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Last stand

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
this is my first map. so please don't be harsh.
please rate and comment. (any tips for landscaping would be nice thanks)
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Senseisan Landscape is of poor interest in such a map , no time left to have a glance at , just destroy the early and single great invasion and the victory screen hides the landscape ...
1% losses at VH level .( Can be avoided whith a little more care )
Most part of the buildings are only there for filling the castle , beeing completly useless , as a great part of the castle itself , preventing a proper access beween storage yard , workshops and armory ( no matter here , as there is no time to manufacture any weapon before the invasion ) .

[Edited on 10/28/10 @ 08:19 AM]

Strife "so please don't be harsh."

I'm sorry, but this bugs me a little bit. If we don't judge harshly, you wouldn't know what to do better. We'd like to see your mapmaking abilities to your fullest potential, this is why we would make such comments.

[Edited on 10/29/10 @ 12:32 AM]

File Author
by harsh i meant don't just give bad comments
Senseisan Some suggestions to improve the map :
1 ) Add an easy to fullfit winning criterium ( such as 10 irons ...) , allowing the player to end the map at his choice .
2 ) You must know that the first things players do are :
a) homing all the scattered units .
b ) delete all the useless buidings ( farms are pretty in the landscape , but completely useless and an even average player may delete all the buildings and wooden walls on the lowlands , as he can't defend them and the wood is usefull for traps ...)
c) dig a moat ...
d) delete all the useless parts of the castle , using the stone to build one or two round towers staffed whith all the xbowmens and bowmens to protect the moat .

In this map , if the player is very quick doing all this , he can survive .
Launching a huge invasion at the very beginning is a good idea ,I remember such a feature in very few invasion maps I plaid before and I was not bored playing the map , but too busy to consider the landscape !

PS If the designer allows to rebuild a castle after the invasion , please consider setting some stone on the map ...Quarry allowed , but I don't find any stone , maybe I am wrong .

PPS I don't undertake the work done for creating a map , as I create "some" for Emperor , Poseidon and C3 .

[Edited on 10/30/10 @ 02:22 AM]

peter2008 I'm happy I tried the map and did not miss it.

The Wolf at his best: masses of units, enforced by crossbowmen (just lacking trebuchets). Clever: two big waves close after each other, many siege towers - and a surprise for the hords. Whereas pitch traps go out quickly, buildings keep on burning for a long while and do a terrible job.

The last stand means, you will no be able to hold you position easily but suffer damage. Wether heavy or only bad one, depends on the skills of the player.

The single round hills looking like cookies and the fklat plateau are just beginner's mistakes. Try to connect hills to mountain lines and make everything moved and varied.

What I've understood so far about shaping a map is: use the different modelling tools in combination and in various sizes. Also, use the different items of the surface as to your gusto.
You can learn alot from watching the well created maps.
Have fun & patience.
Adam the First
Map Design2.5
Playability: 4
I have to say that this map was very refreshing to play, I had a great time playing it. In the begininng the player's troops are scattered around the castle in a very bad position. So the player's first and maybe hardest task is to gather all the troops and send them to the main tactical posts, wich were the ballista towers and for the archers the braziers. Then I've coordinated all my melee troops to the keep. The player is meant to do these manoeuvres very fast, as the anamy attacks in the third month. When the wolf started his attack, I've sent out my knights and elimianted the rest of his archers x-bows and macemen and a siege tower, unfortunately the second one had reached the walls and a groups of pikemen managed to kil some of mine xbows, the other groups of pikemen had destroyed the gate and flooded the castle, then I lit the pitches and all of them were killed by the flames. After all of the enemy troops died, the slow swordsmen finally reached the castle, most of them were killed by my x-bows, the others had reached the inenr castle and started to atatck its walls, I let only one got through and killed him with my swordsmen, as I wanted to use my melee troops too. :P

Balance: 4
The mission was challenging, it wasn't too hard, but wasn't too easy. I won it for the second attempt, as in the first I had only examined the attacking forces and tried to do something against them, but I left my lord alone, and the marching swordsmen killed him, so it ended with a lose. My second attempt was more successful(see playability above). However I don't give it a five, as I didn't have to try it many times.

Creativity: 3
Not a creative one, the design is simple, everyone can do something like that, but the castle was very good and effective, so I give you a 3.

Map Design: 2.5
As I mentioend only the castle looked good, the surrounding are looked very rushed and unnatural, but not bad for a first attempt, I see you have the potential, so keep improving. :)

Story/Instructions: 1
Well this map had no story, so I can't really rate this category, but if you add a story, I will change the score. ;)

[Edited on 05/03/11 @ 04:16 AM]

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Map Design2.5
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