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The Deer Hunter

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
Originally set up as an invasion, this map has more characteristics of an eco-invasion and has therefore been listed as an economic map.
So after downloading to your maps folder, you need to look for this map in the invasions.


That evening, you and your men are sitting around the campfire.
You wonder why the king has sent you to this godforsaken place. After all, your archer skills have proved to be useful at the least on the battlefield last month. You were starting to accommodate rather fine with the royal archers.

Suddenly, your thoughts are interrupted by several dark silhouettes coming from the woods. Jumping to your feet, you see that some of your companions have already grabbed their bows.

“ I am looking for Malcolm Saxthorpe, the royal gamekeeper”, says one the approaching figures. The man who has spoken is dressed as a royal pikeman commander and steps forward into the light of the campfire. His face is determined but friendly.

“Lower your weapons, men”, you signal to your comrades. “I am Malcolm Saxthorpe. What do you want from me ?” Surely this soldier has not been sent here into the woods for a triviality.

“My name is Pendergast and I bring orders from his majesty”, replies the pikeman. “In a few months a great banquet will be held at the court in honor of the king’s guests. Unfortunately, the supply of meat in the royal kitchens is decreasing rapidly”.
You remember with a faint smile the last feast that you attended at the royal court. The reputation of the king’s voracious appetite for roasted meat is well known.

“Your promotion to the rank of royal gamekeeper implies a few things”, continues Pendergast. “First, you shall supply his majesty with fresh game meat. Furthermore, before the end of the next month the king requires 400 units of wood from you in order to roast and to light the royal fireplaces. Me and my men will assist you by protecting you from potential dangers”.

“We are perfectly able to look after ourselves !” you shout against Pendergast.
“Careful, Saxthorpe”, replies the commander with grim determination. “You forget that you are addressing a royal pikeman commander and as such I outrank you. Before long you will be happy to have additional soldiers. According to our royal military intelligence, Duc de Truffe will soon invade your little settlement here. The roaming wolves and that despicable pig will prove to be a useful combat training for my men and yours as well. I suggest that you start hunting and prepare your defenses right away”.
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File Author
Something went wrong with the upload of the minimap in PNG format.
I will update this map as soon as possible with a minimap.
Adam the First If the map is an invasion map, then it should have been posted in the invasions section.

Posting an invasion map amongst the economic ones may be confusing for some(many) players.

If the author agrees, I would ask ericgolf to move this invasion map into the Stronghold: Invasions section. :)

Adam the First
File Author
This map has a bit of both : a few invasions with an emphasis on economic goals.
So it is an eco-invasion.
It is the only way in an economic scenario to script attacks other than bandit ones (as i find these rather monotonous in setting up the troop mix).

If you insist on changing the listing, then by all means go ahead. :)

Adam the First
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This scenario is very fun, it really entertained me and was refreshing to play. It wasn't easy to start as I was very low on wood and one of the win criterias was 400 woods, so I really had to build carefully, as a lose timer was active too. The fire and wolf events played a great role in slowing the wood income, which forced me to raise the population and mananage a big economy. The invasions weren't very strong, but without the 4 pikemen it would have been impossible to fend off even the first one, but it was a must to start training archers early against the last invasions. The height also played a great role in the defence, as with its advantage the archers had an easier job fending off the attacking spearmen. )The last invasion can occure a lot struggles, as if the player is not fast enough, the defeat screen can easily pop up.) With food I didn't have a lot of problems, as I gave the people only fruits, while my hunters easly filled up the granary with hundreds of meats.

Balance: 3.5
The balance was very good, almost excellent. The scenario wasn't that hatd, but it was far from easy too. 10 years were enough to gather the goods and with a good timing fend off the last invasion before the activating of the lose event. The scenario challenged my mind a bit, though it isn't too hard to win for the first time. I think this mission would be even more challenging to newbies and moderatly skilled players.

Creativity: 4
A very creative scenario, I have to say. The creativity shows up both in the story, design and scripting. Eco-vasions are always good ideas, and this one has something special, for example the building availabilities are very restricted and no walls or gates can be built, which make the defence a bit hard and the combat more focused. Also, using invasions to replace the bandits is a great idea. The story fits excellently with the map.

Map Design: 4
Excellent map design! The river was very well detailed, also, the terrain tools were used much better in this map than in your previous one, which is a great improvement. The trees and bushes were placed well, and overall the landscape looked very natural and realistic. The only negative is the shaping of the hills and mountains, it could still be improved a bit. Maybe look at some WL_D and Dougleass maps for inspiration, those have some really exceptional mountains. I myself always get a lot of inspiration by looking at them.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
An excellent and well written story supports the map, it is not short, but not too long, it has an "ideal length", however I haven't found the plot interesting enough to give a full five. Though, very clear instructions are presented in the in-game description of the map, which raises the score by 0.5, good job. :)

Additional Comments:
Thanks to the author for this awesome map, I really had a great time playing it. :)

[Edited on 05/15/11 @ 08:13 AM]

About which Download category to keep this map in: Adam's point is well made. However, if the author can simply add one sentence after his introductory sentence about it being originally set up as an invasion map. Something like "So. After downloading to your maps folder, you need to look for this map in invasions". I think that would help prevent confusion for players thus addressing Adam's point and also allowing the author's wish of classifying this as an economic map :)

[Edited on 05/15/11 @ 05:07 AM]

File Author
I would like to thank Adam the First for taking the time to review this map.
I will certainly take a look at the design of mountains by the authors you have proposed (thanks for the hint).

Although Adam's point is certainly well made about the category, i really wanted to use troops other than the classic bandits for invading the settlement.
Their strength and armour would be too overwhelming here.
Thanks to ericgolf for his elegant solution.

peter2008 The map felt nice and entertaining. Thrill and fun were conveyed by the invasions of the Pig.
The "forward defence" is what will stay in my mind.
Well doable on Very Hard.

Some hints for future mapmaking.

The script is indeed a comprehensive effort. I experienced it somewhat monotonous, though, which may make gameplay forseeable.

The transitions of heights on the map don't look nice yet. There is an Equalizer tool in the editor. Using it you can refine the transitions.

There is no viewable reason for that trees occur in one corner of the map only.
Jaliss For rating, I about agree with Adam.

It s a short scenario. It s simple to understand the goal and how do to fill it. It s especially true because your options are quite limited. There is no trade possible and building available are a few. There isn't imo dozen strategie possible.

I would be more cautious about balance. To be clear, wolves and invasions were no match. Only 4 fletchers were enough to hire an army that let no hope both for wolves or the pig.

That let you only to deal with fire. Hire the only thing it s important to save is granary.

Author well time his map, that could make thing us we won from a short hair, but really that dont means at all it was difficult.

I thing both story and landscape were well worked, it s a good job. Perhaps when tree are cleared I feel a few area a bit empty, but it s anecdotic and landscape is far about the too common flat map full of tree to hide the misery.

Last word : it s definitivly an invasion map.
1) if you want to play it, you have to choose the crossed sword --> combat then the single one --> invasion. Never you will be able to play it clicking on the chest icon.
2) It s simple : there is invasion in the map ^^. Point that make it easiest, in an eco map, author would had to remplace invasion by bandits events and these last are far more dangerous than the invasions scripted here.
Lord Stafeft great scenario!
keep it up!
File Author
Thank you for your comments.

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