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NEW AIV Multipack 2! (FIXED)

Author File Description
lordnmb The Abbot

The Caliph

The Emir

Emperor Frederick

The Marshal

The Nizar

King Phillip

The Pig

The Rat

Richard the Lionheart


The Sheriff

The Snake

The Sultan

The Wazir

The Wolf

Each castle was designed by myself using the AIV editor. Most of them can be used on typical maps,
however a few require a little more room. PLEASE
see the enclosed READ ME.TXT for installation instructions as well as additional information!

Please feel free to share any comments that you may have. Thanks you, and Happy New Year!


** Fixed. The Wolf AIV was missing!

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conker Hi,
I' new here on this really GREAT site ;)
I want to mod Crusader for our LAN Parties ...

I downloaded the AI pack. Renamed my old AI folder (I have a backup now ;) ) and created a new folder with only the new AIs. But now the wolf is missing.
And the wolf is also missing in the archive file ...

And another question:
How do I enable the other new characters like the wazir (I've got only sheriff, phillip and Frederick from an update years ago ...)

Thanks , and Happy New Year!
conker, The best place to ask your question is in the Stronghold and Crusader: Scenario Design and Modding forum

[Edited on 01/01/10 @ 06:46 PM]

File Author
Thank you for your feedback! I have corrected the issue. The wolf's AIV file was missing! Whoops! Please re-download the AIV package and proceed as instructed in the "READ ME.TXT" file contained within!

To enable the Wazir (as well as some of them others) You need Stronghold Crusader DELUXE editor OR Stronghold Crusader Extreme!

Happy crusading!

[Edited on 01/01/10 @ 08:31 PM]

ptanhkhoa Nice castle design, you have a good imagination ^^.
But i have some suggestion, some of the character do not use weapon but they can sell weapon to get money, (ex : the caliph, when enough Fletcher, they can product Crossbow from wood, which is nice to get money ).
More over, you can add extra machine on the tower ( A tower that have both balista and mangonel is powerful, not only two but you can add 3, 4 of them in the same tower). Of course, it not cross the limit of 3 balista and 3 mangonel.
Another thing, you should add up to 3 Fire balista outside to strengthen your castes, it is very useful. Oil pitch is strong but it is very costly, you see, it coss 200 gold to buy only 5 and it just kill some of the soldier.
I am very interest in Ai vs Ai castle ^^. It is nice to see how your caste fight with my Ai castle.

[Edited on 01/01/10 @ 09:34 PM]

File Author
Thank you for your post, I agree with you to an extent, however I have a few thoughts on this myself;

I believe the Arab lords (except for The Emir who trains archers) do better without producing weapons. Most of their income is designed to come from selling raw resources (though in the default castles, Saladin wil make and sell armour and swords) and the bulk of their economy is centered around wheat, flour, and bread. Extra hops and ale is also sold regularly.

As far as the Crusader lords go, Frederick sells weapons regularly, and weapon production for the sake of cash seems a little more practical since none of them (except The Abbot) will build wheat farms.

But if you want The Nizar, The Wazir, Saladin, The Emir, and The Abbot to make lots of gold, expand their wheat, flour, and bread capacity. Simply put, wheat/flour/bread production is far faster than weapon production, and thus a better choice for the Arab lords.

Also, as with most of my castles, I have tried to keep the AI's personality intact. The only exception being The Abbot, because I wanted him to benefit from positive fear factor.

There is only so much that can be done by editing the AI's castles, and I believe the only real way to make the AI lords perform at a higher level of play is to find some way to change or manipulate how they plan their industry and farm placement. Getting into the AI's tactical considerations and siege strategy would be immensely helpful as well.

Thank for the comment, I hope to see more castles from you soon too!

