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Siege of Ar-Iuen (update)

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
Hi. Comments and reviews are welcome. Please playtest map and say me what it is bad. I'm not good in English, therefore in story can be wile of orthographical mistakes.


Times are dark, Gorhuls - bad men of the south grow in strength. They prepare to the war which can be our last. Is sure inhabitant of Feroin survived many wars and they are very brave, but enemy is about many stronger than ever. In last weeks kingdom Feroin lost all allied, it is not to who to turn about help, it became alone...

Months pass, kingdom arm how the most quickly, fortresses be rebuilt and repaired, soldiers be trained, be forged armours and swords. Darkness lies in wait on south. Men on border saw fat, armed in wooden shields, club and cross-bows warriors - Gorhuls which plunder on with its way all.

Days of attack approach. Enemy's army waits only on ruler's signal - Gerendos. Kingdom Feroin is finished too, soldiers ready to fight wait on walls of fortresses. King Arento foresaw first attack on fortress Ar-Iuen which is the nearest of bourder with kingdom of Gorhuls.

Large map in story (in zip file)


King Arento called Frentos into his castle:
- As ruler of city Ar-Iuen you have to does not allow to conquest of city. I give back you to instruction my splendid weapons and armours which will pass on your subordinates
- Your words are for me order, Lord
- Let gods have in care you and your city...

Defend city before hordes of Gorhuls. When city falls, kingdom will sink in chaos. City be equipped in many trebushet which can turn out great weapon against enemy's siege machines.

-use cows shot from trebushet
-when enemy occupies first part of city retreat archer on next level
-put archers and pikemen to covering the gate.
- how the most quickly recruit soldiers and put them near gate or on walls.
-I reduced enemy's army

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Seiji ........excellent....

[Edited by ericgolf]

[Edited on 04/05/10 @ 07:15 AM]

InOrAs OH MY GOD O.O There aren't words for this map!!
Heroesflorian WOW! This is a really great map!
The minimap + pictures look great and make me want to ride through the valley on a horse...

The Dragonheart I like the design of the city. Well done.
File Author
Thanks for comments ;)
Neverending Fury Great map, but I comment this in strogholdnet forums, so I don't comment here.
Map Design5.0
Sorry for English.

Minimap is really good, but castle is some... ugly. There are too many
lowered walls and I can't build any buildings.

Playability: 3.5
Hmm... This map is not pleasant. So I rate this as 3,5. I just waited,
the castle defended himself.
Balance: 2
I can not win this, this map is impossible. Balance is the worst side of this map.
Creativity: 5
Well-used tricks are a good side of the map. Beautify this map.
Map Design: 5
As in other of your maps, the map design is perfect. Mountains are
good, plains are good, everything of nature are good.
Story/Instructions: 5
Very good story. You have done even a campaign map.
Map Design5.0
Siege of Ar-Iuen

I'd say the castle is definitely not bad-looking. It must have taken you hours and saying that it doesn't look good sounds like discredit. Obviously the player can build, just not within the castle. Then again there isn't really enough time for the player to gain any profit out of the new buildings.

Playability: 4

Despite constant errors with lowered walls on other maps, (AI invasions may stop working in the case of too many walls surrounding the keep), the Siege of Ar-Iuen works perfectly fine. Enemies tend to busy themselves attacking structures other than the player¡¦s soldiers. But in the end even the pikemen stationed on the walls will fail to defend against the horde. Some glitches will cause bulks of macemen to freeze in their tracks, ¡§distracting¡¨ the player¡¦s archers from other targets.

The invasions slowly take over the majority of the castle, but fall under the keep gates. The mangonel is a good way to decimate the enemy. Even when traveling through the castle, the player can use it to smash the troops. Trebuchets can be used to spread disease, though ineffectively. Perhaps the easiest way to win is to raise taxes while popularity is high, and then produce tunnelers as cheap fillers for the army, good for killing off any stragglers.

Defending the archers on the walls is a must, because later in the game the enemy will focus its full attention on the keep gatehouses, and the archers are necessary to damage them. Set the pikemen to defensive stance.

Near the end, things can get heinously boring, as the player may be forced to wait for the remaining macemen/swordsmen to attack. Changing the gamespeed to 90 may help, or even using a speedsetter.
I agree with ponceriusz: the castle does defend itself, in a way, there is not much space nor much need for the player to move his/her units around. Either your soldiers live or you die. No cliffhangers or narrow victories.

Balance: 5

This map is not impossible. On ¡§normal¡¨, it is normal, on ¡§hard¡¨, it is hard. If the keep is no longer enclosed the game is definitely lost. That may be one reason some players may find this map impossible. The easiest way to defend against the most aggressive units, the macemen who attack the gatehouses, is to bunch together a little posse of 15 to 20 pikemen and all the tunnelors the player can afford. Usually the macemen and enemy pikemen don¡¦t even bother to attack towers and gatehouses, only walls.

Depending on the timing, sometimes the engineers tend to build siege equipment in the wrong spot or even ignore building siege equipment altogether. The first invasion consists of about 4-5 tunnelers, these weak guys are easily cut down by ONE knight. With no other way to weaken the wall, it will buy the player some more time, though the destruction of the front gate is sadly inevitable.

Indirect fire by the mangonel can cause heavy damage into giant masses of tightly packed enemy soldiers. If they were not within range of the mangonel, this map would be a tad more fun (although it is already perfect the way it is).

The design of the castle also causes enemy troops to travel a longer distance, granting the player¡¦s archers more time to shoot at them.

Creativity: 5

It is obviously clear that a lot of effort has been put into the design of the castle. The interior uses many editor tricks. Some other things include custom made towers that I¡¦ve seen in many other Arn_AFe maps, and accessible sections of high mountain that can only be reached via staircase. A pure beauty.

Map Design: 5

Himalaya is one of my favourite things in this siege. It¡¦s beautiful how one section of the map is at max height, brown colour, and then the player notices a higher elevation, max height +, also the same colour... unusual but natural. The burnt effect is also used all over the map, dots of outstanding green spotting across the entire terrain.

Great how the landscape isn¡¦t flat: it¡¦s simply unrealistic to have a mountain stick out on a completely flat area. Hills slowly round out the terrain. I love how the land isn¡¦t just green, green, green. And then there¡¦s that skyscraper of a mountain. Rocks, all facing one direction, carefully placed, each at lower spot than the one above it. When looking from one angle those rocks really make the entire area seem sloped, then from another angle, all jagged. A true 5!

Story/Instructions: 4.5

As well as a story there is a hand-drawn map, a screenshot, and hints.

Very, very minor spelling errors but grammatically the story/instructions need to be better. My teacher¡¦s teacher once said, ¡§the English language is like a sledgehammer, it¡¦s got to be blunt.¡¨ It¡¦s pretty good, blunt, here. But for example instead of writing ¡§In last weeks kingdom Feroin lost all allied, it is not to who to turn about help, it became alone...¡¨ you could write ¡§In the last weeks the Kingdom Feroin became alone when it lost all its allies and could not turn about for help...¡¨

Overall, an excellent map, and I¡¦d like to see some more of these crazy awesome maps :D

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Map Design5.0
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