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Elendor in the Highlands

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
The nights are getting warmer again, what a relief after this really cold winter. Sadly some of our troops who went on a patrol never came back to us.
It smells fishy if you ask me, does the rat have to do something with it?

the filthy rat had his small eyes on my land for a long time already, but we could keep our land with some little tricks. Anyway he isnt stupid enought to fall for it a fourth time.
If this all was his doing, than we wont have to wait long to get to see his Face waiting for his troops to take control of this castle.
But if he thinks we will give in to him he got himself the wrong enemy.
Because we will stand strong and never give in to him even if it takes us forever.

Here is a little preview of the castle that will serve you as your last defence treat it with respect

If you have any Idea to make the map more challenging write a comment

if not ....well than explore and enjoy


the following tips may ruin the experience to find them out for yourself!


- some of our old armor merchants left us over the winter so we cant sell any it would be better to demolish the armourer and build something we can use better

- our stock is a little small so keep an eye on it because it might be full before you can think about it

- use stairs to shorten the route for your farmers and woodcutters

- keep the palisadewall in the northeast the rat knows its there but will send troops to check it out

- dont worry about the mines they are secluded and strenghtend with a strong gate.
they will give you the money you need to recruit new troops

- some of the murderpit make good woodsupply
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Hi DeSteff2222, Looks good :)
It really helps members on the lower screen resolutions if you keep graphics less than 500 pixels wide please.

[Edited on 08/01/10 @ 11:31 AM]

File Author
thanks for the tip^^

its my first upload after all so any help is very welcome =)
w0lf10 Playability: 4
This map was very fun and hard too play. I really enjoyed playing it, it is absolutly amazing for your first upload. Its hard getting your economy up and running while battling the rat even though he only uses spears and bows. There was no lose condition so there was no way to lose the map.

Balance: 5
The balance was brilliant, fighting the rat was challenging because you couldn't start right away on weapons and the economy was hard to start.

Creativity: 5
Lots of creatiity here, lots of eye candy and good use of height when placing buildings. The bridge serves as a good defence but the traps make it a bit too easy for the enemy only use spears and are already easy to take out.

Map Design: 5
The map design was exellant, lots of use with the landscape tools and height. Good placing of trees although could use more to give it a foresty look.

Story/Instructions: 1.5
NO story and no instructions.Its best if you even make up a brief history about your castle and maybe add some instructions.

Additional Comments:
Adam the First wolf10, if you look at the description, there's a short, but very good story and it also has a lot of instructions.

Zip file also contains the story and instructions.

[Edited on 08/02/10 @ 04:46 AM]

File Author
wolf10 was right at that moment i added a story and a description after his review
i also changed some details on the map itself like deleting killing pits from the bridge they really were unnecessary.

next time i note inside the descibtion that i changed it based on the review

Senseisan Tried twice.
On Normal , the only challenge ( for me ) was the permanent management of the storage yard .

On VH ( as I set the SY out of the main castle ) , 3 % losses ( in a wolves attack ).
Last macemen died when reaching my walls...
( On VH the last attack contains a lot of macemen , crosbowmen and some siège engines ).
A nice map , whith a very natural landscape ( for my taste ...).
I never rate , as rating depends too much on the own taste of the rater , but it is a very good map , just a bit too long before last invasion ( castle full staffed whith crossbowmen near 2/3 of the time ).

Edit As Stronghold is an old game , most players are seasoned and the balance is a very problem ...
If it is winnable they find it easy , and whith a little more difficulty nobody wins ..^^

[Edited on 08/02/10 @ 09:05 AM]

File Author
added a little more difficulty to the map like giving the rat in the repeating invasion some more troops und shortend the time till the last invasion and i also disabeled the SY so it cant be build somewhere else ;) sorry but that was not meant to work like that in the first place.

i think thats all for the reworking thank you very much for the help

hm i think i shoul prepare the next map for you guys ;)

[Edited on 08/02/10 @ 01:10 PM]

Senseisan Was doable whith the old SY , just caring it as there is 4 goods to stockpile ( wood , iron , wheat and flower ) and if too much of one of them it is lost or stockpiled instead of another ( whitch is no more stockpiled ) ... And you absolutly need the four !
Just a juggling trip , disabling woodcutters , wheatfarms or mill when stocks increase and enabling if decreasing too much .

[Edited on 08/02/10 @ 04:12 PM]

File Author
well to be true that whole struggle was the point of this map ...look as the story says the winter was hard economy is slowly getting better

slowly because its just getting warmer you know

anyway i think its interesting to defend your castle and manage your storage just think about it

the proportions of stone to wall ...1 ston one wallpiece a little much dont you think?

and on top of that

everyone who wants to find out the tips alone dont read the following

when i testet the map i just disabeled the stoneproduction and when i needed stone i sold my iron so long till the ox arived ..after that i had my stone used it and when all repair was done i disabled the stonp. again build some extra walls with the remaining stones and had space for my iron ..

and as you may have noticed this whole procedur was on 1 pile so i had 3 left for flour wheat and wood (i build many bowmakers so i never needed 2 piles for wood)

considered retrospective the keyword is balance your economy to deal with the small space you have

sorry if this all sounds rude it not meant like this its just a tip so that you can get an idea of what i was thinking while building this castle

regards DeSteff2222
Senseisan I apologize , but seems a little problem remains ...
The trigger " All ennemies killed " don't works , even when they are all dead and burried ...

Seems that having the annual invasion and the great last invasion on the map in the same time prevents the trigger from properly working .

Edit The trigger is in March , and in March a lot of invaders remain near the signpost ...
Last of them attack ( and die ) in November .

The tip whith the SY is not the problem , but sometimes I had to sell all the wheat , as 2 slots were used by one or two wheats each ...Same whith flower .
Seems that mill and bakeries use the nearest slot whith flower , in case of overflow on a second slot , the few flowers on the second slot are not used until the nearest is empty ...

[Edited on 08/03/10 @ 07:46 AM]

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