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Maccles-Feild(Final Version Updated)

Author File Description
Lord Lorensoth
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
-=Objectives to win the map=-
(At Normal Difficulty)

-Popullation 205
-Gold Acquired 1000
-Goods Acquired(Iron) 100
-Goods Acquired(Bows) 50
-Goods Acquired(Stone Blocks) 250
-Goods Acquired(Ale) 90
-Blessed% 50
-Drinking Ale% 30
-Fear Factor-Pleasant 5
-No Enemy Left or Invasion
-Keep Enclosed
-Wolves Eradicated

-=Instructions and Tips for the Map=-

You have 1 valley to build or 1 beach at the right of the map.Choose wisely.At
some point you will maybe have some problem with space so build very carefull.
Only one signpost for Invasion to come.You will find a trick that i made which
maybe got you in difficult possition.I let you find it your self.At iron i have
placed a Siege Tower to look likes iron mine.To build Iron YOU MUST destroy the
tower with archers.You can only destroy it with archers.Beware of the Wolves.
They might overwhelm you at start.Tree Fungus exists in game to help the battle.
You know to low the "lag".You will need lots of wells for FIRES.Swords will be
only at market.That's the basics.The rest i leave it to you.Enjoy!


I recommend it to play either Easy or Normal.
Hard are for advanced players.Do not even think for Very Hard.


Once Upon a Time, there was Kingdom called Damber. It was rich but small Kingdom in south of the country. People here lived in the name of piece and beer. Inns from capitol city where known hundreds miles away. King, Walerius III. was young and strong in his best ages. But now, he was old, weak and kingdom needed new king, brave and strong young man, that would be able to keep piece in these lands.

Walerius had 2 sons. Older, Walerius, who was known in whole country as a good and honest man. Younger, William, who was rotten from his mother and he hated indigence. When King died, there was starting talking about who will be next King. Walerius was older, but William pined for have Kingdom on his own.

William decided to kill his brother with poisonous wine. One evening, on the basic banquet, William infused poison to brother's goblet. Acutally, Walerius knew that and he replaced his goblet with brother's. William died day after. Kingdom had new King.

Walerius IV. reigned for next ages. He started wars with Islands on the east of the country. However, he was loosing till one day.

3rd November, 1125 AD
My King. Scouter has come with important message.
Let him in.
My Sire! Im bringing you message from our east lands. Little girl has lost in mountains there.
A little girl? Look at me.. am I look like village hero?
Sire! Let me explain it. That girl is your daughter. They found her clothes and necklace upon hills.
Call in Sir Peter. He knows what to do. Call his men to arms and send them to east lands to find my daughter!

And so Peter's journey started.

15th January,1125 AD
Wars with east Islands still go on. Scouter is coming to King with new message about east lands.

My King. Sir Peter with his men has been killed by some men from east Islands. On the place they killed them, wolves appeared. And there isnt small amount of them... apparently about 300!

26th December, 1250
Kingdom of piece and beer lost. Walerius IV. lost in his wars and his lands belong to Island servants. King of this new kingdom is Overenius.

And what about east lands full of wolves? It is only place that isnt seated. People call it Maccles Feild.

There is you, Sir Bartonichus, king gave you these lands thanks to your war statistics with neighboring islands. Now, you must defend yourself from deadly neighbours and from wolves too.
And dont forget! No one ever saw or heared Walerius's daughter.


Map Making : Lord Lorensoth
Script Making : Lord Lorensoth
Story Making : Coll

A big thanks to Coll who helped me for story.

Here are some screen shots of the map :

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Maccles Field are very curious map. I played in this magnificently. On map to choice are two places to building of castle, it so was can taste in two different positions one's strengths. Invasions, thefts from granary etc. inflict, that game becomes very interesting.

Balance: 5
So, map is ballance very good, invasions make difficult game, it is difficulty also limitation of buildings which can to build. To one need many materials, so game is more interesting and more difficult.

Creativity: 5
This map is the example of long work over script and landscape. Script is compiling built and very nice.

Map Design: 5
n this map scenery is ideal. It coniferous trees were composed was with snow magnificently ( I do not know how it create). Coast looks great!

Story/Instructions: 5
Story is very interesting and full dialogues. Helpful your instructions are also, without them was play really hard. Coll is splendid in creating stories. ;)

Additional Comments:
Many players will not accept my opinion probably, but according to me this map deserves on such opinion. Sorry for english ;D

Radagast II
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
From the win conditions, you would think this is an economic scenario with some light combat. This is what I thought, behind my palisade defended by a few dozen archers, lazily building up my economy, right before a massive army poured over the valley! Although there are lots of mountainous terrain, you still have plenty of room for a sizable castle.

Balance: 4
The requirements are tall, but you have enough time and resources to defeat the Wolf and meet the conditions.

Creativity: 5
Neat design features, big and small. I draw particular attention to the siege tower as a great-looking mine shaft entrance, a technique that should be used more often.

Map Design: 5
The map has breath-taking mountain ridges which stand out, yet you have plenty of room for building without feeling like the mountain-effect is lost. The pine forests add to the effect, while a few droughts keep these forests from choking your castle.

Story/Instructions: 4
An interesting and original story, but the writing is a little hard to follow.

Additional Comments:
A great map. It has all the best of the different types of scenarios, and a landscape which is beautiful and delivers the right amount of space and resources. It stands next to the Ourea as a great mountain map.

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Map Design5.0
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