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Assassin's Creed: Revenge of the Templars

Author File Description
Adam the First
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1
Assassin's Creed:
Revenge of the Templars

Twenty years have passed since the defeat of Al Mualim and the reveal of the Treasure. The Templars suffered great losses, while the Assassins under the leadership of Altair Ibn La-Ahad have grown to be stronger and stronger during the years. From the fortress of Masyaf they keep the whole Holy Land in their hands. But now things are going to change...
The Templars have regained their strength and now they are going to finally take back what belongs to them: the Treasure of the Elders. They gathered all their forces to lay siege on Masyaf, the headquarter of the Assassins.
In the role of Altair, you have to prepare the fortress for the siege. Unfortunately, the little town close to the fortress have suffered many disasters in the past few months, and now they are in the lack of food. If you you don't manage your economy wisely, the people will leave the town and you will be unable to train more assassins against the Templars. Also, you will have to stock up your food supplies, as during the siege, you will be unable to produce food, and your enemies will probably try to cut the castle off of supplies and famish the people inside.

The story is included in the ZIP file.

-No Enemies & Invasions Left
-Gold Acquired: 5000
-Goods Acquired(Ale): 40
-Goods Acquired(Bread): 300
-Drinking Ale: 100%
Lose: Lord Killed
Mission ends in 1236, if you don't win first.

Troops Modification
In the ZIP file there are two documents, each of them contains .gm1 files. The MOD document contains the ones, which replace all featured player troops in the map to assassins and the crusader lord to an Arabian lord. The other document contains the backups of the original files. I included this "mod" with the map just to make the scneario more interesting. :)

USE: Open the MOD document and copy the three .gm1 files here: Program Files\Firefly Studios\Stronghold Crusader\gm\.

The same should be done with the backups. :)

Featurd eye-candies
-Secret Chamber in the moutnains
-Training Grounds
-Assassin's Arena
-Underground Lion Cages

Author's Notes:
I've been working on this map since February, I aimed to remake my first crusader map: "Masyaf". Now I wanted to recreate the castle more accurately, but sadly I haven't found any layouts of the castle, so I used one from the game: Assassin's Creed. After I built up the castle and recreated the terrain from the game, I decided to base the story on Assassin's Creed, however to be original, not on the main story line, but on the unknown events after it. So I started to build up my version of the story. It took me some time, but I finished it. Now to the scenario: I tried to make a very busy and tricky eco-vasion, which really makes people think. The map went through a long playtesting process, and I'm happy to say that everything works perfectly (in other words: everything works just as I want).
It was very entertaining to make this map and I'm pleased with the outcome. I hope you will have great fun playing this map, and I would be happy to hear your feedbacks! :)

PS: If this map has succes, I will probably make more AC maps, including cities like Jerusalem and Acre, with RPG/puzzle style missions. :)

Note: The map is designed to be hard and very tricky, so I suggest it only for skilled players, who prefer missions, where a lot of brain work and thinking is needed.

I want to say a very big thanks to Peter2008 for playtesting. Without him, this map cannot be here now, again, THANKS! :)

If this map is not challenging enough for you, try out "The Earath Desert". ;)

There was a single win event in 1220, which occured auto-win, I fixed that problem, from now the correct version of the map can be downlaoded.

Adam the First
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.5
Let me start off by saying that I'm not too good at making and playing eco-vasions.
It's been a while since I've last written a legitimate review, so please let me know if I'm missing anything. And I have to say that this map is amazing and fun.

Playability - 4
First noticing, the requirements didn't look too bad to obtain, but with the events eventually (no pun intended), gaining the resources was harder than I had originally expected.
When I first saw the invaders and noticed the pattern of which they attacked (they always attacked me from the bottom right), I had an idea of where to place most of my archers and assassins; small groups attacking the small "resource camp" and the stronger groups heading to the castle.
Then, for a twist, all of the melee soldiers ended up going for the "resource camp" instead! I ended up losing my bakeries and breweries due to this and had to resort to restarting the game.
After restarting, I had balanced the defense of both castles, destroyed many houses, "good" buildings, and built a few more wells to deal with the fires.
The inability to make extra bakeries and breweries added to the difficulty of the scenerio.

Balance - 4.5
I think you did a fine job on creating a difficult map where two sides must be defended at all costs.
I had to restart a few times to have finished this map. The first one was to play blindly and the next few were to experiment with unit positioning and building placements.
All-in-all, the scenerio was fantastic and hard to play.

