need more people like you in the military, fearless and unwavering! I'm already starting to like this young lad!" General Doga announces while patting you on the shoulder.

You set sail along the coastline to Achilles' Peninsula, with a handful of men and supplies to bring to the ruined castle. You haven't heard of Achilles' Peninsula since your Military History classes when you were younger and the recent construction of a small port town on Arrowhead Island, named after the arrow that had struck Achilles' heel and the way the mountain range forms a sort of ankle.

"This was the fortress that many men lost their lives over? Doesn't really look like it's worth fighting for to me." says one of your men, staring at the ruined shell of a former castle.
"It's the closest thing to Grafesco's Homeland we have at the moment, I won't doubt a chance to strike at them." You say back to him.

You soon arrive at the docks of the small port town that has yet to be even named by the council. The people of the town told you that they have been told of the reconstruction before you have so they have gathered some supplies in hope of helping you out, as well as placing some soldiers of their own in the old bunkers that haven't seen use in a long time, and they redirect you to the bridge leading to the keep. Upon arrival, you see a large, empty courtyard, with very few and badly damaged buildings, the moldy wood not helping them in any way, and the once high walls did nothing to stop the sunlight getting into your eyes.

"Looks like we've got some work to do. Like the Phoenix, this castle will rise from the ground, alive once again." You say, breaking the silence.
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File Author
Updated to include Ox Tethers
The Beany Lord Nice story! Makes me want to give the map a try... Minimap looks neat to =D

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