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Royal Crossfire

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
After the victory at the mountain fortress, you quickly retreat back to your known lands. Upon arriving however, you soon see buildings burning in the distance and a crimson red standard. Sir Golivar, who managed to escape the colony along with a few men, tells you that they are no ordinary barbarians. It's soon clear that you have caught yourself in a war against a powerful force.

"What are your orders now milord? Our colony is dead, and we can't possibly win against them." one of your soldiers grumble.
"They may have numbers, but we can still win this, little by little at a time." says an elderly man.
"Oh so what? We'll wait until they all die of old age? That's a real big plan you old coot!"
"The old man might be right, we have to do this little by little at a time, attacking when we know we can pull off a victory." you tell the survivors before they tear each other apart. You and the rest venture into the dark and eerie unknown, knowing an army of real trained soldiers are out for your blood. Through a thicket of trees, you see a fortress bearing the same crimson red standard. With very little patrols and the lights out, you see this as an opportunity to strike back at them for destroying your colony, to be heard that you refuse to go down without a fight. After the silent takeover, dawn breaks, looking over the horizon, you see crimson red standards closing in on your position.

"Sire! Look behind you!"

You turn around to see a gilded blue and white banner in the center of an army. Knowing that the soldiers bearing crimson uniforms are out to kill you, you take the risk of joining with the blue uniformed soldiers in hopes of avenging the lost colonists and figuring out what's going on.

Short Story for General Abel in the description of the actual map.

You two finally meet each other in this mission! It's also General Abel's first true field battle.
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File Author
Updated to remove the mangonel

Last update, I promise

[Edited on 09/13/09 @ 11:49 PM]

olowek2111 So.. Very good map!
Map Design3.0
Royal Crossfire

Playability: 5
Troops attack from all directions, so pausing was a very good idea to stop and think a few moments about where to redeploy faster units (macemen, knights) to critical spots. I sent groups of 10 to 20 pikemen to guard shields, giving my archers and crossbowmen enough time to shoot incoming soldiers down. These shields were good defense for my ranged units against enemy archers, that added with the natural ford, formed a temporary blockade. Because swordsmen were simply way too slow, I didn’t bother with moving them around, positioning half of them to the north and half of them to the east. Knights were very helpful in relieving the siege of the castle (where inside were engineers that I needed). I originally had plans to take control of the two ballistas. Unfortunately, the towers that the ballistas were on were destroyed because I didn’t want to risk having the troops that I would send being mowed down by new invasions. Much to my advantage; I was right.

Balance: 4
On very hard difficulty, I ended up losing, but it was a very close game. Mistakenly using my knights to wipe out invasions, I lost the quick, hit-and-run abilities that my horsemen had to offer. ...So, any chance of winning the mission was gone with about ¾ of my knights. Diverting my archers and crossbowmen to one side and ambushing the enemy’s main army from another, I managed to kill off half of the army before my swordsmen were overpowered, coming incredibly close to the enemy lord. I didn’t like how the “good bandits/archers” event was scripted, because of the position of one of the signposts in particular, right behind the enemy army. This would cause groups of 50 green-donning men to suddenly materialize in the middle of a cramped area, only to be cut down in two seconds. All invasions came from the northwest and southeast signposts.

Creativity: 4
Two massive and equally balanced armies on both sides, opposite of each other; all that separates them is a little fort and a big, big plain... oh, what’s this? Cheaters! They brought reinforcements!
*Because the enemy has no Keep, there are no peasants on their side. If you look at UnikUnok’s Ramel or Harlow’s Wood, you’ll see that there are workers tasking in the buildings, making the city look inhabited and no more floating red circles hovering over the area.*

Map Design: 3
Nice to have the entire map on mid-level height, but besides trees and a few rocks, the landscape is really, REALLY flat. You could put a mountain or a valley, maybe even a lake, but the way it is right now it is somewhat dull and even the forests are empty, all there is are trees.

Story/Instructions: 4
No errors, although only a page long, this story is neatly written. :D

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Map Design3.0
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