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Battle in the wild

Author File Description
Lord Matteo
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
Finally, the king with the help of the Lords has killed the Pig...but one of the Pig's Lords refuse to surrender. You need the land he is controlling so you are forced to dispose of that fool, the sooner the better. The problem is that the Wolf is coming and you are in a bad situation. Use wisely the resources and be this time could be the gateway to salvation...or hell. you will understand what i mean...

Comment and review please! Have fun...i already tested it, i find it entertaining and not to much challenging (if you start well). Just be careful

Btw you are supposed to be in a forest so don't tell me "there are too many trees etc etc" live with the challenge
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Adam the First In your previous map description you asked us to tell you how can you improve.

My advises:
I. Don't be hasty with maps, spend more time with designing and palytesting.
II.Ask for help in the forums, there's always someone who can help you. :)
III. Look at some really great maps(I suggest you to download maps by WL_D, Sulis and Lord Ako, and other great map-makers). Or simply take a look at the mapmaking101 on the main site.

Btw the player will understand if they are in a forest, usually you have to explain only if the area doesn't look like a forest, and from the minimap it looks more like mountains, or mountain pass, etc. Your previous maps looked much better than this, anyway I will try this out too. And if I have a little time, I'll review all of your maps.;)

[Edited on 01/13/11 @ 04:39 PM]

Lord Matteo
File Author
Well, thanks Adam the First for your advises.
It took me around 4-5 hours to make this map and 1 hour to test the i put some efforts in making this map but the question is: my efforts are in the right direction? What can i say, i will try the maps of the players you mentioned. Maybe those maps will give me more inspiration. Btw, even if minimap is not so nice the map is not that bad i think, otherwise i wouldn't have spent so much time in making a map that i was the first to think is bad. I only post maps that first in my opinion are good and playable. Anyway, your advises are appreciated, thanks again!
Adam the First 4-5hours? O.o

That is not effort, effort starts at a minimum of 15-20 hours.
I have worked a total of ~500 hours(including playtesting too) on 7 maps and +10-20 hours on my newer ones, which are not finished yet.

You can make good maps only if your standard is high. If you think that 4-5 hours means you have put some effort into your maps, I have to say No, you haven't.

I may sound a bit harsh, but:
You can't except others to make maps in your place, you should took the advices and try your hardest at your maps(which is not ~6 hours).

[Edited on 01/14/11 @ 07:33 AM]

Lord_of_Hell For the first couple of maps you have been working on, I find a total of 5-6 hours per map acceptable. People can improve from very slow to astonishingly fast, that depends to the player and his character (addiction to the game & desire to improve).

Adam the First is just 'giving a push to the author's back' to improve, there is nothing harsh in that, but, like an old say is:
"Time shall solve all". So do your skills will increase in level.

My usual advices are:
- Don't rush things up; watch for every detail in particular to look as good as possible; have patience
- Playtest maps several times as the unexpected gameplay differences don't usually appear in the first tryout.
- Hard questions -> Simple answers
Lord Matteo
File Author
Adam the First and Lord_of_hell, you both are very kind and as i said before, i know that i need some constructive criticism in order to improve.

So, i will try to follow your advices...indeed you gave me something to think about!

Next map will be (hopefully) better.
So, what i must improve is:
3-the design of the castle
4- the events, in order to make the map more interesting

I will try to not disappoint nor you nor myself next time :)
Adam the First Good to hear that. I'm looking forward for your next map. :)

PS: Just one more thing, about improvement: constructice criticism helps you to improve in 5-10% only, the other 90-95% is up to you, which depends on your will and ambition.;)

[Edited on 01/14/11 @ 05:51 PM]

Knight of Russia Don't feel downhearted. Believe me: we're all trying to help. :)
Your maps are much better than, for example, mine. You should look at my first maps...actually don't. They're too bad.

You don't have to take all of the advise that we're giving you. Just use what you feel is most important and let your imagination take over the process of building the map.

I review your next map so you can see how much you improved.
Adam the First
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
It was hard to decide what score to give here as I have very mixed feeling about the playability. The first time I played it I couldn't really do anything as it was hard to get used to the frequent events and invasions. It wasn't so hard to fend off the invasions, but they did a serious damage to my economy, so I had to give up. During that first examining try I realised what defence I need to keep my economy untouched. I planned out the strategy and played through the map in my mind(like everybody does xD), then I've started to play...
In the early beginning I slowed down the game to the lowest speed and destroyed everything, which was made from stone (all of the enemies charged directly to the lord, leaving the builings untouched), I've destroyed all of the useless and far wheat farms too, and placed a lot of woodcutters to cut down the trees, built a mill, lots of bakeries and my economy problems were solved, no problem with wood, no problem with food. Finally I've built 2 towers and sent my starting troops onto them. The defence was that good or the enemy was that weak, but no one the attacking foes could reach my lord(to fend of the two last invasions I used the fire). As I expected the frequent invasions ended very soon. Only a few troops were attacking every 8 months, but they had no effect on the gameplay (which means my strategy worked too good). The annyoing and easy part have ended here, so I've started producing xbows and leather armors and a lots of money by selling stone and iron. I've trained 100 xbowmen an army of engineers and sieged the enemy to death.
Counting that the mission was easy and the first part was really annoying I give a 3 here.

Balance: 3
The mission was easy, at the beginning I thought it will be a challenge as the frequent events and invasions first seemed too hard to fend off, but my strategy worked too good, and with that the mission was easily winnable. I suggest to set a lose timer and remove the invasions, set only one mid-sized invasion with strong troops to repeat in larger time periods and also set some repeating events.

Creativity: 3
A very original idea: siege the enemy, while fending off invasions to protect my castle too. I like missions like this, they have a good crusader-skrimish feeling. If the story, the scripting and the map design was better, I wuld probably give a higher score here, but it deserves only a 3.

Map Design: 2
The landscape was very unrealistic. The forest actually wasn't a forest, only a large crowd of trees, which gave a really crowded feeling. You could add some shrubbery and bushes and use various types of terrain to make the map look more natural. The second problem with the map were the mountains, they looked unfinished and ugly; they served an effective defence for the enemy, but a good designer knows how to make something effective and good-looking. I don't give you here advices as your current maps show only that you really improve at designing.

Story/Instructions: 2
Very short and badly written story and also no more than a line in the map description page. I can't award a higher score here.

[Edited on 04/04/11 @ 10:20 AM]

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