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Beer please

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2

Beer please

Invasion-PYOK-cede-eco scenario.


You're a young nobleman and knight.
Listening to the call of the Church you joined the Crusades and followed the King to the Holy Land.
For more than three years, it was a hot time: the sun and the wind, the sand and the saddle, the battles and the cities were all hot.
During the days of fighting and heat, you learned to appreciate water, wine and - beer which refreshed you and recreated your mood.

Now you're travelling homewards, absolved but poor.

On the wavering ship, jugs of ale lowered the senses. With few men, you travelled the south of Europe and let the wine valley sides behind you.

A familiar looking region comes into sight.
But somewhere on the road, you run out of beer ...
The people want daily rations to survive the hard times they live in. They refuse to march on.

Settle down where you please,
send the people to work and find whatever way to supply them with the fine brew. -
However, the Snake and the other lords of these lands have also returned home and are not excited to see you around.

Still ... have fun and enjoy.

Win condition (normal): a population of 60, 100% of whom drink beer.

Few hints will be found in the text file.

Special thanks to

mephiste and TwoDie for playtesting the scenario. :)
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The Hitman What's a PYOK scenario?
File Author
PYOK = place your own Keep = start from absolute scratch by placing the Keep at any location you think will be best for future development and defence.

Cede = take over the enemy castle, village and troops by meeting a certain condition.

The editor of Stronghold1 and Crusader is not blessed with huge possibilities of events to create -> stories with a twist.

Both features above are meant to more involve the player: how considerate or risky is my style? Along with a varied landscape and an eventful script, these features may add to rising the re-playabilty of a map.
lord dredde Great map you have here peter,thanks i really enjoyed it!
File Author
Thank you, maestro. I'm still adoring your "The saga of Uther Pendragon".

And I hope that after such a praise, others still come up with telling their frustrations, questions, suggestions.
Lord_of_Hell cheers you beer drunkers :D

I'll check this out and hopefully won't be too drunk to tell some final impressions ^^
Dragol Good to see another map from you peter, well done
Lord_of_Hell Very nice map.

Design is simple and realistic, which makes people think it will be easy, but the scenario holds a godly script. The result - when peter sais about a map it's "hard", then it is.

First I played very confident that I won't be killed just by a few archers and spearmen. After placing the keep, then grannary and market... "a fire has broken..". I told myself "what I did wrong?" lol
As the health of grannary was going down, I was wondering what should I do - I had no gold and nothing on the stockpike to sell. So I noticed I have a couple of weapons ready to be received in my armory, when it's going to be built. Should I risk when I don't know if those weapons can actually be sold? I did risk, and for my luck and probably other players who will play this map, I was able to sell the 3 spears getting 30 gold and being just enough to make that well.

Then, more problems approached. A bear was coming to keep. I had to sacrifice almost half of the king's life to kill it. Wanted to build barracks, but had no stone and the first invasion comes early. And the quarry place was already busy with snake's one. Yet again, my brave king did the job to destroy it. Before that I placed some woodcutters, fortunately I placed my keep very close to a tree so the wood came quick. Besides stone quarries I placed some hunters for meat, but the first attack came and they had to fight - and fortunately they did it well, leaving no enemy.

Soon enough after having a steady eco, I was sorry I didn't sell food instead of those 3 spears on the beginning - enemy's melee became too many for my archers, and the poor swordsman couldn't finish them all, lol

I tried another time but I forgot a hole in the wall and the lord was killed again.
I was impressed by the "mighty" force which just some weak troops can posses.

A thing that doesn't look that good, noticed in the first game - after my hunters killed a big part of snake's population, and his buildings remain without peasants the buildings get that red sign over it.

Will keep trying to finish the map, I think the main problem is that I can't sacrifice the gold for fighting for inns.
File Author
Thanks mates. :)

LoH, your report reads like a walkthrough to the opening puzzle of obstacles. Admittedly, some luck is needed as for if the wild animals strike or can be shot before by the hunters.
Astonishingly many farms fit upon the undulating (wavy) land (learned this from an unfinished map of Dumptrailer2). Gold is sparse indeed, iron a good choice.

Lord_of_Hell Tricky map, I like it. That's why I couldn't resist to tell my "story", sorry for spoiling fun, lol.
EDIT: But you know, people read the short comments first, so I trust they'll not listen to the devil and read my "walktrough" :D

[Edited on 11/22/10 @ 01:56 PM]

Map Design4.0
Both Playability and Balance
Definately a map worth to play, it's fun and challenging. The few puzzles and their solving-timing can be decisive in the scenario's gameplay. The scripting reveals a map many times playtested, many events and invasions which keeps the player focused while the map is enjoyed. An excellent job here, however there are still small things* which can affect gameplay. For exaple one may enjoy the valley full of life but after a while of "peasant hunters", the Snake's buildings become peasantless, showing that "forbidden circle" over buildings untill you finish the map. On another hand the wolfes/bears attack can be a matter a luck rather than skill so sometimes on beginning of the map no matter how good you manage, they can be a thorn in the player's side. These negative points does not have a big impact over the playability but they keep it from getting a solid 5 however.

Now getting to the balance rating, the map is hard and can be a challenge for most of the players trying it for first times. I first played it without reading the author's hints, and I found it a hard scenario but after a few shots there can be seen a pattern in scripting without even opening the map in the editor. It's not a predictable map however and needs to be played several times untill you get an idea of solving. Small mistakes on beginning of the game can affect the difficulty without realising, or was it not a mistake, you wonder? The puzzles which the author implemented in this scenario adds an extra difficulty. One of the funniest beginnings I've ever seen on a SH map: Just after placing the grannary an market, a fire breaks out. Makes people think "what I did wrong?" lol
Although I've presented only positive points about map's balance, I feel things are not outstanding but "only" above excellent. An effort to consider anyway.

The idea behind the map is highly original, and so are all the other aspects of the map. Beginning with the design, a very original structure is Snake's "S" shaped AI castle from the Stronghold Crusader. Few people would think to implement such things in their maps. It looks great from the minimap and even better in the game - A very nice replication.
Also The puzzles themselves I mentioned in the balance holds high creativity.
Lastly very creative is the story. Self-made and original, pity it has only a couple of phrases.

Map Design
The design is well-made. It's simple and looks realistic. The river looks nice and the hills surrounding it are not bad either. The top mountains looks a bit weird however as I see no point for them other than having a keep plateau and maybe a height advantage over the enemy.

The Story & Instructions were not very compressive at all but were enough to give the player an idea of what are things about in the scenario. Few hints are told which one might see their meaning only while playing - a positive thing as the author forces the player to think and not giving exact instructions. However a 3 is the highest score I can give here. Quoted from review guidelines "A basic story that explains what the map is about, as well as some basic instructions would probably score a 3". Things can be improoved here.

Additional Comments:
An excellent map, worth to download and play.
Some grammar mistakes could be in the review, I wrote it "in a hurry" and had no time to re-check it.
*) marks a forgotten noun :D

Have fun,

[Edited on 11/29/10 @ 01:58 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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