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King Aven
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1

Place granary and and then delete it and the stockpile,they're not necessary.

This a scene from the book Eulalia!by Brian Jacques.It is part of the Redwall series,of which I am a great fan of and intend to make maps of in the future. You will better understand the situation by reading the book.

Gorath the Flame,the future badger lord of Salamandastron,is trapped in a plateau on two sides armed with less than one-hundred Guosim shrews on his side.

Survive the Brownrat and Searat onslaught until Redwall reinforcements arrive.There is only one goal:Don't die!

Details(Spoilers):Gorath the Flame came from a place simply known as the Northern Isles.He lived with his grandparents peacefully,until one day,a Vermin crew of corsairs appeared on his small island and slew his grandparents.He too,was attacked,and the result was a Flame colored scar on his forehead.He was taken aboard the ship of the vermin crew as a prisoner.Vizka Longtooth,the Fox,captain of the ship,decided that they would let him live and that somehow he could coax him into joining the crew so he could conquer Redwall Abbey,a place so wondrous it was often dismissed as a fairytale.Gorath escapes with a mouse named Orkwil,who was also taken captive,and takes refuge in Redwall Abbey,however,a crew of Guosim *Guerilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower* and some other adventurers were being chased by some Brownrats.The badger,the Guosim and the adventurers enter Redwall.The Guosim decide to fight the Brownrats,having killed their Log-a-Log *leader* to make the death of the previous one not in vain.The adventurers decide to join them,and the badger does too,because now,both enemies were attempting to get inside the Redwall Abbey,now that they knew it was real,for the treasure and abundance of food inside.This move distracted the Brownrats and Vizka's crew,and they gave chase.The Guosim,badger and adventurers fell back to a plateau.This is where the map takes place.You,chief of the Guosim,must command your army to the defense of the heir of the Salamandastron Badger Lord.While the vermin are distracted,Redwall reinforcements will rally and guarantee your victory.Defend Gorath until then.Be careful,the vermin are already on their way to the plateau,as a piercing Salamandastron battlecry rips the night sky's silence."Eulalia!"

*Note 2*

You will notice that later on,the macemen,pikemen,slingers,and archers will come together in a single group.This represents the time when Vizka convinces the Brownrats to join forces with him.You will also notice the invasions don't come in pairs when this happens.

As an amateur mapmaker,I always welcome contructive criticism,tips an' tricks,and comments on how I may improve this map.

*Note 3*

I tried making Redwall three times and then I realised it would not only be confusing,the buildings in crusader don't exactly represent what Redwall would look like.Also,even if they did,the map wouldn't be big enough for Redwall,and anyhow,you can't get into Redwall because you're supposed to be in the plateau,and also my castle designs were kinda sucky...

Don't fret though! I'll soon try my luck with a Loamhedge map,which completely takes part in Redwall.

Note 4:Eulalia means literally Victory in a celtic language.This may have been a coincidence,but nonetheless it is usually the warcry of warrior-hares and badger-lords of Salamandastron in the Redwall saga.

signed,Cap'n Firetail,the Fox

AKA King Avenheart
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King Aven
File Author
I would appreciate comments,even little tidbits of opinions,so post away!(Don't leave me alone in this comment page!)

[Edited on 05/27/11 @ 07:11 PM]

SkullHeroLord Looks nice,but you shoud give us who havent read the book,some explanaition,what is Eulalia anyway??
King Aven
File Author
You make a good point.I'll update the description right away.
SkullHeroLord Thank you.
King Aven
File Author
Come on people! I hope you enjoy the map,but please,give me feedback!I´d love to make more maps but I want to know what I should focus on next so I can get better with each new map.

Any feedback is appreciated.
Especially reviews.

Cap´n Firetail the Fox
AKA King Avenheart

[Edited on 05/30/11 @ 12:24 PM]

Strife I understand that you're enthusiastic about receiving other people's opinions, but please be patient for our responses. :)

If you would like a review for your maps, try going to this page:,3207,,10
Lord_of_Hell Don't worry, I'll give you a review.
Map Design2.5
I'm writing this review to help you improve, so hear my advices and have fun designing.

Playability: 3
This is one of my favorite map types, I like to call it Battleground. It was fun to move around the few troops the player has, but after a while, it becomes boring. The map is small, the player and the battle takes place in a corner even smaller, so there isn't much room where to move the troops, and despite the enemy attacks from multiple signposts, they will anyway get to the player's corner. Everything leads to a simple/basic strategy which made me get bored.

As a side note, there is something which you should fix in the script: The last invasion takes place in 1181, and the wining event takes place in 1811. That's a big unnecessary gap, don't you think?

Balance: 4
I like to do my best every time I play a map, and it happened to win complex, "hard" maps from the first try. This is not the case, after losing when I first played your map. A surprising wave of macemen took me away half of the archers, making me lose the king too. It was funny, I had my swordsmen few squares away but their slowness weren't a big help.
So I won it from the second time.

Despite the common strategy everyone must use (take all troops and defend the king), they must be used in a certain matter, which makes the group survive for longer. Just crushing the troops to the invasions won't do much. In the hand to hand combat, ideal is pikemen first, swordsmen secondly and the spearmen coming last. Pikemen have a long life and protects the ones coming later as they take most of the damage. Swordsmen are strong and kills everything fast, that's why the player must protect their health. The spearmen can be ignored, but not wasted - they are fast and useful sometimes. Of course, archers must cover the melee troops but sitting in a good position too, away from enemy's macemen.
That would be a succes secret, not only in this map but generally speaking.

Overall it was challenging, but not very hard.

Creativity: 2.5
There aren't much creative things, except for the story, the design was rather poor. Not much to say here, just try different things, tricks which are good-looking. In the right map, they will prove to be creative.

Map Design: 2.5
The 200x200 size map isn't usually the size to master your design abilities. Some grass, trees in a corner and a hill in the other - a basic description for the map. I noticed that you placed low grass between the hill and the fat grass, which is a great start. All you have to do is make that sand-to-grass cross in a less visible manner, by working with smaller tools in the editor. - it will have a natural look.

Story/Instructions: 3.5 (updated 4)
"You will better understand the situation by reading the book", you said. Maybe I have no intention to read the book in the near future. What you need to do is make up a short story based on the book or the chapter linked to the map. Other than that, the historical details you provided in the description were enough to give you this score.

EDIT: The adds to the story improves the score a bit. now it's excellent

Additional Comments:
Questions, comments, arguments, all welcome.

[Edited on 06/16/11 @ 05:06 PM]

King Aven
File Author
Sorry I'm posting this late,my computer broke down a while ago...

A fair score.I shall update the map,sorry for the gap,it must've been a typo.My mistake.Thanks for the review,I'll be sure to learn from your review in my future maps,I understand that a small fighting space is pretty damn boring,but what I was thinking about at the time was the challenge.My apologies.I shall also write a small segment of the story along with the file in the near future,should time allow me to do so.

Thanks for the review.

Lord_of_Hell No worries, I like to help players like you.

I haven't lowered the playability score for that gap. For a start, you did good, don't worry - I've seen worse.

You need to concentrate on the nature designing, download some maps and feel the terrain. Try for yourself and you'll improve after a while.
The battle you created was simple and yet harder than I expected for a player like you. (how many times did you need to win it?).
If you'd like to improve on battle skills, play some hard and complex maps.

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Map Design2.5
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