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Pesci di Spada
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
This is my first map. It is a fairly striaght forward siege map.For best playing experience play it on defending on very hard or hard.

Since this is my first upload, reviews and feedback would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

I hope you enjoy it :D
UPDATE: There was an error with the story in the zip, so I'll post it here:The young villager ran with amazing speed and endurance along the coast towards the mighty fortress Oceancastle. He had abandoned his horse about a mile back; it had gotten too exhausted to ride at the speed he required. Presently, the soaring battlements of the mighty city came into view, and Derris increased his pace even more, reciting what he would say once he gained audience with the ruler, or at least a member of his personal guard. The city was getting close now, and soon Derris was flying through the front gate. He slowed to a light jog so he was not winded when he gave his message. In a matter of a few minutes, he had entered into the keep gardens, which were always kept open to the public. He now looked up at the towering castle in which the city’s ruler presided, and by craning his neck he could make out Lord Javescor himself in his favorite place atop the keep with his knights—it provided a perfect vantage point to look over his prosperous city. Derris strolled up to the keep guards and told them he had an urgent message for Lord Javescor that couldn’t wait. The guard looked over Derris and finally said, “Very well. Right this way.”
The guard led the young man through the most amazing sight he had ever seen. The inside of Javescor’s abode was filled with even more grandeur than the outside! After climbing several flights of stairs, the pair finally reached the roof of the keep. Everyone there looked up from the chess match they had been watching between the ruler and one of his most cunning knights.
“This boy says he’s got an urgent message for you, sire,” announced the guard.
“I see. Is this the young man who came rushing through the streets just minutes ago? Tell me what information you have that is so important.”
“I fear that there is a massive enemy force on it’s way to the castle,” Derris started. “There were hundreds of them – they were dessert people who came in a fleet of at least fifty ships. First they shot the villagers down with arrows, and boulders from their catapults pulverized buildings. Then the hand to hand troops came out of the ship – floods of them with pole arms and many mounted on horses. The last thing I heard before leaving their leader shouting, ‘For Zakrinaah!’
“How did you escape?” one of the knights inquired.
“I was working for the smith, and he instructed me to take his fastest horse and ride here to warn you. My horse became too exhausted a little while back, so I ran here the rest of the way as fast as I could.”
Lord Javescor immediately started giving orders to all present. He had only a couple days to prepare the city for war, a city whose main army was away defending Printhia’s neighboring nation, Herneos, a good ally of Printhia.

Uiklu sat in his tent with the rest of his council in the ruins of the village his army had just destroyed. He was in full command of the Crusaders of Zakraah, the city of the idol that they worshiped, Zakrinaah. His king, Shekxu, had given him control over the entire army and fleet so that he might sail south and conquer the land for their deity. So far, the crusaders had sacked several small villages with virtually no losses, but now they faced the large, “Oceancastle”. If they conquered this mighty city, they would have a perfect foothold for taking the rest of the land.
The war plan that Uiklu and his lieutenants had agreed upon was simple: they would send only a few of the ships, to weaken the cities walls. If they knew about the invasion, they would definitely be expecting it to come from the sea. The rest of the fleet would stay at anchor near their current location with a small guard; the army would go by land to conquer the city. They were feasting on pillaged food that night, and would set off in the morning towards the city. After the other council members had left, Uiklu sat alone, performing strange rituals and muttering strings of incantations. As a high priest, his people believed he had the power to bless and enchant those who were worthy, and Uiklu believed his crusaders would benefit from his blessing. Tomorrow, the flags of Zakrinaah, Shekxu, and Zakraah would fly above the city.

>>>Pesci di Spada<<<
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Lord Galandros If get some spare time to games, I will look into this map and comment or possibly rate.

The map seems interesting and the coast line is something that I imagined to fit well in Stronghold.
Pesci di Spada
File Author
Thanks!! That'd be great!! Dont be afraid to give costructive criticism, since I really want to improve my skills.
Lord Galandros Review is on the way!
Sokrates For a first map, it's an excelent castle. I really admire it :). But if you could spend a little time on the terraining, it would make only good.

But I don't like to critise, so it's amazing for a first map. :)
Pesci di Spada
File Author
@Sokrates: Thanks!! I'll definately put alot more time into landscaping on my next map.
@Lord G: Is that review still on the way?

[Edited on 11/07/09 @ 10:16 AM]

Lord Galandros I only now noticed a message from a moderator about the review... This is going to be reviewed, I can assure.

I don't want to hurt the score, so could you please update and add a history at least?
I suggest to maintain the story related to the ocean, just because of the name of the map. You can do anything else, though.

About the landscape, it is a bit simple even with some details in it. In several things you can do try to put rocks and beach along the coast (not necessarily all the coast and lots of rocks) and some work on empty spaces.
I don't know why but this map doesn't need a very heavy landscape, maybe it is the pacific effect of the ocean. :)

[Edited on 11/09/09 @ 10:36 AM]

Pesci di Spada
File Author
Yeah, i got an email from the moderators that i put the wrong file in for the story and they had to remove it. I'll try to update it as soon as i can. As for the coast landscape, I had a problem with the catapults in the ships destroying themselves. It got to be a pain trying to edit the map. When i update the file, it will be better.
Pesci di Spada
File Author
I didn't have time to add detail to the map. Sorry.
Lord Galandros Nice to see a history.

It will be hard weeks for me... But I will make the review accepted when I get an opening.

[Edited on 11/12/09 @ 07:45 AM]

Heroesflorian Very nice map!! If you have problems with the catapults: Try Alt+H to pause the editor.

Especially for minor changes and landscape editing it is really helpful, if you got certain unit-constellations - or self-destroying catapults - ,which you don't want to give up while editing.

But I think that Lord Galandros is right - this map does not need a that detailed landscape, as it is ruled by the big castle and the ships, and not by the "free" landscape.

Anyways, good luck with editing and with further maps!

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