PS - More than one weapon per tower is cheating :P

[Edited on 01/01/10 @ 10:29 PM]

ptanhkhoa Yub, I agee with you, most of arab selling raw material like iron immediately after store in stockpile. But some of them keep a reasonable amount ( like Saladin ), enough to product weapon. And how about wood, every lord keep an reasonable amount of wood too. Like caliph, i see he keep about 50 wood in stock pike, if the amount is large, he will sell.
So what, wood is cheap, when they making weapon, they make a large profit. They only need 2 wood to product a crossbow. Two wood only cost 8 gold, and one crossbow can sell 30 , you get a 22 profit. If you have 20 wood you can make a profit of 220 gold instead of selling them.
Iron is another thing, they cost very high (45), they sell high two (23), when they make product ( sword, armor ), they can only sell 30 gold. So when we have a lot of Weapon workshop, or armor workshop doesn't mean you will get more profit. Instead, because short of iron supply, they will buy it instead and of course you will loss 15 gold when selling weapon. So a reasonalbe amount of weapon and armor workshop is acceptable.
=> It depend on how many iron mine the character can get ( depend on map too ). For my experience, the Sheriff can get up to 6 iron mine, while the marshall, philip just get 3. It funny, because the sheriff just only need iron to product maces while other 2 need to product both sword and armor ^^. Let consider it, 1 iron mine can bring 2 iron to stockpile at once. So which 1 iron mine, you should only have 2 black smith or armor workshop
=> Marshall and sheriff just should get 3 sword and 3 armor shop at maximum.

Another observation is
Frederick : 5 iron mine
Caliph : 2 iron mine
Pig : 4 iron mine
rat, snake, sultan : none

Another problem is about tower, the ai is so stupid that they cannot repair it. but add extra wall around it make it hard to break cause the ai know how to rebuild wall. :)
As for the number of siege weapon, you can call it cheating, but the ai too weak compare to human, so let them having a litte advantage is reasonable.

Now, let have fun to play with the ai. I let my 2 sheriff fight with your Wolf and Caliph in Green haven map ( I allied with your wolf, caliph but do nothing). First, the caliph product slave and burn the sheriff building but the sheriff manage to putoff the fire and begin to product weapon faster than the other 2.

I consider that my sheriff castle is huge, more advantage. But it build as fast as your caliph and a bit faster than your wolf.
About the wolf. i think you should reverse the direction of the castle because the ai always keep facing the center in the front of the keep. So you should add more tower in the front and less tower in the back.
Some of the picture of the match :)

your caliph castle

your wolf castle

my sheriff castle

Now i will let 2 of your sheriff vs my caliph and richard ( i not yet build the wolf :( )

[Edited on 01/02/10 @ 06:42 AM]

TwoDie And i dont think that lordnmb is making as hard and effective AIV for AI lords.

Adding to every AI lord fire ballistas and towers with mangonels and ballistas is quite lame, or really lame... Its even would look same way.

ptanhkhoa Your calculation and knowledge is bad :]

For bow need 2 wood and Crossbow 3 wood!
and not every AI lord making xbow or bow only. One makes xbow, other bows, other and bow and xbow, and you cant change it (if you good at programing then you can, but rare here is good at that).

Caliph builds only 1 iron mine! like and abbot, wazir.
And Nizar builds 2 iron mines.
to Pig + Lionheart, Saladin, Wolf with 4 iron mines.
Emir, phillip, marshal builds 3 iron mines.
Frederick 5...
Sheriff even 6 iron mines (always thinked that max is 5).

^^^ all that was checked on writing this comment in game with 1.1ver.

Sheriff need a lof of iron like every weapon, As he is very aggresive.
He really like Crossbow men to recruit in defending buildings. Just a Lot. If he have good eco in map and a lot of gold, maybe you would never saw when he selling weapons, only buying them and sending troops to destroy something or defend (xbowman, maceman, etc). Just send and sending troops... So he would really effective ally if he had a high weapon production. I think. Maybe that his fire ballistas, firethrowers would burn your buildings down is not very nice but ...:D

And about that other AI's dont have so much of ability to build a lot of iron mines is normal, becouse some of them were not made so great as sheriff (by FireFly studios, creators of this game) :D
So there is no need to damn them for that, that they wanted to make all of them unique, you know?


So lordnmb, you have challange from ptanhkhoa to make More Greater and Harder AIV to take out ptanhkhoa Sheriff :]

Good Luck.


