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Marshal aiv

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Remigijus1995 Picture in download.
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Heroesflorian ah... good old square castle =) looks nice!

to "attract" more people and making it easier to get a first look at your work, I'd suggest adding some pictures (maybe 1 from in-game, and 1 from the aiv editor) of the castle. to do so, first upload it to a website (for example, then add a link to the picture or a smaller preview of it to your description page.

so, you added marshal some proper towers with ballistae - by the way, although one can place 5 spots for these in the AIV editor, only the first 3 spots get a ballista. Instead, you could add a mangonel to the fourth tower (or actually, you could even add 2 or 3 mangonels on the same tower...)
however, your 5 tiles thick wall may be a bit overdone for marshal, as he only has 1 lonely quarry to get stone! so, without very much starting gold, this design will take quite a lot of time to be completed. I'd to remove the inner crenelated wall and the innermost row of high wall.

building order:
-first complete the castle walls (1 row!), then thicken the walls; maybe add a "pause" before to make sure marshal first builds his gatehouse and towers
- ale chain is place too late - begin it earlier with 1 or 2 inns and place first breweries, then inns (beer must be produced before it can be drunken by your residents!)
- don't place the last houses that late - either let them be built earlier, if they are necessary, or don't place them at all (if they are too many/much more than needed).
- place water pots or wells earlier - and more than just 1 well! if marshal's castle is set on fire, 1 well-man won't be enough at all to get the fire out.
- apart from these points, the building order was fine.

- if you place your good things far away from stockpile and armoury, your workers will spend much time with walking around between statues, gardens and their workplace. this lowers your castle's productivity a lot - additional to the 50% loss of fear factor per se; in addition, most of these 'good things' don't burn, so placing them in between of other buildings helps to stop fires from spreading throughout your castle
- don't place houses around your stockpile! put them somewhere else and shorten your workers' ways by placing THEM close to the stockpile (e.g. fletchers, smiths, breweries); moreover, houses are cheap to replace and don't need to be attended (when the gate is closed, buildings outside it aren't reachable, so having worthy industries out there is much worse than just houses); furthermore, if set on fire, houses burn down almost immediately, making a spread of fire to the inside of the castle much less likely
- add some more workshops, as they help marshal to make some extra profits from selling bows and, even more important, help him to get a number of bows (and swords/armours) that is enough to recruit more soldiers - otherwise, he will always be military weak and very vulnerable to being besieged, as he will NEVER buy weapons.
- placing (one of) the chapels inside enables the priest to bless more people (as most of the residents will be inside the walls or far away most of the time) in order to get a higher religion bonus
- please add a second gate on the (side where the granary is) to help him get in/out if his castle! for attacking, this saves a long way for his slow swordsmen, and for industry it shortens the worker's ways a lot - otherwise they would have to walk around the whole castle to access some resources. and a long walking distance to resources makes especially marshal quite vulnerable, not to say 'a victim for almost anyone expect the rat'.

- why do you place braziers if marshal has no pitch ditch to light? braziers don't improve archers' firepower
- adding a melting pot and some engineers with oil would help to defend him - as he is chronically low on troops (due to his habit of NEVER buying any weapons). I'd suggest adding one or two of them on the edge of his keep, to set the campfire aflame if necessary.
- one common feature of marshal is his moat - where is it gone?? one thing I always wanted to change with richard lionheart was the absence of moat. marshal can dig moat, so let him do it! a moat fits (optically and militarily) well to square castles, and some separate small barriers of moat around the castle can help splitting, distracting and keeping out hostile attacks, and some narrow, winding paths through the moat can make their way to the walls very long. don't forget adding drawbridges to the gates!
- you could add dog cages (but I understand why you didn't add some - uncommon, not typical for marshal, ...)
- and, very important, add some stairs that lead up the walls from inside the castle walls. otherwise, if his door is closed (usually the case, if he is under attack), he can't get any soldiers onto or (to send them on his keep) off his walls.
- a thicker (wall and/or) moat on the "front" side (top side in AIV editor, the direction opposite to the keep entrance) would make sense as this is the first side of the castle to be attacked by enemies most likely.
- adding an additional row of crenelated walls (high or low) on the outside of the walls, where it is accessible without destroying buildings, can improve marshal's defenses, as these "double-crenelated" walls are not climbable with assassins or siege towers.
- as now it is enough to sent some macemen or a few catapults to smash one of the front towers in order to be able to enter the castle, putting the towers 1 tile diagonally further away from the keep, so that the wall-sides "touch" each other, or adding some extra wall around the tower would strengthen his defenses a lot.

last but not least, let me tell you that your castle design is not bad, even if I wrote many tips for improvements. I just try to show you all the weaknesses and small mistakes in detail, to help you improving them and doing even better in future castle designs.
often small, tiny details can add up to a big difference if done the best way. and we all just try to make "good" castles, strong castles for the ai, every one designing aivs probably has in mind some kind of perfect, ultimate castle, the best possible defenses etc, so noticing that the result of our struggles can really improve the ais a lot is always nice. thus, knowing all the little details and tips enables us to smile a lot more after finishing the work on a castle.


[Edited on 03/29/11 @ 11:33 AM]

MrtheKing77 Oh, very long comment :D

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