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Arnef-city of rebellion (update)

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
Hi. Sorry for english and please rate and comment

I created water mill,that be situated in northern part of map. I enlarged number of crossbowmen's and pikeman's at attacking.
I change troop colour and reduced the initial quantity of gold.

Since in kingdom Gestler on throne sat down Ornigos people they be persecuted, tortured, it large taxes were have put on was after this all, to king could live in luxury. The bravest with occupants of kingdom the king's tyrants decided to set against. It in short time added to them many men, which the reluctanse of living already in fear. Several days after births of the king's son the rebellious population moved to attack. They on beginning brought back successes, however after demobilizing royal army every skirmish with enemy ended with failure. Fights lasted several weeks. Royal armies pushed aside to eastern border rebels, where huge forest was. People said, that wild creations in this forest live unknown to nobody, which wait on men only, therefore nobody went there and it was not in vicinity no village. when rebels were pushed down already on edge of forest, rebels' leaders decided through forest passages and to reach to nobody of unknown the grounds. King, when he found out about rebels' escape to forest very, oneself he from this made happy, because he thought that local creations will to put to death rebels. However so it was not. Rebels crossing through forest of nobody they did not meet except several wild boars and stag's. All tales about wild creations were lie. When they passed already through huge forest perceived beautiful plains for which mountains stretched. There fertile the grounds were, it was not hostile armies. Men founded there settlings, villages. It also exquisite, huge city was built, which was between two mountains. Men lived calmly, until army of Gestler did not appear in this exquisite land. Spies brought about rebels' position immediately. King from mistrust listened what spy told. Though passed 24 years rebels since they entered to forest. How do this possible?- king wondered. He hated rebels and he wanted getting rid them immediately therefore he sended huge army to putting to death these which sprzeciwiæ him once forever. You are the commander of guard of city and is your enterprise is defence Arnef - rebels' city. Hostile armies are already on foregrounds of city, so you have not on preparation of city a lot of time to defence. Rebels' hope sit in you!
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Lord Galandros
Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
Very fun to defend. The city defence is original and makes you think how to defend it well. I like that!

Balance: 4.5
The only fault I can see on the map is the exaggerated money and too open commerce...
EDIT: Better. The money rolls in but it easily comes to zero. The enemies troops are harder but my defence still keep them out from the city besides with way more casualties.
Still in Hard they couldn't get to the city. I will see in Very Hard how it goes and comment.
There is a lot to say about balance but you have to play the map trying to see all the things...

Creativity: 5
Nice history that fits wonderfully on the map. The castle looks like a explosion of population under way in the mountain. Eye candies complete the joy of playing.

Map Design: 4.5
Very good. I loved the river adding fertility to the terrain.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
I found myself liking very much the history. Your English has some distance from perfect but I am reviewing the history not English. (mine has its distance, too) And it doesn't turn the history unreadable, just a little harder to understand.
I almost forgot: try to divide the history on paragraphs, that would be good.

Additional Comments:
You got a favourite on this map.
Very good to see your evolution. Keep up the excellent work!
I like the new eye candies but the rocks blocking the way to keep from the site makes it somewhat unreal...
Ah, this map could be balanced to a game play beyond the normal. (I mean a excellent play) But still very good.

Lord Galandros

[Edited on 10/29/09 @ 09:26 AM]

Map Design5.0
Because you've released quite a few maps of late I felt like reviewing one of your maps to give you some
tips and ideas on how to make even better maps.

Playability 3
A three to start of with. The map is fun for quite some time but eventually it will get boring to see army
after army getting crushed in front of my impregnable walls. For replayability I would also rate it average
because when a scenario is easy it also tends to be a bit more dull. There are no bugs so thats a plus.

Balance 3
Balance suffers from the same problem playability suffers from. The map is too easy.
Scripting the invasions is probably one of the most important and hardest things to get right.
and it takes alot of practice and experience to get it right. A good solution for upcoming maps would be
to have a good playtester as they can often point out problems that you can't spot. When you're searching for
a playtester you can always ask at the forum.

Some ways to make the map harder would be to delete the rocks infront of the walls so the invaders can attack
both walls at the same time that would also give a better visual effect.
And to decrease the amount of gold even more so the player can't train as many soldiers

Creativity 5

On to some great stuf now. Creativity is very good. there is some great little features like the watermill and the custom towers.
I also really liked the two trebuchet towers. Creativity in the story is good as wel and the sign post is in a place where A
signpost would normally be.

Map Design 5

I really liked the mapdesign. The city was just wonderfull. Its pretty hard to make a city look realistic in the original strongold but you did a great job.
there are alot of workshop's and bakeries whom are layed out very well to create a realistic and medieval city like feeling.
The landscape in front of the castle looks good aswell, with a lot of detail in rocks, and ground color. The first layer off walls looks impressive
as well.

Story 3

English is clearly not your first language and ofcourse thats not your fault. The main problem with the writing is the grammar so you might be able to
work on that. I suggest making small sentences as you make much fewer grammatical errors that way.
You tried to write a bigger story then most people with not so good english do. So You're atleast trying your best.
Because of that I give you a three for the Story.

In general the map is quite fun to play but after a couple of times it does lose some of its fun.
But apart from it being a bit on the easy side it is a good scenario.
Youre a new designer ( atleast on this site ) and as I said Balancing a scenario is probably one
of the hardest things to do and takes alot of experience.A playtester can help to create a better balance.
But apart from that The experience will come if you just create enough maps.


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Map Design4.8
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