Creativity - 4
After managing to complete the game, I took a look at the triggers. The conditioned negative events was intuitive and nicely done. However, certain events tend to overlap with each other; being the lions and repeating invasions sometimes, so the lions ended up helping me defend against some of the enemy soldiers.
I especially liked the objective to defend two "castles" at once, otherwise defeat is guaranteed. With the multi-front attacks possibly occuring, the difficulty would be greater to deal with.
The modification to turn the archers and fire throwers into assassins was interesting. But I think that the soldiers looking like assassins would confuse the player in a way when micromanaging is key to victory.

Map Design - 4.5
The castle itself had a nice view to it. Though the northern end looks slightly bland with the rocks underneath the walls, which I can understand due to the design engine used for Crusader.
Parts of the map, specifically the cliffs and hills, seemed to look rather strange to me due to the large boulders on them, though it may be because I don't use Crusader very often, so I became a little more generous with the points.

Story/Instructions - 5
The story is easy to read with only a few unimportant grammatical mistakes. Your use of the description page is also intelligent and fantastic. :)

Your maps are great and the effort put into them show clearly as they are difficult to play. I'm interested and will be waiting for your next map.
Map Design4.5
Playability: 3.5
Looking down to the building avaiability, the player can notice large restrictions. That automatically limits the player's possibility to use different & multiple strategies. Pre-placed buildings which cannot be rebuild again - First question is why? When a fire comes, you get it. Protection of the buildings is requied, despite the apparent protection of the mapmaker's water pots, you still have to place more. While the years are passing by, it seems the events are going around the invasions. I did not open the map in editor at all, as it was not requied. Closer to end, gaps in the script were obvious, no events or invasions; maybe for the player to recover, but then there should be some good events, something which is completely missing in this scenario. Without challenge, the map was not that fun and entertaining and that is the main reason for giving a 3,5.

Balance: 3
The more I was playing, the more I was dissapointed. Even since the first 15 mins of playing the map I realised It is very easy. Only the first fire event took me by surprise and it destroyed 3-4 buildings, but then I realised the basics of the map. Once you see the big castle , few troops and the message "A massive army is coming", one can seriously panick but myself I was surprised that NONE of my troops died, only one assassin got his life to half, I won the map in the first try, plus having the speed 90 at all time. I think that is enough to justify the low score.

Creativity: 4.5
Although it might seem a not so creative map and some Assasin Creed maps have already been made (game based), this is by far like not the others and anyone can notice that. Almost every aspect of the map is unique and exciting to look at. The mapmaker has shown a vast imagination and it can be well seen the basic idea (the game) can have multiple "translations" into Stronghold. Not an oustanding/perfect score given but still congratulations for making an excellent Assassins creed map.

Map Design: 4.5
The map features a nice design and poor desert, a really nice castle situated on cliffs and very realistic gulf. The only thing which kept me from giving a 5 is the randomly-placed dots of resources and stones 'here and there'. Not too obvious, but is an aspect which slightly lowers the natural look of the map in my opinion.

Story/Instructions: 5
A brilliant work here, the author has shown a very good writting skill and the player really gets the feeling of the map while reading.

Map Design4.5
After playing this map 5 times (2 wins 3 losses) I think my review is ready.

Playability: 4.5
you start out with all you need except some more water pots and iron mines. Using what you have can be tricky and makes for good hard strategy! placement of troops given is the key to holding off the attackers. Seems a bit overlapping a bit on the attacks and lion appearances. It would be harder if the lions didn't help you defend against the attacks.

Balance: 5
Here is what makes this map good, because balance is the key the the mission. Fending off attackers, keeping a high economy, and holding on to the small gold you get is quite challenging! I found a balance point where I could to at least two of the things listed above at the same time, while the other suffered. Moving in between these goals takes timing and I found myself saving often! I found that all the attacks came from the bottom right so the moving of troops was minimum.

Creativity: 5
making a scenario where balance is vital is good. Plus, Assassin's Creed is awesome!!

Map Design: 4.5
the map as a whole had captivation enough that you wanted to send a few minutes looking at the neat stuff on it, the extremely overdone boulders everywhere was an eye sore though, and was what brought it down to 4.5. The back of the castle, not the training area, needed no tending for all the attacks came from the bottom right. and it made me lose interest over there. I think the boulders placed randomly is OK, but it just was too much in this map.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
A good, descriptive,story was pleasing, but the final dialog was confusing.

Additional Comments:
Sorry for the non-legible review earlier, hope this seemed legible!

To Riches and Glory in Christ Jesus!!!
Thanks for the map looking forward to more!

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Map Design4.5
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