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Two Towers

Author File Description
Lord Hofmann
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 2
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1

Two Towers
unbalanced - Multiplayer Skirmish Map

Map Designed by Merle Hofmann
aka: "Merle_the_Conqueror" at
aka: "Lord Hofmann" at


Two mountain towers overlook this fertile valley which is fed precious water by two rivers that flow in opposite directions. Feeling that they have a tactical advantage; the two mountain top leaders, who are consistantly at odds with each other, have each tried to impose their will upon the leaders within the valley. By virtue of their actions they have inadvertantly united the kingdoms of the valley against both of themselves. The mountain kings will now have to destroy the valley kingdoms just to feed their people and to obtain enough iron in order to be able to produce their weapons of war. Who will prevail, one of the oppressive mountain kings or the united kingdoms?

Map Designer Notes:

This map was designed as a 1 vs. 1 player game with 6 AI's united against the human opponents, but it can also lend itself to many other interesting scenarios. My son-in-law and I play this map, as stated above, on "Deathmatch" settings with the advantage to the AI's (ie; 40,000 gold to the computer players). Then again, we seem to play all of our 1 vs. 1 games that way.

Other play options could include letting a weaker human player ally with the AI's in a 3 vs. 3 game. In a 4 vs. 4 game you could allow two weaker human players to ally with each other.


This is the second map that I have created and if I must say so myself, it is a beautifully done work of art :) ! I was a little upset that the animals I had placed moved from where I had originally placed them over the course of the two days that it took me to make it. So lesson for you fellow designers, always add your animals last ;) .

Our local group of players in Quincy, Illinois have played many of the custom maps from this site. Many are very good and I need to make more of an effort to rate and comment on them. By the same token, if you would like to rate/comment on my maps please do.

This map has been available for download on the website for quite sometime now. This map has been downloaded and played by many members of that site. I do hope that it becomes just as appreciated here on the Stronghold Heaven website.



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Lord Hofmann
File Author
Yo ericgolf,

I apparently missed a BOLD closing HTML tag after the colon on "Desription/Storyline" heading, is there anyway that you could edit that for me. It's not a problem if you can't, I just like to be somewhat consistant with my descriptions and the use of HTML.


Edit: Thanks ericgolf, got it fixed.

[Edited on 02/01/10 @ 06:23 AM]

Lord Hofmann, Please go ahead and use the "Update" button at the top of your Download Description. :)
peter2008 Dl'ed and awaiting to test the map, hehe.
return of Yasko Looks really nice by the looks of the minimap. I'll try this on gameranger and let you know how it turns out
return of Yasko
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
Not bad, depending.... As you said, playability differs greatly depending on how set up the scenario. I tried the map 3 different ways: 1v1 with a buddy on Gameranger, 1v1 on Gameranger with assorted enemies allied together in the middle, and 1 vs. all AI enemies allied together. Unfortunately the AI's in the middle cram so much, that they often close each other in, and therefore get inactive mines and buildings. On one game, Lionheart was all the way at the bottom, and didn't siege or build almost anything, even when gold set to deathmatch. The good news is, even though enemies aren't working at full capacity, they'll still give a good fun fight. On deathmatch they started sieging right away, and didn't stop till the very end. It would be nice to have some accessible oasis from the start. AI's don't know that you have to chop down a bunch of trees to get to it.

Balance: 3
Balance is okay. The valley placements are more or less perfectly equi-distant between the towers. However, I notice the lower tower has better access to stone than the top one. And the rabbits!!!

Creativity: 4
This is a very creative map, I don't think I've ever seen this idea done before, and it fits in perfectly with the story. Bravo!

Map Design: 2
Unfortunately the map is plagued by some issues, but it's not hard to correct them. First of all, I'd go into the map editor, delete the animals, and replace them. This is easy to do: hit Alt + E Key, and every animal already there disappears. Then place them where you want. I would delete some trees, push more oasis grass closer to the AI's, and diminish the rivers. This will give room to place farms and the AI's will respond much better. Lastly, the middle AI's just cram too much. Even a smidgeon of additional room in the valley would work wonders for this map. All you have to do is extend the tower islands closer to the corners. Perhaps 5 AI's instead of 6 would work better?

Story/Instructions: 4.5
It's great to see more stories included with the maps here. I used to see so much more of that, and nobody seems to bother anymore, so thankyou.

Additional Comments:
Not bad. I'd like to see an update to this one if possible. Keep making maps!
Lord Hofmann
File Author
"return of Yasko",

I thank you for taking the time to rate my Two Towers map and also your kind comments. Seeing how it was only my second attempt at mapmaking, I am honored that you thought so much of it.

It was designed to make the humans fight the AI's first in an effort to gain some farmland and while it may appear to be a lot of farmland there really isn't. This was meant to be a low resource map for some the resources. I did deliberately design it that way because the person who I played this against the most was literally awesome in their ability to outproduce me.

I apologize for any AI difficulties that you may have experienced. To be honest, I had never really encountered any myself with all of the times that I played this map with my friends. Although, I do have a tendency to place European Lords in the middle of the valley and the Arabians Lords towards the ends. I personally just feel the European Lords fight much harder and that's why I've always placed them in the middle.

I do thank you for the tip on getting rid of the animals. I didn't know this. While I really hadn't thought of updating this map, knowing this may just encourage me to do so. It won't replace this one, instead there just might be a different version. Maybe I'll redo it for the Stronghold Crusader Extreme game title instead.

Again, I thank you for your rating, your comments, and your words of encouragement.

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Map Design2.0
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