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Holding the Roadv2.5

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
In this map you must hold a fort from an attack by the snake. You have 1 year to prepare for the battle and look at the water. Be sure to watch the back entrance, or the enemy pikemen will bring you to your knees! I put in a marsh with some oil, as well as add some stone and more iron.
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Sulis Playability: Whilst this map is perfectly playable, with no problems arising from bad map design as such, I have to confess that I really didn't enjoy playing this. I tried five times on different settings (see balance, below) and trying different tactics to see if there was any longevity within the map. Unfortunately, there wasn't and this holds back the fun you could have playing.

Balance: On normal setting, per the author's recommendations, I found this a bit too easy, with the only troop movement I found necessary being the archers to the front of the gatehouse. Their sheer numbers cut down and weakened a large proportion of the first two raids. Massive pitch ditches, when lit at the correct time, practically destroyed the third invasion. Playing on the hard setting seemed to add life to this map and caused me more problems. I enjoyed this more on a harder setting. Bear this in mind.

Creativity: Nothing really new, i'm sorry to say. The map would really benefit from more time invested into the idea, the design and the story.

Map Design: The gatehouse at the front of the castle was quite well done I thought. The potential for a great little castle is there, however the terrain is rather unappealing, flat and somewhat crudely done. That said, looking at the map from a very basic point of view, the idea is sound. Why? Well, the AI pretty much knows where is needs to go, apart from the moat being a distraction. This resulted in quite intense invasions on the hard setting. With few distractions for the AI to consider, the concentration of troops marching on the castle was quite refreshing to see.

Story/Instructions: Really needs to be more depth here, more elaboration and a bit more passion in the content. I can see what the author wanted to get across, though.

In summary: I have to be honest when reviewing a map and I found this to be below average in most areas. There were some good areas that I hope the author takes on board and hopefully we'll see more submissions to the site.
File Author
Unfortunately you are right, Sulis. This map is more random than most, and sometimes you will have more fun than others. Yes, if you light the pitch at the right time you will fry everybody to a crisp, but I was slightly less careful with the pitch. I also submitted this because I kinda wanted to find out what it needed. I will put in some different stuff and see if I can make it fun. Please re-review this when I v2 it Sulis. I was writing the story at 3 am which explains why it wasnt better.
Sulis Re-reviewed per request from author, comments now based on v.2 upload.

Playability: It's amazing what a few tweaks can do to a map. This is now much more difficult, more frantic and whilst there was nothing intrinsically wrong with the first version, this is definitely more fun to play. The author's comments about looking around before the invasion is now more relevant to the playability: there are more options available for the AI to storm your oupost. Where will they go? I had three attempts on normal setting before I was ale to win. Much better, and a good map to play.

Balance: Shadowing the comments above, really. It's very well balanced on normal setting, with the option of playing on easy if you are a newbie or hard if you really do think you are hard enough!! Whilst the principle behind this map is still basic, it's now much better all round. You do feel like you will lose at times, but victory is certainly possible. Pikemen made this difficult to defend against when faced with archers only to pick them off from afar. Worthy of a 4 score.

Creativity: With effort put into providing a story and a few tweaks on the map design this now resembles something more interesting and attention-grabbing.

Map Design: Credit to the author for some neat eye candy tricks on the castle. Work has been done to improve the map design, although I don't really think this deserves a 3, or an average score. The only area really holding this map back.

Story/Instructions: The story or introduction to this map may be a little short compared to some, but the clarity of the intro and the idea being portrayed here is very good indeed. Definitely above average.

Summary: This map has improved considerably from the first version, which was okay overall. Whilst the map design is still a little short in some areas, the best parts are the changes made to playability and balance. I recommend this as a download based on these areas alone, the story is good and compliments it. Much better, and a good effort all round. It's quite a fight, four invasions in total and damn tricky!
ReggieREAL I love your map bro, I like the water fall and I like the way you did the castle on the mountain maze, very sweet, good map design, but I wish you had added some resources around the land; hmmm!!!, but anyway I loved your mount castle, very, very cool, keep up the good work bro.!! :-)

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