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Crusader First Edition Trail ( hard version ) aiv pack (updated)

Author File Description
If you feel that the Crusader skirmish trail is not hard enough for you and want more challenge then try my aiv pack. It will not only make the computer build the castle efficiency but also take advantage of the map too. For example, the computer will build Tower to harass your economy and if they are in corner, they will build tower only on the front, enough to defense.
It is not complete yet, just only fix for the first 20 mission of the First Edition Trail. ( So only 8 characters available : Rat, Pig, Snake, Wolf, Sultan, Richard, Caliph.
To install, just back up your aiv folder, extract and copy all of the aiv file in the zip to your "Stronghold Crusader/AIV" then overwrite it. DON'T RENAME the aiv file, just keep the number, otherwise, the castle will not built correctly.
Read the read me include in the file for more information.

Changelog (16/1/2010):
_ Add oil pitch for Caliph, Saladin and the Wolf
_ Reconstruct the building priority, so they have better defense in the begining
Hope you have fun with it ^^. Expect to have the rest of the 30 mission later.

Click on the picture to zoom :
Mission 1: Arrival

Sultan castle has 2 siege tower to defense the back and the front. He also dig moat



Mission 2 : Settingout

Caliph castle have 5 tower with siege equipment and lookout tower around. He now have some fetchers to strengthen his economy. He can also dig moat.

Mission 3: This Dusty Land

Richard, your ally, have a lion face castle ( can you see it ^^ ). You can add more defense to him by digging the moat around him. He was bad fear factor, not good. Why ? Because his economy is not good enough, so bad to make him have more money.



The caliph castle below even can match up to the richard, not to say his economy is better than the richard.


While the caliph above you have good fear factor so his defense is better than.

Mission 4 : The old friend

The pig will have the advantage on the hill. Watch out for his siege tower will destroy your quarry and mine below the hill.



Mission 5: The Arabian Adventure

The snake castle below the hill have round shape ( square inside ). It has double moat, hence harder to scale down.


The snake castle on the hill don't dig moat but have height advantage. From the beginning, his economy are in pain. Because it was very long for his worker to make way to castle. But later game. His economy will sky rocket when he have enough money, he will buy wood and sell a lot of weapon, more than the two castle below. He has bad fear factor so he will product a lot faster

Mission 6: The Endless desert

It fun to see two castle throw stone at each other. Richard lose anyway because Wolf took over his iron mine.
The wolf castle have all of his tanner shut down because there are no diary farm allow in this mission.

While richard have his blacksmith and armorer shutdown because all the iron mine on the side of the wolf.

You will face these two castle again on Mission 15 : face Richard in Crusader mode when every tower have a lot of archer.
Mission 19 : face Wolf when he have around 40000 gold why you only have 3000 gold.
Mission 7 : The Greek Fire

The Caliph castle below the hill will have the mushroom shape. His back seem vulnerable but back up by the other castle on the hill. His tower will harass your economy and annoy you very much ( it even reach to your lord castle )

The Caliph castle on the hill have many tower in the front line, make it hard for you to go up their.

In mission 13, two castle of this will comebine together and make it very strong.


And expecting more in the pack ...

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
TwoDie Interesting that Sultan and Caliph can dig moats :]

Quite cool campaign we will have here :D

When you will have others AIVs.
Submit it as new pack and not update this one, thanks. :]


Edit: As you have done it that to wait for mercenarys or barracks you have to wait quite long so its very even easy :D Caliph without pitch fields... :)

[Edited on 01/13/10 @ 10:48 AM]

File Author
@Twodie: The computer don't use the oil pitch effective. Even just a few soldier, the ai shoot at the pitch and waste a lot. More over, they keep using money to buy oil for the pitch so it harmful to their economy.
About the mercenary, I wait at least all other economic building are built, hence it is very easy to attack them early. So I suggest that you should at least wait them to complete the castle than attack ^^. Do you have any suggest to improve this problem ?
TwoDie Caliph without fire is like chicken without wings. There is no need to give everybody pitch but to test all of them with it and note who lives with it quite well is have to be a top priority to make them more better defencive well. Some of them leave on stockpile about 10 on it.

Almost none of players will wait for something.
So you need to make in AIV editor no pause in building line and make them to place building as fast as possible.
+ let them to build some of eco buildings and then some of defence one like barracks, etc that they wouldnt die so easily. You cant let them to build to build their castles in the beginning and then only let them to build a barracks or mercenery's.

File Author
@ Twodie : Thanks for your suggestion. About the oil, just try to use some mace man attack the castle and the caliph will burn the pitch carelessly while the mace man still alive because they run so fast. More over, when the army attacking his castle instead he use money to build army, he just build pitch and making it worse. So i think it better to save money for him with the pitch.
About the barrack problem, i just have another build order so that they can defend even when you attack earlier ( they will sell most of stuff to build army to defend but it work well ). I will update it later.
TwoDie then dont place pitch fields near to other that have to work better.
+ You can cheat about pitch lands :D
Start painting with pitch all not used land but dont clicking a lot spots of it, just hold it and dont let go. So he will place it in one move. Then start delete it and make some less connectable pitch land that less of buying will require for him and bigger area will be reconstruted by one move and of one pitch buying :]

File Author
@Twodie: Thank you, it helpful so much. With fire, caliph are more better defense now . Just update my aiv with a better defense build order ( not update the other mission yet ^^). Try it and hope to get more advice from you.
dkzs Hi ptanhkhoa,

I really like your AI castles. The designs are quite good and they are quite tough with massive towers, moat and traps. Sultan and Rat are quite hard if they manage to complete their castles. I didn't know the application both ballistae and mangonels in one tower, that's really amazing!

Sultan, when playing with normal settings, he will sell a lot of stone early and never let the stone stocks above 20. Therefore, he wouldn't be able to build both square towers, leaving a breach on the castle. That could be an only problem.

Quite tough, but fantastic castles!


ArmeniN Caliph can beat with siege tower and mace man!
Caliph can beat with Repeated attacks. Its like recruit 20 swordsmen and snd them again and again...
gold99 Masterpiece.
But why do you add fletchers to caliph castle? Is this because to boost his economy? Wouldnt be better to make him build 5x iron mines, so he could sell it?
Duc Vautour @gold99 :

I believe by adding a fletcher for the arab aiv(except emir) will help them in economical aspect because it will made them sell the weapon which is way more expensive than just selling a wood. Poleturners also works the same like fletcher. I don't know which is more profitable tho. Even spears cost less than a xbow, it made faster. Some says xbow is better than spears, but some says spears worth more than xbow in the long run. I don't know which is better tho :)
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