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my Enemy's Enemy (*)

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
This is it (First map by me - Updated) ; Siege Of Arce (Acre)

Barbarians is Upon Us [Have to play it first]

In Destruction of the Temple 001 [after you have played "Barbarians is Upon Us"]

My Youtube channel (SH series videos)
SHC Icon Renewed

my Enemy's



As Saladin with Caliph and Snake fall back the Invaders, Caliph and Saladin gets in argue. Couple breaks up and Caliph was left alone. Invaders is besiegeing another casltes and still dont wants to stop thid madness. Caliph sends a letter to Invaders and announces that he wants to join them. Give a lesson to Saladin and others from that family which will require their lifes.
Invaders agrees and sends him a reply to which location he would be needed most.
Arrggggh, location, doom. Caliph already knew about this one huge fortess- mega fortess. Emir was building it for years. And now... Its time to take it down.
Additional message arrives: Spoted how Saladin with his army have entered to fortress.
Somedays later, he left it with half of his army.
Not long to wait and Wazir arrives to fortress.
Caliph's old friend Sultan joins him. And they already marching that way. Sultan takes a shorter way to it, through caves.
Sheriff and Rat builds their castles there. Enemy's even haven't take any actions to stop them of building it there.
Your allies quite long are living there and they arent overflowed with resourses.
Thats really don't sounds promising. Or ...?

You have arrived. And time has come to...


2 version of map you will find in .zip:

With sultan and without.

With him will be much more easier.
Only supply him with wood generously, becouse he can destroy everything for wood in seconds (if he dont have resourses (wood) and he wants to build buildings like woodcutters, workshops, iron mines, etc).
And take all resourses which he produces from him as he cant sell them, isolated from trading (its cave you know, its even quite hard to imagine how he runs hes economy, grass...) .
Defend him from waves of Emirs swordman.

Without Sultan. Its only without and much more harder.
If you want harder fight, not only sit there and watch, but and take some action, real action.
Then take version of map without him, not tested by me yet.
Someday, someday.


Bright side:

Caliph (You)




Dark side with cookies:





Troops to recruit:

Barracks: Archers, Spearmans.

Mercenary post: Arabian Archers, Slaves, Horse Archers, Arabian Swordman, Fire Thrower.

Enginieers guild: Catapults, Battering Rams, Fire Ballistas.


Buildings you will miss in building process:

Castle - low wall

Castle: Tower tab - Perimeter turret, Square Tower

Castle: Gate tab - Large stone gatehouse, Dig moat, Drawbridge, Caged war dogs

Castle: Military Buildings tab - Stables, Tunneler's guild

Food production - Hunter's post

Industry - Quarry, Iron mine, Pitch Rig

Town - Chapel, Church, Chathedral, Good/Bad Things

Arms and armour - fletcher, tanner, armorer

Food processing - Bakery


Ability to Trade:

Wood, Stone, Pitch
Ale, Hops, Bread, Cheese, Apples, Meat



Your surroundings:

With Sultan ver.:
You will have some bakery's. Don't lose them becouse you dont have ability to rebuild it. Good to earn money from bread production. Its almost your only wait to gain money.
Sultans iron, stone, weapons production will give you a lot of money and military force.
Try not to lose him. Becouse he is need for you like a friend and like economy runner in this game.

To Sheriff and Rat send some times resourses like: wood, iron, stone, food. That they would not destroy their economy for any crazy reason.
Rat have one Dairy farm.

Without Sultan ver.:
You will have some Fletcher's workshops, don't lose them too becouse you will not able to rebuild it.
Expect more siege army's from your enemy's to you marching.

Some instructions can be eaten from "With Sultan ver.".


Author's notes, etc:

Mostly buildings they will rebuild. Everything was made, programmed with AIV editor from FireFly.
Southern Gates which belong to Saladin and its point to guard Iron Mines is destructable and he will not rebuild it.
Only enemy's mostly have stone, iron production.
Rat builds Stone quarry when there appears place for it (southern right corner).
If Sultan dies then Sheriff have to gain from there stone. If Emir will not take down his oxers.

I think I said everything about this map what you should really know about it. :]

Have Fun.

Review for this one would be great.


Stronghold 2 maps by me :]


Update: In "No Sultan" map version your lord disappears... In map editor you could see him and control him. Strange...
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Eaogrim as you guessed i am commenting... map is brilliant best part is the way you used the AI Editor to create a three-way castle for 3 lords but one thing ... landscape, you comment on mine saying i need to spend more time and as you said that i looked at some of your other maps and i think the landscape isnt as good as in some of your other maps but still good nonetheless.

Eaogrim :D
File Author
I and not say that mine maps are perfect with landscape. But its almost perfect to play in it. But you cant say that there you have a lot what to improve.
Mostly its can be very bad with landscape of old maps. Becouse you creat, you steal, you gain skills and then you giving something cool enough.
But im only in a middle of this thing.

Sad isn't? :]

Eaogrim not saying its perfect not saying its terrible but good
peter2008 Hi TwoDie,
I'm grateful for the new challenge you designed, and will play it soon.
File Author
Hello peter2008,
Nice to see you here again :]
Good luck with that :D
peter2008 Here's my victory report. Played the map version without Sultan, won in November 1215.
The clue is attacking in high numbers of archers to clear the besieged towers one by one. Often, dead angles and advantage of line of sight help to proceed. After a long & neccessarily slow process, the end comes quickly.
The restrictions are clever as always. The new AIVs look vivid & attractive, the mountain fortress of the three combined enemies tremendous. It's outer ring of towers is fiercefully contested for. While the AIs replace tower engines, they do not replace units, which can make the keep areas an easy target for advancing troops. One could play this map with marksmen only.

Sending some saves & screens to you to reveal my ruthless economy setup and basic tactics.


Great idea of having the generous Sultan as "economic estate" in the first version.
File Author
Update: No Sultan version you havent lord. Unbeatalbe you are... Sad that no one says about this thing anything...

Thank you for your saved games and your tactics at this map.
Good :]

The Dragonheart It looks unsiegeable. lol

Nice map.
mkkus Great to see a new map Twodie,
I just downloaded it and loved it.
Keep up the good work :)

lord dredde I must say that i'm very impressed with your map,well done!

Looking forward to many more!
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