Heroesflorian Well, a different problem: I tried a castle for the Caliph including a fletcher and an armory. He built both buildings, but set the fletcher to sleep, which is no real effective way of producing weapons xd

So the point may be for some creations, that the AI simply ignore them - no matter, how effective they would be, or how much resources would be needed. The Caliph WON'T produce crossbows, no matter what you do - except of changing the game scripts.

Btw... I realized that the Abbot is a REALLY productive AI - in a mission of the 2nd Crusader Trail, he built his castle in a way that he could not leave it - and, of course, he could not build any buildings to collect resources. Well, actually he kept building them and destroying them again, meaning NO productivity and a loss of gold needed for buying wood.
Moreover, as he had nothing else to do, he kept recruiting troops. So many that the limit was reached and I got no respawning peasants any more^^
But still his amount of gold INCREASED!

He may be military weak, but economically he is a master. I played with the thought of creating maps without any resources - a challenge for real players, no chances for most of the AI. But the Abbot would be a real hard opponent here, I think.


PS: Nice AIVs, even though some of them are not that good - but everything is improvable.

[Edited on 01/02/10 @ 06:03 PM]

ptanhkhoa @Heroesflorian : are you sure you built the amoury. Because my caliph, can product crossbow very well. Maybe it short of wood supply, you should add more wood cutter for him. If you want to see, try my aiv pack. It not complete yet for all character.

You can look the picture below, I don't know how to make it show in the forum, can someone help me ?


@Twodie : My mistake :), it true that crossbow need 3 wood, so production is slower a lot, so it always should be near the stockpile.
Sheriff is my favourite character, as his mace man is fast and strong. Often, he set his mace man to destroy the resources of the enemy, and his mace man will reach the wall before the enemy can burn the pitch.
Second is the wolf, well, he has strong defense and good attack too, unlike the Richard (Lion heart, very bad in defense). Frederick is good too, but he is very slow compare to the other. Later, he can be a real problem that can product massive army ( about 500 ). He not only use crossbow man for defense but also attack while his bow man used for harrass the enemy.
I'm not complain about how the other don't have many iron like the sheriff, i just feel that the other person like marshall or phillip need iron more About the phillip, even in the normal layout, i see he built a lot of stable but in the end, he just product a lot spearman and a few horseman :(

[Edited on 01/03/10 @ 12:12 AM]

File Author
@Heroesflorian - Thank you for the insight, please elaborate on possible improvements.

@twodie - You are quite correct; I was not trying to make the AI as hard as possible. I wanted them to be a little harder for a human player to kill.

@ptanhkhoa - I like most of your ideas, but stacking tower weapons exploits a glitch in the game mechanics and ruins realism. It can also cause other bugs to occur, such as one weapon being placed on the ground instead of atop the tower. This will lead to the weapon being deleted and rebuilt over and over again.

@Everyone - Ihe AIV files I made for this package use the typical economy found within the default AIV files for each character. I wanted them to behave and build in a similar fashion, thus retaining their original personality and play strength. For example, The Caliph just doesn't seem like The Caliph to me if he builds a giant square castle and produces more weapons than The Lionheart! So yes; if you put most of these AIV files up against an AIV file designed to pump out gold and rape attackers with stacked tower weapons, they will probably come out losing!

Second, keep in mind that not all the AI players are SUPPOSED To be hard! Most of them are designed to fill a niche role. For example, The Abbot makes monks, the Wazir produces horse archers, and The Rat creates... well... comic relief.

If you pair certain AI players together however, you will find that they often complement each-other well. For example, The Lionheart is an excellent ally for The Marshal because he makes alot of slow units such as pikemen and swordsman and the Marshal will recruit alot of knights, effectively offsetting the Lionheart's greatest weakness.

Since this thread is becoming so deep and attracting attention, I will do my best to make an AIV that offers maximum play strength. But I will NOT break any rules such as stacking multiple mangonels/balistae on one tower! Give me a few days, and we'll see what I can muster up.

I encourage any one else reading this to give it a try as well. Lets get some quality castles from different imaginations! Bring all of your ideas to the table so that we can get the most out of the AIV editor.

[Edited on 01/03/10 @ 02:05 AM]

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