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Woody Wood

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2

Woody Wood

You might think that it’s all about wood but it is not. But there are many other challenges waiting for you.


1. Background:

The kingdom of Richard faced a lot of troubles after a dreadful flood. The kingdom’s economy begins to fall. The houses of peasants and some weak buildings suffered a lot after the flood. The enemy also got a chance to attack. So Richard also decided to fight. But his own people protested against him that he was paying attention on fighting more than the castle and its economy. The people said that our houses are ruined and they have nothing to eat, nowhere to live. One day Richard, in front of his keep, addressed his people to help the kingdom in these dark days. They should work with tolerance and patience. Richard said that he is about to import food from the other states. The military has no time to help you. Please, try to understand. I will soon grant gold to the people whose houses are ruined. I will also give you some basics goods such as wood to rebuild your houses. And those people, who have the resources, should help these needy people. However after a long and effective speech, he, the Richard at last succeeded to convince them. The people said that if they are provided by basic goods, they will rebuild their houses and will try to stand upon their feet without get help by military. They will also work with great efficiency. Next day, Richard imported a lot of food from other states. The problem of food was solved. The next challenge was to donate gold to people. Richard, from his all treasury and from other allies, donated the gold to all needy. Now the wood was remaining. But the flood killed all the trees near or around the castle. In this situation, Richard called out a meeting in which some honorable people of the castle were invited.

2. Over to you:

You (Sir William) were one of the honorable men of the Richard. In the meeting, it was decided that some workers should go outside the castle walls to gather wood from unaffected areas. But this suggestion was rejected in a second, as the camps of enemy were more than the trees. Now Richard suggested a plan. He decided to set up a secret mission for gathering wood. It was decided that you should go with some workers outside the walls. The mountainous area was the best place for setting up the camp. In this area the enemy will not be able to discover you. First you did not agree but the situation did not offer you to disagree. So you reluctantly agreed. Richard said that you should go this night that the enemy won’t spot you. Then he provided you with some goods and workers and said that you should finish this task very quickly. Moreover you should not gather much people here that the enemy will discover you by noise pollution. He also said you to gather some gold also. When you have finished, inform me and I will send an advance party for safe return. Do not worry about us. We will successfully survive these dark times and convince the enemy to retreat. With these words, he allowed you to left.
Next morning you and your workers reached the valley between the mountains. Now, it is time for work.


Win: Gold: 999

Win: Wood: 222

Lose: Sir William died

Lose: Defeat time: Sept 1118


It is no use to write hints here; these are inside the download file. However some of them are here:
a. Gather plenty of wood.
b. Don’t let Sir William get killed by lions.
c. You can use ale to:
• Increase your tax rates.
• Sell it.
• Keep the ration level to half or none.
d. Hunters will be less efficient.
e. Don’t exceed your population beyond 33 or enemy will burn your camp.
f. Build some wells.

Author’s Words:

Every resource is around you. Iron and antelopes are at your back of your keep. Trees are everywhere. Yet it is not as easy task. Hunters will be less efficient. Trees will get killed by more droughts. Iron is less in quantity. It is a hard challenge, I challenge you. Events are linked to the conditions. I’ve employed two hops farmers instead of one to increase hops production. You’ll have to save these two farmers from plague, fire and lions. If get killed, only one farmers then will come. You can’t employ two again or it will consider a cheat. The market can’t be rebuilt if destroyed by enemy spies by fire. You should finish these objectives 4 months earlier (or much earlier)than defeat time (Sept 1118).
The first map I map sending with a hope of being rated. I don’t know it would be 1 or 5 but I think it should be rated.

Ok, see ya.

Map by fayez2010
Woody Wood
Date submitted 5/14/11


Defeat timer get shrink(ed)

More requirements

More events at last time

Victory timer not changed

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Captain Diablo
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5

After downloading the patch I finally got Woody Wood to run, and I'm glad for it, because it was good (if simple) fun. I say simple because--like the tagline says--you can buy, sell and cut wood, but not much else. The map is playable though, and this is honestly one of the few economic maps that I enjoyed.

Balance: 4

But simple doesn't necessarily mean easy, and due either to my limited economic-talent or to the scenario, it took me quite a while to find the winning solution to Woody Wood. In my opinion, it may be a little too difficult (especially with the population cap), but more or less perfectly fine.

Creativity: 5

Let me tell you that the design is brilliant. The player has limited space surrounded by this tight little valley (I mean tight in both the literal and the "cool" sense) and it all looks great. The enemy "village" is nonthreatening but present, and I see you used a few tricks (magic eraser; dual farmers--which I've never heard of) so well done.

Map Design: 5

I think I already mentioned the map design: it's gorgeous but small. The mountain the enemy village is situated on slopes so, so gently that it doesn't seem to slope at all until you see someone walk around.

Story/Instructions: 3

This is your weak point, as there were many spelling/syntax mistakes. Overall not too bad (this is Stronghold, after all, not Clarkesworld).

Additional Comments:

It's fun, it's unique, great work.

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Map Design5.0
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