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Aiv pack

Author File Description
ptanhkhoa I intend to design the aiv for all character in stronghold. From now on, it just include the Sultan, Richard, rat, pig, snake, sheriff, federick, caliph and abbot.
Most of them is traditional Square castle ( with 2 wall, when the first wall took down, the building inside the core wall still run ). The castle may look not strong like other people but instead i focus on the productivy of each character, so that they can making money and product as fast as they can. You can play with them on normal mode, crusader mode...
I would like your advice to improve them better.

( I often add more woodcutter so that they can build faster and also add population to get more money )

Have you seen a pig with 400 army, frederick with 500 army, abbot with 600 monk ? If you can let the ai living long, they can product that amazing amount.

Some picture of my aiv, there are a lot more in my pack. Having Fun ^^. I'm Just stick with square castle because it have the better area, and add a lot of building.








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TwoDie Well, most of the castle are just huge.
All of them looks almost same, some of them have same castle just building have been changed.
For some of AI it will have to take a long time to build it fully.
I think they would sell wood faster than they going to place some buildings of that stock of wood.
Some of them just going to blow their head up faster than ever.

Maybe thats all...?

File Author
Thank you, some character have the same castle but small or large, right or left to suitable for many map. Next time, i will add varies to them.
About the wood problem, maybe i can add market later, so that they can use the wood efficiency and saving money by not buy necessary thing ( like buying weapon in the beginning is waste ).
TwoDie Not, building a market in early beginning can give them a lot, advantage in building buildings as its less delay for it faster goods arrive, save a life if he is european troops recruiting AI Lord. But too early build market is too not good, as they love to sell wood and later they buy it...

example: Caliph - if he first (or one of the first moves) build a market, then he sells about 40 wood (he gets 40 gold) and later he buys it, even more wood (40 wood - 160 gold to buy...)

Here you need some playtesting to watch when are they selling something or buying in process of building up, your designed castle, aiv.

Build armory or barracks not in early beginning to stop massive wasting money. If they will not have barracks and will have armory so they will not buy any weapons, only will produce them. When barracks will be built then they will buy weapons and recruit troops if they will have money for that.

Some of them dont buy weapons at all. So you need to give them better production of weapons like: Frederick, Marshal, Abbot (he dont recruit them as fast as bow is in armory but still...), Emir (bows, for his aiv fletchers workshops more than 5 is really not necessary, he dont recruit them not to often too. Its more for money maybe only...)

And for Arabian lords as i saw and remember you gave to Sultan bows production (he dont wants to produce xbows :] ). Better spear production, as he dont buy wood, only for building buildings. And spears are faster producible, less wood needed, less workshop cost wood.

Maybe thats all what i recommend you to remember or to use in creating them a aiv.

File Author
Thanks for your advice, my sultan is very weak, I try to make him can stand the other ai, but it seem cannot. When he had market, he just sell stone, so he cannot build tower ( just buy and selling them waste a lot money :] ). So I add market for him, after all tower are built. Another problem because he just use slinger for the defense, and their range is very short, can reach to the enemy bowman. Do you have any suggestion ?
Another thing i don't know is how much chapel and inn should buy for them respect to the population of them.

[Edited on 01/03/10 @ 12:28 AM]

TwoDie For Sultan need then to add engineers guild and fire ballistas. Other way i dont know. He dont recruit archers for defence :] So towers with mongonels and ballistas +. Maybe its wasting money but only way to have stronger fire power.

58 pop 6 chapels giving about +6. Dont forget that its goes up and down as people walking around, dying, recruiting troops. Just experiment it :]

for 26 population its enough 1 inn for +8, for 58 (?) pop 2 inns, 90 pop 3 inns, 118 4 inns and so on.

File Author
Yup, Sultan with spear is the better idea, he even can defend the Richard Lionheart and have nice profit too, but still weak to the sheriff or the marshall because they often send army to destroy his quarry and economy building, but he is better now. You can try them ^^.
Rating: 4

Additional Comments:

Good work, but some more variety in castle design would be nice. Why not try a round castle? Square fortresses are full of weak spots and easily scaled/leveled.

I don't understand why you place so many woodcutters in the castle design when the AI creates them itself, but it doesn't seem to hurt anything.

If you are trying to make a challenging AIV then you should make one for The Wolf. He is the only AI that produces archers, crossbowmen, pikemen, swordsmen, horse archers, and arabian archers. I'd like to see what kind of menacing he'd generate using one of your AIVs.

[Edited on 01/06/10 @ 03:46 AM]

File Author
Thank you ^^
Add woodcutter have 2 things : get bigger population, second, have faster house production.
Next time i will try to make it many variety. I try to play them in skirmish trail, but it seem the ai used different castle each mission.
For example, as mission 1, the Ai always used castle 4 design of sultan. :). And if you built it bigger than, it not suitable to the map too. I think i will modified each Ai castle to keep it old size, but instead different building location.
I notice that some of character may not have moat in default castle but still dig moat, like the sheriff, caliph, emir ...

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