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Cliff Top

Author File Description
Sir Helms
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
A large city builder on top of a cliff. A mighty and luscious forest surrounds the glorious cliffs and the city that lay on top of it.

The great oasis below provides plenty of farmland if you can use it properly, and the cliff side provide an excess of resources and defence to thrive on.


This was the spot of my capital, Shi-Ki. The city stood tall and proud over the luscious land around it, but all has it's humble beginnings.

The city was built by the nomads of the small village of Coup De Krec. The small keep flourished from the forest and river that flows below it. The city would expand onto the western edge of the cliff, and build beautiful gardens along the entrance. To supply the grand supply of trade they held, the city built a majestic stock hold.

The City of Shi-Ki grew throughout the cliff and spread across the lands around it. But the Sabid Caliphate, led by Nur Abdul, disapproved of the great expansion. The caliph led his man, numbering in the thousands, to the city borders. The army moved up the cliff and was struck on sight by the archers on the wall. A large horde of soldiers moved from the walls onto the invading force. The caliphate was then struck from behind by a great storm of knights. The knights had Killed the enemy general, who commanded his troops from behind. The Shi-Kan army then crushed the Muslim man.

The city took the remaining man and sold them as slaves, and used their armour and supplies. Using all the resources they had took, the city expanded their military and trade. The temporary spike in economy led to the expansion of the eastern city.

The Caliphate ignored the city for over two years, preoccupied with the war-like Akuzi on their eastern front. With the end of the war, the Caliph focused on Shi-Ki, who was settling lands outside the city. The city would be attacked again.

The enemy, to avoid the same defeat as last time, attacked from the front. Sending man in the tens of thousands, the army struck the borders and moved onto the city. Stopped by a feature of defense they hadn't suspected, the force came across a massive wall of rock and iron. The cliff was higher then any latter, and greater then any Ram. The man stared at a dark cloud above them, only to find a cloud of arrow reign on them. The walls were enforced with thousands of archers who struck hard into the armour of the enemy.

The knights, now ranging into nearly 500, with a line up of 2000 foot soldiers, snuck behind the Muslims and moved in with shields up and near completely cut their way into enemy lines. The Shi-Kan soldiers stopped and stood their ground, creating a large wall of bodies that kept the caliphate army in place. The men were torn down by the continual flood of burning arrows. The knights would push inwards as the Muslims died, filling the newly opened spaces with more men as they compressed them into nothing. The Shi-Kan army was reinforced by another 2000 men, and eventually crushed the caliph's men against the cliff.

The loss of what was nearly 20,000 men would be the beginning of the downfall of the empire, whose 150,000 men were cut to 130,000 men.

The city of Shi-Ki was ready to fully settle the land around it, and built the city of Acrege. The new Kingdom was now eager to take land, but knew it would have to be able to defend what it had from the Sabid. The City built the great fortress of Con Mount. The fortress was a prime target for the Muslims, who struck soon after it was built. The men were again caught off guard. The army stopped at the walls of a fortress too large to surround. The caliphs 50,000 men non-the-less attacked, and was crushed by the fortress's defence and a force of 10,000 reinforcements. Only 1 of every 5 Muslim soldiers survived. leaving the Caliphate at 100,000 men.

The Empire had to take down Shi-Ki, at all costs, and so they aimed for the prosperous city of Acrege. Destroying Acrege would take away nearly 75% of Shi-Ki's income. The siege was enforced by an army of 60,000 men. The Shi-Kan forces would crush the army, despite how the force of 35,000 Shi-Kan men were mostly new recruits.

The great loss would ultimately lead to the fall of the Sabid Empire, Whose lands would be captured by the Kingdoms of Shi-Ki in the west, and the Empire of Akuzi in the east.

Shi-Ki would now be at war again, but not a physical war. A cold war broke out between the Shi-Kan Kingdom and the Akuzi. The War would last for the next two centuries.


The story above is based completely on my experiences raising the Shi-Kan Kingdom on Stronghold Crusaders. Akuzi was my brother's empire.

This map was built for my capital. I found it hard at first because I grew too quickly and my farms couldn't keep up.

The Akuzi Capital was held on the map "Ocean Side".

Shi-Ki now holds 150,000 gold.

--- Please comment and Review ---
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SkullHeroLord Ahh...Now I get what you ment by "Cold war"...
Helms Only 150,000 gold? O.O My best map at the time was Acrege, with 17 million gold

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