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Map Size: 160x160 (Tiny)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1

El Dorado - The City of Gold


Invade a seemingly innocent little "castle" with hand combat troops. No arrows or throwing rocks allowed. A relaxing, no-stress, no-time-limit, no-surprise-attack game. Forget your standard 100 horse archer raids and bring your best tactical strategy. You have a limited amount of money, so hire your troops wisely. You cannot make more money.
Don't be disappointed if you can't win this on the first attempt. This is a tricky game. Wipe the blood off your swords, sharpen your spears, untangle your assassins' ropes, and try a different strategy.


There are lots of flowers in this jungle. These 'Good Things' DO NOT belong to the enemy! The enemy only has four Good Things placed very close to the castle (inside
the moat).

If you place the barracks, it appears as if you should be able to hire archers. However, you cannot make or buy bows, so this is still impossible. A bug in Crusader does not allow me to disable the archers.

You will likely never see a 'Defeat' message. You probably give up as you run out of money and troops. The real 'defeat' condition is if you lose all people and your Lord.

The landscape design was heavily influenced by a game called "In Destruction of the Temple", which I thought was a very nice improvement on all other dusty and dry Crusader maps. Helpful comments from Heroesflorian were very helpful to finish up the game design.


Finally, you were on the way to join the other Crusaders. It had taken many months to convince your cousin Harald Bluetooth to lend you one of his old Viking ships. Before leaving the coast of Norway, you had named the ship Santa Maria after your holy grandmother.

As you were heading towards Gibraltar, poor weather conditions west of Portugal blew you off course and set you back by several days. When the skies cleared, you discovered a huge continent in the west. "Aah, this must be the famed Atlantis that we have heard so little about", you thought to yourself. To your astonishment you saw Atlantis rapidly sinking into the ocean. This caused a huge ocean current that brought your ship further west during several days. The current was so strong that your only sail that was not broken after the heavy storm could not put up any resistance to go back towards Gibraltar.

As the days passed by and you drifted further and further westward, the mood of your crew were sinking almost as fast as Atlantis had done. At this time in history, everyone knew that the earth was flat and you were heading with a steady course straight to the edge of the earth!

Suddenly your crew cheered and pointed to the horizon in the west. There was another Atlantis! You were saved! There was no danger in falling over the edge after all.
(Unless you started drifting through the Panama Canal...)

You explored the coast for a while and then you found a very hugomongous river that you decided to follow.
- "This is a truly amazing river", you proclaimed to your crew. "Let's call this the Amazing Creek".

Several hours later, you came to a place where the river divided into two. In the middle, there was a peculiar traffic sign. A wooden arrow pointing to the left said "El Dorado, City of Gold, 75 km" and a flashing neon light
to the right said "Las Vegas, City of Sin, 3141.5 miles". You scratched your beard and pondered for a while. "This looks a little strange. Could it be a trap?" Everyone had told you that the golden city of El Dorado
was impossible to find, but here was a large sign showing you exactly where to go. You had been dreaming of this city for a long time, but you still decided to have a democratic vote in the boat. The vote turned out 57 to 1
for heading towards Las Vegas.
- "Heading left!" you shouted to the scudder-rudder man.
Everyone turned to you in surprise.
- "But ... but... we voted for Vegas?"
- "Yeah, I know. Guess what? To go gambling we need cash. Let's go grab some gold first and then head to Vegas."
- "You are a genius!" the crew cheered.
- "Yeah, I know. That's why I'm the captain."

73.4 km later, you saw a magnificent city 1.6 km ahead of you. You decided to go the extra mile by foot. Just in case these people were not really friendly, you didn't want to risk having the boat attacked and destroyed.

After five hours of struggle through the dense jungle you had barely left the beach. Suddenly you met two eyes staring at you less than an armlength away.

- "Holy sandals of the hairy camel. You must be Dr Livingstone, I assume?"
He replied:
- "No Liver Blood. Me is Tutancinnamon. Me is powerful big-footed Inca warrior. You are stinky birdpoop in my left eye. You go home. Now."
to which you replied:
- "Hey, dude, what's up? Keep it cool, man. Let's go surfing or something. I'm Columbus by the way".
- "No smurfing me. You look like same color of pig we fry for great party dinner," he said with a big smile.
- "Now that's a little rasist. Let's be a little more politically correct and cooperate. I have a proposal that we should invest some large chunks of your gold in a shady gambling deal. Las Vegas is just around the corner and we can make big money."
- "Monkey? Yes, me eat monkey too. Great juicy soup in big iron pot."
- "Well, eeh? ... you will get free food in Vegas as long as we keep investing our gold..."
- "Cold? No like cold. Ice cream not for Inca warrior. Me want hot and spicy Texas meatball."
- "Well, Texas is not really close to Vegas, but we could stop over there too. May I suggest to change your menu choice from meatball to Texas steak?"
- "Snake? Yes, we eat snake every very day. Big snake good. Little snake better. It wiggle funny feeling tickle in belly. I think you come party," he said as he put a huge machete in front of your nose.
- "Well,... I think I ... eeh. Maybe tomorrow.
Maybe some other day. Not now my friend, not now. I'll join your hospitality some other day."
- "Hopatility no work here. Me soon be hungry. Maybe invite Columbus hamburger barbeque? I go find magic mushroom spice. You wait here."

He was gone as fast as he had appeared. You didn't know what to make of this strange meeting. Despite his friendly smile, his repeated talking of barbeque pointing a machete between your eyes didn't make you feel very comfortable. Were you invited to join the party as a guest or as the main dish?

You struggled through the jungle for another two days before you set up camp near the golden city, which was more like a golden town or maybe a golden neighborhood. After a closer look, the 'golden' part might be dropped altogether as you didn't see a lot of shiny yellow metal.

There was a lot of shiny metal though, but it looked more like sharpened stainless steel. You didn't see any bowmen or blowpipes with poisoned arrowheads. As the noble Viking warrior you are, you promptly threw all your bows and arrows in the river to make the fight
more even.

Go find out if Tutancinnamon intend to put you at the table for a feast or in the cooking pot (on the hill in the east)!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Arn_AFe Very nice and fun map. Plenty of eyecandy makes better map.
lord dredde I agree with Arn-Fe.
looking good!
Heroesflorian Very interesting story and brilliant gameplay in a wonderful jungle-atmosphere!


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