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HandCombat2: Colosseum

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 160x160 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
Colosseum Games

What is this game about:

This is a very 'small' game with very few troops involved. The game is very short, so you can play it many times, which you probably need to do before you can win. There are no time critical events or attacks. You decide what is happening at all times. There is no economy issue, just fighting.

Despite its 'smallness' and simplicity, it is very high in strategic decision making. You could win the game by luck, but an intricate knowledge about different units in Crusader is the best path to success.

If you haven't played the previous part of this hand combat series (CrusaderChess), you should probably practice with that game

If anyone does NOT get exactly one each of slave, spearman, monk, assassin, arabian swordsman, maceman, pikeman, swordsman,
knight, PLEASE let me know (qtlilkeg as a yahoo email).


You have been mistaken as slaves and you need to fight at the Colosseum in Rome. You will be free men if you win the fights ordered by the Roman Emperor.

The Roman Emperor has decided that your men (red) need to fight ONE-ON-ONE with the blue troops. For each fight, you select one red unit and ask him to attack one blue. Repeat this until there are either no red units left (you loose) or there are no blue units left. If you can win against the blue units, the gates to the lion cages will open and you need to kill two lions. Use all your remaining troops at the
same time when you fight the lions. If you are successful here, you win the game.

Is it winnable?

The odds look impossible. But it certainly is winnable, otherwise I would not put this game on this site. Just keep trying different combinations. How hard can it be? There are only nine units...


You had quickly advanced to the degree of colonel in the great Roman army. You had had great success while commanding an army in Hungaria and Romania. You had just entered Turkey and got a big trophy as you captured the city of Antalya. Your great progress had gone to your head and you started to think of yourself as one of the greatest military strategists. Nothing could stop you now. The throne was all but yours very soon.

But maybe all your success only came from luck? Unfortunately, your luck ended right there. While wildy partying after your victory, you and your men were seen by one of the Roman Emperor's tax men (who invaded the city 10 minutes after the fighting was over) who smelled money. He knew it was against the Emperor's rules to drink more than 2 gallons
of ale per person during the partying, and clearly you and your men passed your quota many hours ago. He informed the police (who invaded the city about 2 hours after the tax men) who put all of you in jail to sleep off your drunkness.

On the third day in jail, you and your men started to somewhat sober up and you protested loudly when you discovered that the prison cells were actually locked. You had seen a prison cell from the inside many times before under the same circumstances, but the customary procedures in the Roman army was that the door should be unlocked. The police yelled at you
to be quiet, but you could take none of that crap from a lousy local police officer. After all, you were a decorated colonel in the great Roman army. You started screaming back and demand they release you, otherwise you would personally take this issue to the Emperor himself. Three officers immediately came back, opened the door, dragged you out, and put you in the dungeon! How dare they treat a colonel
like this? As they locked the box, they said:
You behave and be quiet, otherwise the next stop is the stretching rack. You were very, very confused. What was going on? But the threat of the stretching rack kept you quiet.

Two days later with no food or water, they put you back in the prison cell with your other men. They quickly explained the situation to you. You were actually in prison because you and your men were charged with the severe offense of pretending to be part of the Roman army. But we ARE part of the army you shouted angrily, but your men quickly wrestled you down to keep you quiet. There's NOTHING we can do now, they explained. Any protests will only make this matter worse. There has clearly been a mistake and the only chance you had to correct it would be when you would arrive in Rome for the hearings at the High Court. Well, travelling all the way back to Rome in a prison transport didn't really appeal to any of you, but it was true that nothing could be done here in Turkey.

Two weeks later (with very poor food by the way), you arrived in Rome. It just so happened that the dear Lady Miss Fortune had once again played a little trick with you. During the trip, there had been a mixup of the mobile
prison cells. The boxes you were transported in had been labelled 'Slaves taken from the King of Egypt'. You never saw when this happened, so you couldn't ask the person who did the labelling to check his paperwork more carefully.
Now, there was a little bit of a problem. Slaves never had a chance to be heard at the court. Whatever a slave said was assumed to be a bunch of lies. Slaves were slaves and forever slaves. Even though 'forever' could be for a fairly short time if the Roman Emperor decided to send them to Colosseum to be lion food ...

One day you woke up to much noise and cheerful celebration. Unfortunately, it wasn't your men celebrating. It was all the people of Rome who went to the big quarterly Fair at the Colosseum. Another unfortunate little detail was that the prison guards put you and your men in shackels and dragged you out of the prison cells. You were also heading to Colosseum, but not as cheerfully as the others ...

You and a few of your men were put in the center of Colosseum together with a few other slaves dressed in blue. There must have been at least 5000 men cheerfully booing at you. Weapons were thrown to you and the rules of the game were explained (see above).

Finally, you had a chance to show that your men were actually trained in the army and easily win these fights!

Show the Roman Emperor who you really are so rightful order can be restored.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Heroesflorian Hi qtlilkeg!

I really like this idea. The story is also interesting and not too short.

But the difficulty "impossible" is not really correct - with 1 vs 1 fights I have beaten it (before playing any chess) in the first try, having several survivors. So, "easy" or "normal" would be a better rating for its difficulty.

Maybe you could add a bit of eyecandy or make the colosseum being surrounded by a real city with monuments, streets, different buildings etc to make it look more realistic?
Moreover, heightening the ground in the center of the arena a bit would make the lions come up from their (underground) cage.

But it is, like already said, a really nice idea. Keep making interesting scenarios, no matter if long or short ones!


[Edited on 08/20/09 @ 11:50 AM]

rishav Well, i wud also like to make a few suggestions although ur concept and idea is very innovative...
ur map is not tough and definitely not impossible....
i wud say that u should remove the assassin.that is bcoz all u need to do in order to beat the game is get ur assassin to kill a few of engineers at the top and then the rest of the engineers and complete enemy forces become ours,
OR u can place a single tile of river at the foot of walls and gatehouse to make sure the assassin is not able to climb it....
File Author
Hmmm... interesting that you thought this was an 'easy' map. I struggled with it for quite a while myself. Well, wait for the follow-up: 'HandCombat3: CrusaderMiniTrail' that will be available shortly. I updated the 'hardness' rating though. Yes, I agree I should have made the lion cages underground (as the real Colosseum was designed), but I didn't know this when making this game. I'm just a bit too lazy to change the height and redo the whole building, which took me quite a while.

Yes, there are a couple of very obvious 'cheats' to win this map very easily. As you mentioned, letting your assassin run amok and kill a few spectators would do the job. Or you could use all your 9 units to attack each of the enemies in turn. Maybe you can use your assassin to open the gates (or even smash the gates) and let the lions attack the blue guys.
But I think the Roman Emperor gave fairly clear directions how this game was supposed to be played, so I don't think it is necessary to change the game to make those 'cheats' impossible.


[Edited on 08/22/09 @ 02:57 PM]

Heroesflorian Maybe you could make the ground just a *bit* higher at the edge and create a *small* hill in the middle to archieve the "underground effect"?

File Author

Hi all,

I just updated this game to include a more difficult version. It is called ColosseumH in the download package. Here you have to fight with four lions as compared to the original only two.

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