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Big Castle For Emir

Author File Description
con0991 great castle for emir
how to install
1 download
2 move file to avi folder
3 before that backup the old emir1.aiv file
your good to go
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Heroesflorian hm, first of all, always add some pictures of the castle! It helps attracting people to your work (more people attracted means more downloads and more feadback) and provides a very good first view of your work. With 1-3 pictures, people can decide much better, whether they like your work or not, whether they are interested in this type of castle, if there are bigger mistakes or special "features" and/or eye-candy, very inventive layouts, ...

Then, I like your idea for the walls layout/shape: There are no safe spots for attacking soldiers, the 8 big round towers are protected by walls (and thus will hardly ever be destroyed by catapults), you made a moat as well as a mighty pitch ditch all the way round the castle to keep out assassins, siege towers and any non-digging units away from the walls (that are really thick). You have all the buildings inside and protected.

But where is Emir's bread production? He has about 5 bakeries here - thats about 10-20 bakeries too less! Moreover, he has two mills, what is useless with just 5 bakeries...
Next, you placed all the hovels directly next to the stockpile, while the producing buildings are further away.
Emir has too less fletchers to produce a sufficient number of archers!
Just 3 inns may be too less - I suggest 4 or 5 of them (each inn is enough for up to 30 peasants and Emir will very likely have more than just 90 population in total). > Ok, you just have 10 hovels, thus the max. population for this castle is 90, but I'm not sure if that is enough to man all his industry and still have some peasants for recruiting troops.
You placed no oil smelter in here, so Emir can't recruit engineers with boiling oil.
There are no good things - Emir uses them to strengthen his troops and boost his popularity. One can say that gardens, statues etc. lower the productivity of his industry and having no good things enables him of making more money and thus more troops instead of having stronger troops. But I'm not sure if an Emir without good things is better... however, there is another problem with this castle:
His pitch is quite likely to burn all at once, once one part of it is lit. Burning all the pitch at once is ineffective, expensive and dangerous for his own troops and workers!
Oh and your way of placing the walls in the aiv editor is quite... not so good. Try to make not more "steps" than necessary. Try to place larger pieces of wall at once and avoid placing several steps partly at the same tiles, as they will then be built with the later step, which can make the difference between enclosed castle and open castle for some time and is in general quite uncomfortable for him.
One additional note: Fire ballistae, ballistae, mangonels have 5 spots in the aiv editor, but ALWAYS just the spots 1-3 are manned in game.

In general, it is very important to test your own aivs. Simply (backup and) remove all the other aivs for the particular ai (for example Emir) and let him built this castle in a normal game, watch him carefully:
- Has he problems at start (especially with low starting gold)? --> Maybe try changing the building order, "fix" the walls/gates setup (to make him have an enclosed castle earlier) and make sure important buildings (granary, market, mercenary post, stockpiles, bread production; at least a thin wall) are placed early.
- Has he problems with making gold? --> What is his problem? Military, economical or "other" reasons
o possible economical problems: Inaccessible buildings (result in repeated building and deleting), a too little economy (e.g. not enough bakeries/weapon workshops/...), popularity troubles (as a result of not enough inns/chapels/churches, bad things combined with no religion and a tiny food production), ineffective placement of workshops (very far away) or good things (very far away from workshops/keep --> workers run around in the whole castle to rest at good things --> almost no time to actually work),
o military reasons: many strong enemies close to him (maybe restart the mission with an ally next to him or less/further away enemies to enable him of building up properly), Emir seems to recruit soldiers permanently and thus spends all his gold immediately (well, not really that troublesome as he will attack very often and thus will be a good, tough enemy. still, an aiv that produces more gold than is spended would be better --> improve it a bit), Emir lacks defenses --> try to improve them (smaller castle is easier defensible, stronger fortifications (but also more expensive then), ensure he has enough gold to make troops (--> economical reasons)), his castle is often set aflame --> put in more wells/water pots, try to separate his castle into different sections to stop the fire spreading around (most good things dont burn!), try to put his buildings inside the walls to make it harder for enemies to start a fire
o other reasons: "wrong" map (almost no resources, not enough space to build castle completely, ...) --> try a different map with enough oasis and resources.
- Do all his attacks fail? --> Check if he built barracks, armoury, mercenary post, engineers guild, oil smelter and is able to recruit the necessary troops, keep in mind that he is not the strongest ai when it comes to attacking, and his strategy and tactics can't be changed.

I hope this list is able to help you (and other new castle designers) to avoid most mistakes in future castles (but, of course, by far not all of the problems/mistakes mentioned in the list have been made by you!).

File Author
Thanks for Comment
Heroesflorian You're welcome.
Hope I was able to help you :-)

And, by the way, the comment inspired me to think about some rating criteria for aivs, so, I'm glad to have posted the comment...
File Author
cool i will upload more castles when ive tested them
Heroesflorian I'm looking forward to seeing them =)


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