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NEW AIV MultiPack 4: The Wolf Edition

Author File Description
Nice and small, this castle is great for most maps.

A "castle and a half" castle 2 provides a great balance between costs and defensive stregnth.

Castle 3 seems to be a favorite for the AI on maps such as "Green Haven." It's not quite as pretty as the most of the other's, but it's well fortified.

This castle's large moat make map selection very important. The keep and two round towers beside it are designed to sit on islands. The economy in this castle is small scale, with a population potential of only 10 hovels. It's very nice looking though.

For some reason, I just love how this castle looks! It, along with castle 7, are probably my favorites of the bunch! The keep is placed very well, and the side sections are protected from immediate jeopardy.

Castle 6 is a huge square castle with three moats. It's too big and takes too long to complete for use in most casual games, but it's quite fun to siege!

Castle 7 is a fancy fortress shaped like a crown. The intricate walls and well-laid traps make it a real challenge in long drawn out games where The Wolf has time to stockpile gold!

Castle 8 is ridiculous in most regards, especially cost! It's also quite big, and houses a great many buildings. I suggest only using it on carefully constructed maps where The Wolf will have the time, resources, and, most importantly, the space to finish it!

Thanks for looking, this file will replace all of The Wolf's default castle AIV files with new ones. There are a wide variety of castles here to make sure that you can find one suited for just about any map, or, if you wish, you can just use them all and let the AI choose one on its own.

Generally speaking, the higher the AIV number, the larger and more complex the castle. For example; wolf1.aiv is much smaller and less elaborate than wolf7.aiv.

Not all of these castles include a mercenary post. For the designs that do, it is among they very last structures built. To be honest, it has been suggested that The Wolf does better without a mercenary post, as he tends to squander his funds on Arabian bowmen a little too often. The more I watch him play, the more I am inclined to agree!

Please see the enclosed "!!!READ ME!!!.TXT" for installation instructions as well as in-depth information on this package!

** NOTE **

There are 2 bonus castles included that are not pictured here. They didn't really live up to my standards for castle design, however I thought I'd include them for a little extra fun! :-) **

Thanks! Please feel free to share your thoughts!

** Updated !!!READ ME!!!.TXT file
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
TwoDie and you are fast :D
Going to take a closer look at these AIVs :)

Krarilotus Very nice, I will test them on my test-map against 4 snakes and after that i will write down here the time...

Map: Char test
player: wolf+me vs 4 moddet snakes
Gold value: 40000 for AI
time counted: after completing castle, because then i will go with my Lord to the snakes, and let him kill, so that they won`t attack only me anymore, and they will attack the wolf after killing my Lord!

wolf1.aiv (little castle) 31 minutes
wolf2.aiv awesome, it is stil alive, and it makes money..... but only in the second test, at the first test i was to fast dead, soo the snake let the castle of the wolf burn, and it burned until his last money was gone, after that he was defeated...

[Edited on 02/08/10 @ 01:38 AM]

File Author
The Snake can beat the wolf rather quickly because he rushes.

Thanks for the comments!

[Edited on 02/06/10 @ 09:30 PM]

Krarilotus XD, please notice that in some of your castles a fire still burn the whole castle down... and also 2 stockpiles are realy enough for the wolf, 3 are better for his economy but he does not need 4!! also notice thet he will only build one granery!! good and strong... but please fix this!

PS: Ok then, after your last comment i noticed: The snake rushes the wolf often, but the snakes on my test map are attacking me first, after I think that the wolf has finished his basic castle i let the snakes kill my lord and he will fight lonely against them! So see: the snake do not rush the wolf in my test!

[Edited on 02/08/10 @ 01:34 AM]

File Author
Anyone that has to resort to fire against the AI is a noob. Sorry, but it's the truth imo.

And I believe you lost my last post in translation. I was trying to say that The Snake rushes and can often beat The Wolf because of this.

And yes, I have seen your modded snake castles. I already commented on your file post :-)

Thanks for your comments.

[Edited on 02/07/10 @ 08:40 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the great feedback. If I do another AIV Multipack, which AI character should it be for?
Krarilotus I think, you should make a pack for the richard, but with strong defence... xD That will be very difficult, i know...
Lord desert It should be Pig or Sheriff 4 the next AIV pack.
Downloading the 10 wolves, his original castle are too DULL.
And you're right, he likes to waste his gold on Arab Archers or Horse Archers !!!1
Lord desert Hey, does nayone notice that :
@ Wolf's 4 castle (the weird triangle thats extremely thick that only has 4 towers) he doesnt build any poleturners.... someone should fix this.... i tried... didnt work
ArmeniN Why those castles are so big? On the normally play on 2000 gold wolf is easy to defeat...
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