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New AIV Multi-Pack - The Anniversary Edition

Author File Description
lordnmb I first started making custom AIV files about a year ago, so here is a nice little package of some of my more recent designs to celebrate the occasion!

I am very proud of how this castle turned out. It looks much more like a monastery than The Abbot's default designs. If there is a beauty prize for castle design, I think this one deserves consideration. The great economy and +5 fear factor really seems to help The Abbot's holy mob of monks out. If the guy put a few more archers in his towers and made some regular troops in addition to his hordes of monks, he'd probably stomp all over Saladin and The Wolf. He DID defeat Frederick in a one on one battle with this castle when I left the game on overnight though... Not too bad!

Still, this castle, being so large and vulnerable at the sides, it is more eye candy than anything else.

It's a huge castle, make sure he has lots of room or don't even other!

It took a little while, but The Abbot finished the moat without any help... I can hardly believe it!

Another nice castle for The Wolf. Not the biggest or best economy, but it works alright. He seemed a bit trigger happy on the pitch when I tested it, which was a nice surprise (in retrospect... grrr...)

The keep should stay quite safe from fire, and the trading post (marketplace) is tucked away quite nicely!

A small castle, for play on those more cramped maps. Again, it has a small economy, almost identical to the one found in the default wolf8.aiv file, but it works and allows the wolf put up a good fight without having a build a massive castle. This one is much tougher than it looks...

however the buildings at the rear are vulnerable. Oh well, that's the trade-off for saving space!

This castle design was inspired by one of The Wolf's default AIV files. I figured since The Emir makes up to four quarries, he could probably manage to build something similar. The opening at the right side is present to allow The Emir to maintain his typical AI "train" of catapults moving towards his opponent.

It looks mean, and to be honest I forgot what a bad-ass The Emir was until I loaded this up to test it and he stormed me with LOTS of Arabian swordsmen and horse-mounted archers. I may have to reconsider him as one of the more deadly AI players. Please note, it will take a long time before The Emir puts any regular archers on the towers (though he will garrison them with Arabian bowmen rather quickly.)

I don't know what I was thinking when I designed this one, honestly. Most of the moat is never finished because Frederick only sends like four archers out to do all the digging. It looked like crap in the AIV editor but... (read on)

...when I loaded it into the game, I actually liked what I saw. :-)

It's tough to make great castles for this guy, really it is. He only builds one quarry (maybe two on a good day, not sure yet) and the only ranged units he recruits are Arabian bowmen. He has no walls in his default castles, only towers with staircases leading up to them. I did find, however, that the amount of Arabian bowmen that The Nizar puts in his towers is actually rather impressive for an AI player. This castle is inspired by his typical island-like style of building, only with walls and more big towers.

The Nizar is great a digging moats because he will hire lots and lots of slaves to do so, but the size of this moat will still keep him busy for quite awhile.

Ah... The Marshal, such a nice old fellow. I always like playing against him and The Pig because they both amuse me to no end. Unfortunately, The Marshal has the same problem as The Nizar when it comes to castle building; he does not build enough quarries. Unlike The Nizar however, The Marshal takes forever to dig his moat. You may find yourself 30 minutes into a game and take a hike over to Sir Longarm's fortress and see two measly archers knee deep in a puddle still with hours of digging left to do. I have no idea if he will use pitch, but I figured I throw some in there just for the heck of it because The Marshal needs all the help he can get.

He makes more knights than any other AI player (even King Phillip) but even that's not enough to make The Marshal a top contender. As you can see I kept the same general design found in The Marshal's default castles with a few tweaks; I added a rear wall, some bigger towers, and a smelter. It looks nice (I think so anyway) and it certainly keeps him alive longer.

I hope you like these castles! Let the siege begin again!

And, as always, feel free to leave me kind comments ;-)

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TwoDie Few of the castle quite cool.
Like Fredericks castle layout.. Etc.
But 1 Wolf castle is funny. Houses inside the castle, and workshops outside :D

File Author

On the small castle, you could switch the shops and hovels around and let me know how it goes. If you find it really helps, I'll up date the package and credit you as a master architect. ;-)

Thanks for your input!
bill hammond wow nice castles
im going to have a great time playing them
best aiv pack i have seen =]

miharino123321 aivs is cool but wolf one castle is very fuuny.
Sorry for bad english.


zeeshan77 amazing castles thanks

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