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Besieging for Fairness

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
Greetings to the Stronghold Community!

It's been quite a while since I released my first scenario "Ain Ebel Warfare".
Here's the past history to it: Besieging for Fairness.

You have an army and there is a hostile castle that shall be conquered. It's a siege mainly, but later on there are some invasions trying to fend you off your enemy's castle.
Does anyone need more info?
...Well, then there is a story: Evil Lord Draken in Antioch plans a revolt against king Bohemond and exploits the local population for getting tons of iron for his army. It's time to tear his castle down, before hostile reinforcements arrive!
People say that Draken even has Arabian allies. When you are successful, you may be chosen to lead part of the troops in the next (3rd) Crusade. (Which will happen in Ain Ebel Warfare)

If not, you won't have any time left to think about what might come now, as Draken is not known for his kindness.
Can you defeat him or will you be a victim of his evil forces?

For the full story: You can read it in the Story&Hints-file, along with a bunch of instructions just in case you get stuck anywhere within the siege.

If you would be interested in more pictures, just tell me and I'll update this topic.

I have included 3 slightly different versions of the map, to offer some variety in difficulty and possibilities.

I plan several sequels in connection with BFF and AIW, including ancient magic, evil cults, an epic fight between Crusaders and Scaracens, where the constellation of Good and Bad become rather complicated. First, depending on the perspective, "your" party seems to be the good one, but in further development, both enemy forces show different aspects, forcing you to think for yourself... Rather complicating to explain in about five sentences, I think^^

Please read at least the "Author's Notes" at the end of the "Story & Hints" - file, if the story is too long for you.
But reading the full story provides some worthy extra information =D

As always, I would be glad about any comments/reviews.

Have fun!


Edit: I updated the map files - I deleted one fire-event that did not work. But if you don't mind one fire-message without any fires appearing, you needn't update the map.
Moreover, I added some screenshots here:

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Coll map looks pretty good thought. Good work!
File Author
Thank you!

The Dragonheart Nicely designed map.

Keep up the good work.
File Author
Thx! Please tell me if you find any bugs.

Bnissan Can i ask a question?

If yes,

How do you take a picture of the whole map?

File Author
Well, I could ask the same question, as I don't know this!
But I know how to take screen-shots from parts of the map. Moreover, I know that one can put several of these screen-shots together. To do so, just copy and paste them next to each other to get an overall view of the map.

(@all: But if anyone knows a tool (like the map-pnger for minimaps) to shorten that process, just mention it.)

Hint: While doing screen-shots, it may be helpful to press the tabulator-key to hide the menu. To show it, press tab again.

I hope I was able to help you.

LordBalian I love the desert terrain, well done!
Would you tell me how you do that?
File Author
Hi Balian =D Great to see you once again.

Actually it's kinda easy - first, take the largest size of the just heightening-tool and rise the whole area by 2-3 clicks, then take the 2nd-smallest size of the heightening-tool and "draw" lines into the ground. Soon, you'll get some nice dunes and ground waves.

The first step is to provide a sand-look for all the ground, the second step to set some (or many) accents.

You can experiment with different directions and arrangements for these snakings - parallel with some walls, just "coming out" of some cliffs, spreading from one point, confused or tidied-up, crossing each other, dividing, etc.

Addind small details inside a system of such snakings may add that certain something to a landscape, same as inserting an "island" of higher ground may do (and absorb or divide these snakings). Some craters may also fit somewhere... Well, probably also some steeper and higher curves in the sand may be possible, kind of a slope next to a camp or some resources without any "rocky" tiles, providing a neat, friendly atmosphere... - And I just talk too much once more XD

Anyway, feel free to try it out and invent your own combinations!
And some kudos for your great desert landscapes: Wide, open space, small isles of rocks and vegetation, without seeming empty as you create smooth, slight waves and shape the whole ground very nice!

Map Design4.5
Playability: 4
I really liked the gameplay of the map and I had a lot of fun playing it. The start was the most entertaining but then not big things were happening, a normal siege and the victory message. The score is boosted a bit however for the great beginning which I think is special.

Balance: 3
This is a disappointing chapter of the scenario, as the map didn't offer me a lot of difficulty. Except from the beginning when the player has to think and react fast against the enemy, the map was mostly unbalanced, but not a complete loss. With step by step moves and military tactics I could take out the enemy stronghold in the first try and the lose-timer was just like 10% filled. After I made a hole in the castle with the catapults all I had to do was to gather all the engineers out of the siege machines and created shields out of them - in the end, losses were minimal and some troops types were not even used at all (knights and swordsmen)

Creativity: 5
I had a look on the design of many maps, and I have to say the desert featured in this one is highly original. But the design is nothing compared with the story which is a very creative piece of work.

Map Design: 4.5
The desert style, besides it's originality it offers a very natural view. Small dunes of sand are spread along the whole map, making the surroundings look like realistic lands. However I had to take 0,5 points away for some areas on which the dunes (maybe due to the shadows) had an obvious square shape.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is very detailed and well-written and the author has also made very detailed hints and instructions. Awesome work and I appreciate the time consumed to write them.

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Map Design4.5
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Size:5.74 MB