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Abbot castle

Author File Description
bill hammond Pics in download

leave any comments of what castle u want and anything u want to change about this castle.
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lordnmb It's very pretty, but being "The Abbot," he should have a few more religious buildings than the lone cathedral. Still, good work!
Heroesflorian Well, overall a very nice concept! This is a fortress for Abbot that doesn't leave his keep outside his walls or similar things. Instead, the keep and a cathedral are the heart of the castle and an impressive bread production replaces the tiny ones of his standard castles. This cross-shaped castle offers protected towers and various siege engines.

But the arrangement of pitch surrounded by moat is not really efficient, since any hostile unite will walk around the moat and the pitch is useless. Instead, you could put the moat in the middle and surround it by pitch ditch. Another option would be to completely surround the castle with moat place the pitch ditch outside (like you have done in front of your siege engines).

Maybe you should add 1-2 rows of low crenelated walls attached to your "normal" high walls in order to avoid Abbot's walls getting rushed by assassins or siege towers.

I think 4 stockpiles are enough, even for the Abbot. Instead of putting a 5th and a 6th stockpile there, move some of the mills close to the stockpiles, then 3 of them are enough.

Your weapons production is a bit little. Abbot needs more than just 3 fletchers. You may argue that he normally has not much more. But giving him 5-6 fletchers close to both stockpile and armoury enables him to produce enough archers to properly man his towers, protect his farms and send archers with his monk-attacks, what strengthens him a lot.

You have 4 inns. With the amount of hovels you added to the castle, a 5th one may be fine.

Again, there are not enough water pots to make sure that Abbot does not lose his castle by fire. And as your castle consists of several parts, you need at least 1 water pot in every part of the castle.
As there are several "routes" for the fire to spread from castle-part to castle-part, I suggest placing the water pots right in these routes, interrupting them (for example in the right-top corner of the bottom-part of his castle instead of that bakery).

Furthermore I realized some free space in the left and right parts of the castle. Protected trebuchets inside a castle seem to be a good idea (and indeed, for human players they are!), but the ai won't use any trebuchet inside their own castle walls, so they just use it as long as the castle is not finished yet. So, try to use that room for some extra water pots or wells.

And even though there are 5 spots for fire ballistae, trebuchets, mangonels and ballistae, any ai won't place more than the first 3 of them, so placing more than 3 spots for fire ballistae is irrelevant Instead you could move one of the trebuchets where now the 4th ballistae-spot is.

Adding some stairs (maybe integrated in the walls, that means replacing 6 tiles of the inner-most row of wall with some stairs) may support his economy whenever he is under attack and some of the gates are closed.

Usually, Abbot has a big bunch of religious buildings. You just built the most-necessary one: the cathedral. Including a church would give Abbot an additional popularity bonus of +1, some more priests would give some blessed-people-bonus. Very space-consuming, I know, so can understand why you didn't build more religious buildings.

You placed no bad things. Usually Abbot has some. And as he has high popularity bonuses (+8 ale coverage, +2 cathedral, +1 church), adding some bad things can really boost up his economy as very high taxes are less efficient as low ones (just a little bit more money and much higher negative popularity bonus).

Whenever you create a new aiv, test it and always have a look at the hovels: Too less hovels is always disastrous for any ai. But too many (more than necessary) is also not that good as every hovel takes away building space. So a good balance of hovels is always useful. The optimum is when the ai has (with all buildings built and occupied (don't forget woodcutter hut here!)) around 4-6 people left for recruiting troops etc.

With fear factor -5, 2 breweries can produce enough beer for 5 inns, so this can save up some room for other buildings.

Always try to place the hovels as far away as you can (inside your castle walls): Swap the places of the (in the aiv-editor-picture) lowest row of bakeries with the row of hovels above the keep to shorten the bakers' ways to the stockpile and increase their efficiency. Moreover, you could try to move the cathedral from the central to the left part of the castle, move the gatehouse a bit to the right and place some productive buildings next to the keep (and of course, keep the hovels from the left castle-area away from the keep; instead move some of the bakeries from the lower part of the castle closer to the keep), but of course, the cathedral as the Abbot's most-important building can also left in the safety of the centre of his castle.

As a last point, you could give some mangonels to the Abbot in order to protect his back instead of leaving 5 of the 8 towers siege-engine-free.

And at this point I have to say that constructing an (almost) "perfect" (in the sense of "containing no maior mistakes") is really not easy. And constructing a real perfect castle is impossible either way as there is always the matter of where to use it:
The bigger a castle, the more resources and space are needed to build it, the more soldiers you need to defend it, the longer some workers have to walk, but on the other hand a bigger castle can hold more buildings (and thus a stronger economy), better defenses, more complex ai (who have a better gameplay)...
So always have one thing in mind: No one can make a perfect castle, and every castle can be improved. This also means that making some mistakes is no catastrophy (except from pitch inside a castle ;-D). Just go on with designing aivs, you will get better from castle to castle!


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