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Crusader Rush Strategy Guide

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Used with: Crusader
Don't we all LOVE horse archers, crossbows, and Inns? Well, here's a strategy guide showing that all these are useless!

The Crusader trail records your total game time and the Crusader manual (on the disk) challenges you to complete the trail as quickly as you possibly can.

This strategy guide is a result of my quest for finding what is ultimately possible.
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Heroesflorian I really like your guide =D I'm not finally through with it yet, but it looks quite professional.
But your write "Send 20 slingers towards a lonely enemy Lord on a keep, and you will win. The cost is only 240 gold. Try the same with Arabian swordsmen, and you will need 5 of them at a cost of 400 gold. Six assassins will do the job at a cost of 360 gold. I think these are the three cheapest units to dispatch a Lord."
I think there are cheaper methods. First, slaves. Yeah, these tiny guys with their torches. But 40-50 of them can beat a Lord easily - with many survivors! Moreover, slaves are not able to smash walls, but when they attack gatehouses or towers, they are very fast.

Second, killing pits. Not that easy, but possible. I noticed it in a game against the pig and some other enemies. I managed to lure pig's Lord outside his castle, which was quite close to mine. Then, I decided to place several killing pits in a row and lure pig's Lord across it. It worked! Just around 4 killing pits (costing 4x6=24 wood or 4x4x6=96 gold). Only disadvantage: this only works if the hostile castle is close to yours, enabling you to build the killing pits where you need them.

And you need to think of the sort of Lord you're going to slaughter: Rat's Lord has 5 yellow dots, indicating that he is very weak. Wolf's Lord has 5 blue dots, indicating his great strength - he may be twice as strong as Rat's Lord.

Another detail may be that assassins move a lot faster (almost as running archers) when they move to their assembly point - which can be placed almost everywhere.
The same it is with fire throwers - and fire throwers, who can approach hostile castles quickly, may be much more interesting than slow ones.

Moreover, portable shields patrolling in front of the enemy's castle without any archers behind, may also distract hostile ranging units.

Another small mistake is the intended limit of troops on towers - as the lookout tower needs 3x3=9 tiles but only offers 3x3-4=5 places for units, it is with every other tower - the 4 tiles at the corners are not usable on towers, while they are usable on gatehouses and on the keep.

And in the tables you write "no taxes | popularity 0" - but actually it is +1.

Now, I'm finally finished with the guide, and I must say: A piece of excellent work! An extremely useful upload =)


[Edited on 12/31/09 @ 02:31 PM]

File Author

Thank you very much Heroesflorian for the comments. I'll back check and update accordingly. It is a fair amount of material in this guide, so there is bound to be more errors. I'm impressed that you can catch so many details!

Heroesflorian Yes of course, in 40 pages there's much room for some mistakes^^
Well, I'm in details everywhere =D But this does not prevent me from making big mistakes^^ And if there is a guide, I want to add personal experiences to improve it for all.

File Author

The guide has now been updated to correct for some of the details Heroesflorian mentioned. Most of his comments were correct, with two exceptions mentioned in the new version.

Further comments and corrections are highly appreciated.

Heroesflorian Hmm... well, the thing with the portable shield, which I mentioned is not correct in the way I wrote it... The shield alone is useful for attracting the fire of mangonels/ballistae if your archers are further away. If your units are closer, it won't work.
But it may be useful if you attack with siege engines or horse-archers - not the typical rushing-units (except fire ballista).

barbarius Hello, mate ! I want to congratulate you for your guide. I find it so good that I'm translating it in French in order to purpose him to the French community. I think I will make a review when I'll finish reading it. I've seen your strategy against Saladin in the 9th skirmishe, and I think my rushing strategy is about this. Anyway, thanks for this guide !
Zanmort Rating: 5
This is a really incredible guide, and not only for rushing strategies. Some of the things (like with tunnelers) are tactics I'll be able to use in any sort of game, even against human opponents. I certainly can't wait to try this stuff out and take decades off of my Crusader Trail completion time.
File Author

Thank you for positive comments!

Barbarius: Francaise? Excellente! Formidable! Moi francaise c'est pretty crummy, oui, oui? Sorry, I can't help you on this project ;)

Heroesflorian has helped me with some testing
regarding a 'small' detail and I have updated
the guide accordingly. The strength of an
enemy Lord's armor is VERY confusing.

Rating: 5
Well, I've finally done the translation, so I read the entire file, giving me the opportunity to make a quite complete review of what you'd done. In a word, your work is... Quite incredible, I guess. Before reading this, my conception of rush gaming was quite simple : I was hiring some macemen, and smashed the enemies. In certain cases, I used horses archers (for instance, game 24, or 43), and, when I used shields, it was just to protect my macemen by combining them with my troops, not in order to some kind of "magnet arrow", as you did.

This guide is very complete, and very interesting. Your strategies are just what you say in the introduction : revolutionaries... According to the rush aspect of the game and of the Crusader Trail, of course. Indeed, according to me, finishing the Trail as fast as possible was the only challenge after having finished it many and many times. Maybe I'm repeating myself, but this Guide is extraordinary. You did things I'd never thought about before, like using slingers against Richard, or the use of your knights in the 33th, in order to prevent Richard for getting money. That's brillant, I must admit.

After having translating all your guide, I can regret some of your repetitions, and your tables. In the translation I did, I made real tables, which are more simple to read. The defaults to your guide are just about its form. It paves the way for a real challenge : winning the Trail in less than 50 years. Till that moment, I didn't think it was possible...
File Author
barbarius, (and others)

Yes, 50 years is actually possible. Even 40 is doable. Now, show me 30 and I'll be really impressed!

There are other challenges that can be undertaken for the crusader trail as well. I've heard of one gamer completing the trail with only archers and spearmen. That must have been quite a challenge as well.

I'll give you another tantalizing challenge: Pick any game of the 50 from the trail and try to win it with as LOW score as possible. Can you get down to 0? And if you can win one game with a 0 score, are there more than one game that can be won with a 0 score?


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