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Crusade against moddet Chars on spezial map

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Number of Players: 7
Balance: Unbalanced
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1

Crusade vs moddet chars on spezial map

little story:

You are the emporor, and you and your armee were hunting the orange wolf a whole mounth. He was one of your best govenors, but ones he has attacked the sultan, one of your richest governers, with his big armee, whitch he bought with your money.... . He has defeat the sultan, before you could came to help him and panish the wolf! After a long hunt you pushed him in a canyon system where is no way out for him!

Now you know that this was a fault. You noticed after you lost all your spyes, that a horde of very strong warriors are in this canyon system, and if you want to kill the orange wolf, you have to beat the others too. It will be a difficult mission, and you have to use all the tricks you know!


little description:

Play and see it now! Fight against 3 wolfs, pig, caliph and saladin on an extra spezial map, where they build there castles and they use there fore also the terrain for good defence! They have got enough resources, and you have to defend the mangolines whitch will crush your castle everytime down! You have got enough gold at the beginning, because you are the emperor, but don`t waste it too fast!

When you play it please make sure that one wolf is orange, otherwise it will be unfair!

If u want to have a first feeling of this real hard crusade, you should watch my video on you tube:


A discription how to use it is also in the zip!

To use the sav-file you should only put the sav in the saves folder in your Strongold Crusader folder, and the maps in the maps folder! Then you can load the save in your game!
(I hope it will work, i do not know anybody who tested it yet...)

If you want, you can play these mission together with a friend (maybe he is the sultan?? xD)

I know there can be mistakes in that AI-castles and anywhere! Please tell me any mistake i made, and i will fix it! Ask any question you have, and I will answer too!

Please comment what you like and what not... it took me more then one mounth to create this! I want to know if i should make some more nice pieces like this or if i should not do any more because you don`t like it!

Ask questions if you have problems with playing this and tell me any bug on this map!
comments are wellcome!

Have fun and luck!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
return of Yasko
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.5
I'm disregarding that the map doesn't work correctly when started normally (placing the AI's in manually). The AI's simply will not build correctly. However, loading from the SAV file worked fine, and what a game it was!

This is a hard map to rate - it's very unusual, and EXTREMELY difficult. It's definitely not for beginners, but for experienced players who find the AI's repetitive and predictable, this supreme skirmish challenge is worth every minute of playing. Prepare for a long difficult game. The final missions of the crusader trails pale in comparison! In fact, The Pig started throwing catapult rocks just 10 seconds after the start of the game! This map took me 6.5 hours to beat. There is not a single minute your not micro-managing your defense and offense. The modified AI's send wave after wave of troops and siege units, and the pressure will not let up until you somehow manage to kill the first three enemy lords.

The key to surviving this mission is to build your towers and moats as close to your keep as possible. If you build any further out, the enemies will shower you with tons of mangonel rocks, and you won't be able to sustain troops on the towers, even when supported with shields. If built just right, only a couple of their mangonels will reach you, which you can constantly bust with trebuchets behind your towers. This will allow you to keep troops and ballista on and behind towers to deal with the constant barrage of attacking troops and siege equipment. Because of the lack of space there's no room for food production, but you can sustain yourself on ale while trading the plentiful stone and iron for money.

The truly difficult aspect is that the modified AI's will create units so quickly that you will reach maximum army limit with not much to siege with. You must strike a fragile balance between units to defend with, and a meager number of units to siege with. In fact, the only reason playability does not score a 5 is that until you can defeat your first enemy, there will be times the maximum UNIT limit will be exceeded, and you won't even produce peasants!

Balance: 4.5
The gameplay has good balance. You start out with enough extra gold to survive on, and must quickly build infrastructure to earn enough gold to survive. For the first three enemies, the challenge lies in balancing your defensive and offensive forces. You need to maintain just enough troops to deal with constant enemy attacks, so you can produce enough offensive catapults and moat-diggers to be able to bust into the enemies' castles.

Creativity: 5
A very innovative idea, that enemies raise walls and towers on cliffs. I've wondered if this was ever possible, and you found a way to do it. The fact the enemies surround their round towers with tall towers was a good idea too. This makes it impossible to get rid of tower troops without breaking them with catapults or trebuchets.

Map Design: 5
Other than the max unit limit preventing troop production at times, the map ran flawlessly. You put a lot of time and care in this map, and it shows.

Story/Instructions: 5
A short story, but very good detailed instructions. Great job.

Additional Comments:
Nice job modifying the AIV files. If you're making more modified maps then I look forward to playing them! Here's a screenshot of the end of the mission.

13,530 troops killed, only 2,442 troops lost, 127 in-game years. Can anyone beat that?

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Map Design5.0
Favorites: [Who?]1
Size:2.15 MB