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Autumn Chill

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Made with version: 1.2
This map is my first freebuild, so don't expect anything of really EPIC proportions, but a modest first try at serious landscaping.

- - Autumn Chill - -

Autumn Chill is a freebuild in the style of Warlord_Designs (there I got my main inspiration from, in fact), set in a green valley surrounded by harsh and rugged hills full of wildlife.

The map is designed to give the player a lot of options for both strategic and "aesthetic" castle building. You might just design a beautiful, romantic fairy-tale castle, or a fort with impregnable walls and lots of soldiers.

I worked hard trying to keep the landscape intact while still having both quarries, iron mines, wooded hills AND a green plain, but it might just look a bit out of place sometimes (talking about the Stone, mainly), so my apologies for that.

Good luck playing, don't forget leaving a comment and/or reviewing sometimes, it would be much appreciated.
- Cilibinarii
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Ze Moleman YEA FOURTH OR FIFTH DOWNLOAD!! looks good from the minimap, checking it out now....

took a look, i know most would want to put the castle start near the stone and iron. this is maybe just me, i like to have space to expand the castle further so i'd place it in the largest space possible then saw you put the signpost in that area... very minor in the map, possibly put them in the surronding hills (probably am just being picky here) oh and over all the design looks great

[Edited on 10/14/09 @ 10:30 AM]

The Dragonheart I'm glad you decided to upload it. Nice map.
Map Design4.5
As I promised in your thread I will make a review of your map.
So here we go

Playability 4

A four to start of with.
playability is probably the lowest score the map would get if ratings went into decimals.
It does have a good score because I really enjoyed playing the map and its been a pretty long time since
I did so much strongold in such a short amount of time. It does however suffer from a few drawbacks.
First of, I feel like the wildlife, especialy the bears was just to much at times. Because of the fact that
in one area there are more bears then in the other. Good places to build your keep were pretty limited.
And thats something not helped by its second drawback. The distribution of iron and boulders. The Iron
is pretty much limited to one region of the map. and there is only one boulderfield. That might have worked great
in an invasion map but in a free build that is also a "place your own keep" I prefer some more area's with those resources
just to give the map some more replayability.

Although there are some drawbacks in the playability section its still a very fun map to play. To be fair
I don't really know why I had such a great time playing it, but because I had such a great time playing it
I can't give it lower then a four.

Balance 4

Balance is probably the most hardest thing when rating a freebuild.
Freebuilds scenario's are always easy to play because there are no invasions, no events, no bandits.
Ofcourse you can throw the most horrible invasions and most terrible tree fungus at your own settlement
but that is the choise of player himself. For balance I have taken into my calculations the amount of wildlife,
valley floor and starting goods. The amount of wildlife was at times, quite anoying to say the
least. Especialy in the beginning stages there were times that there were more bears in your camp then there were peasents.
That doesn't necciseraly have to be a bad thing. as the author noted in the instructions it is an attempt to avoid the dullness
some freebuilds suffer from. But personnaly I think there where a bit to much bears. there where plenty of dears in the area as
well, and for someone like me who likes hunters alot ! thats a big pluss. And they also add more life to the map.
As you can clearly see from the minimap there is plenty of valley floor to build your farms. The starting goods are just right.
there was enough wood to create a starting village with some woodcutter's, farm's and possibly even a workshop. But you did
not have the resources to immediatly surround your village in wall's. The starting gold looked a bit much at first glance but
I found out I really needed that to start weapon production as quik as possible so I could fend of those bears.

Overall the map is very well balanced as far as that's possible with a freebuild.

Creativity 4

For creativity I rate the map at four. The way the mountains shape around the valley is a example of creative map design
just like the lovely line that the rivers follow through the valley. overal creativity is good but its doesn't get to the level
where you go like "wow I've never seen anything like that before".

A bit of a shorter explanation then I gave to the other elements of scenario design. But that doesn't mean its not creative enough.
Creativity is pretty much on par with the rest of the scenario, and taking into account that its hard to be creative in a game
that's been here for years, its a very good score.

Map Design 4.5

A 4.5 here, but it was very close to a five.
There were a couple of brilliant things in the map design. The hills and mountains are very well shaped it looked
like they were created naturaly by erosion instead of the editors tools. The same goes for the waterways who
have a very detailed run. those two together make for a very natural feel to the map. Another stunning thing
is the look of the minimap. minimaps don't really add as much to playing then normal map design does but I just had to
give this one a mention because it's one of the most beatiful and realistic ones I've seen.
The reason this one doesn't score a five is because I just had the feeling that the map design repeats it self a little
to often. For future maps I would suggest making a bit more use of the different rocks that are offered to the designer
and also using the small bushes as they can really breathe live into a map.

The map design is nothing short of fantastic but in my opinion just not good enough to hand out a five.

Story 5

Top score here. The story is very wel Written.
Its not to long and for me that's a big plus because I don't
like to read a story as big as a novel before I can play a map.
While it may not be to long, it does really bring you in the mood to play
the map. It is very well written, with no grammar errors and in good english.
And it does explain why the designer chose this name for the scenario.
There is also some Information about Availability of resources and a couple of notes.
all put together very well in a nice Word document.

To sum this map up. Its a very good map thats scores good in all aspects of scenario design.
It's a musthave for any freebuild lover ( like me ) and it CERTAINLY deserves more downloads then it has at the moment.
Should the Cilibinarii create another freebuild then I'm sure that he is able to create a scenario that can rival the best freebuilds ever made.

DesertMonarch Just noticed that the lines in the review look a bit odd on a normal siced screen
(I have a wider screen at home )
File Author
Thank you very much. I actually didnt really know what to expect as I am not into SH that much but now I have a slightly realistic view of how much maps are worth. Thanks.

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Map Design4.5
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