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The Waterfall Passage

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Made with version: 1.2
*The Waterfall Passage*

This is my first map. I have been downloading and playing other people's maps from stronghold heaven... And I feel like it is kinda unfair to play you guys' maps and not sharing mine. So I made this map.

It took me almost 5 hours to finish and I think it is not that bad. I've tested and it works fine. You can simply play as a free build map or you can release the enemy by pressing F1 button and be an invasion map.

Please comment and rate my map. There's no story but only a letter you received from your king who has also been your friend since you were young. I'm not a native English speaker, so... sorry for some errors.

My dear friend and faithful knight,

Seven years ago, your father, the general and my father, the king, went to the dark valley to defend the raid of the mountain tribe. I believe you could remember that only your father came back with a few wounded troops and my father was never found again.

Since then, I've become the king with a thread of the mountain tribe from the dark valley county. Although I have to defend my people, I did not want to. I only want to rule peacefully. Besides, the stories about the mountain tribe told us that we were from the same tribe, but we left the mountains and civilized in flat lands. And developed a high culture by trading and visiting other countries.

Therefore, I feel that killing them is just the same as killing my own people who are less civilized.

However, A military meeting took place in my castle last month and I have heard a rumor that is spread around my castle. That says... if I can not put an end to the raids, my people are fleeing to other countries. I cannot let this happen.

Therefore, I've sent a large group of my cavalries and swordsmen to attack their main village on the mountains. Only one of them came back to my nearest fortress, without an arm. He is still in shock that he does not even speak and keep staring to the mountains since he is back.

So, I give up my plan to attack their base. My war advisers advised me to recover a strategy they used when your grandfather was a general. The strategy was to build defenses on their side of waterfall passage. However, I wanted to change the strategy a little bit. The new strategy would be to build a stronghold at our side of the waterfall passage. You will kill everyone who crossed the waterfall passage and tries to come to the capital and there is no other choice. There are three major grasslands for you to build a base and the terrain is very rough.

Your grandfather was a general and your father is also a general. However your father is now too old to fight. Therefore, I promote you as a general and offer you with my citizens, gold, building supplies, some weapons, food and almost everything you need to build a stronghold and train troops there.

Your mission and all you need to know about the land are in my war order.

Safety and peace, General.
Your Holy King.
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Map Design3.0
From minimap its looks very nice but as you start playing it, you understand that minimap have blind you and now you see everything not in good side of it... :]

Playability: 3.5

Events and Invasions are hard.

In the beginning you are attacked by wolfs, wild animals.
Later Rats men are marching and killing you by little.
Next Fires, Tree Fungus, etc.
And Final attack from pig...

Well if for real so it was a bit sad that trading of food and building materials was very limited. And weapons was able to buy or sell... So it was noisy for me...

As it was able to choise which keep to build and where. And you chould choose from wood keeps only so its havent to be so allowed to be built stone walls, towers, gates, etc.
Good that you have disabled some of buildings so it wasnt so boring as it could be.

One statue can be found in crossroad. Your people are walking there and your economy is falling.
Try to use "alt" + " , " ("Used in the main screen of the editor allows you to change the map type") to change the type of game and build that statue with other players building ability and return to previous type of game.

I dont prefer using rabbits in map as they are useless. Just killing your wheat.

Final and worst thing in playing it was Signpost. He is closed by rocks almost and passage, appearence there for enemy troops are very uncomfortable. Bigger armys will have trouble to appear there nicely and to get to your castle by river passage (read more about it in Map Design). Too small space there for them.
And it could be added some more Signposts for more ramdomly invasions from any side to be attacked.

Balance: 4

Weapons for defending yourself from massive wolf attack in the beginning. It could be some troops added on a map to come in rescue of you. :D

Creativity: 4

I dont know and what to say here... Maybe talk about things whats belong to other sections of rating?

Map Design: 3

As i mention before minimap looks better than map in virtual reality :D

Some where you have overloaded by grass textures like in top of right side of a map. There very looks not cool.
Scrubs... use them less. Dont place them so thick. Left side of a map is not so everflowed by scrubs as right side. Right side was "scrubed" too much...
Path (as I imagine) goes to thick place of scrubs?.. Well...

Water. Water flows to hills or backwards and everywhere (lol). Its cant be so a lot of little waterfalls to one lake (if you would look from sea side to lake). But if you have done it that way (and you like it) so its your choise.
That main waterfall is falling in every direction. As hill was made so you and same amount and water placed. Rotate the map and you will see about what im talking.

Hills, mountains. Some kind of statues standing there. Tall and not looking good (right side). Some where hills looks like hills and lowering them to the ground was used some where well enough.

But as from right side (dark side) we see you become bored. And you placed textures without taste, lazy mood. And map failed in to the darkness.

And as i felt same way... stopping writing review about landing...

Spend more work here as its most important thing - landscape, eye candy.

Story/Instructions: 4.5

Good for me. But add more instructions of what we going to see in map. Maybe...

Final mark: 3.8 (its time to thank to ericgolf for his review calculator) :]

Additional Comments:

Sorry, Bady English.
Tired of writing it.
Lazy to read and understand what I have writed and how I have done it. Or good or bad.
1 Hour for this.
(Its too hot for me now - lol)..

Good by...e...


P.S. Welcome to SHH.

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Map Design3.0
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