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The Prison Island :O

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
You have been given a misson,as the kingdoms best knight and assasian to get into the pleace know as the prison island,enter there with a merchart carring goods to the citie,save the kings cousin,and get out of there by the ship you came to the place.

The island istself is known for being one of the greatest prison in the holly lands,the most dangeros and ville Pirates,Smugglers,killers,satanists and other scum lies there.But,the prison has fallen to the rebels,and the Kings Cousin has been captured,while he was visiting the island...

So,with the plan ready,you just neaded a merchart to discise you,a ritered soilder known as "The merchart wariorr",has offerd you his servence,he is a huge man,and,eaven if he is in reterment,he still caries his large battle axe,and is a skilled warrior.

After few days of traveling,you saw the city on the horison,you soid to the TMW{The merchant wariorr}:
"Maybe it woud be a better idea to ship off at another side of the island?"
He qikly replied:
"No,that is far too risky,there is only one clear way to the island,other is filled with rocks."

You agree and you aboard,and you,your companions and TMW get to the trader to buy a cart,as you approach,you and compaions fell something is strange here,there was no one here,and there was only a cart,some food and water,and TMW shouts "Merchart,get here,NOW".

You and the companions look around-its a trap!
You turn around and see gaurds jump from the market and the bushes,as they take you to the cell,you see 3 things:
You see your companions getting draged at the ship,you hear ther shouts:"Cowards!","Ahhhhrrr","You will get punished,if not by my hand,then by the hand of god!"...And then them getting pushed into the sea...
A bear waking up,and roaring at the guards,like he is crying for your compainions fates...
And the last thing you saw:"TMW" craking up a eavil smile,you in anger push the guards away,and draw your knife and throut it at the coward,and shouting:"Bastard!Get this!"
You hit him corectly into the stomach,he falls to the ground,and a Arab Healer runs to him and starts curing him,then,you got hit by a brunt object...that is the last thing you remember...

Next,you wake up in a dark,dirty cell,only one dark figure hiding in the shadows...he emerges and you see a man about 55 years old,he says:
"Who are you,young man???"
You explain him what happend,and he saids:
"The King sended you here??Man,i remeber how young he was when i last saw him..."

He tells you that he is the legendary assasian,Matthew Savage,he saids that eaven he is old,he can learn you a few tricks,like climbing walls...
After few days of training,you undersod how skiled Matthew Savage realy is...
He said:I am old,but,maybe together,your skill and my knowlage of the town,maybe we coud escape,and take your frend with you...

So you make a plan,at one day all of the gards leave instanly,and Matthew founds out becose there are rumors of a rutthles killer pilliging the town,so you decide to escape now,get to the TMW,take over his ship,and kill him...

Assasian - You
Enginer - Matthew Savage
Pikeman - Kings Cousin
Slave - Kings cousin's frend-extreamly agile

I made this map becose of borderoom.

Please leave suggestions how to make this map better.

Thank you.

Have fun.
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File Author
So,do ya people like it?
wolfman4god Well, its not worth a review, in playibility. I set fire to every thing, and killed the swordman in the keep. How is one to win? The scenerey was nice and so was the castle but the story was way off on grammer. The story idea is good, but the way it is written makes it nearly impossible to understand.Plus when you say you made it out of bordom makes folks not want to play it.

File Author
Man,the Victory condition is not kill the swordsman,but the blue lord on a ship.
peter2008 A funny and interesting idea. There are too few missions of 3rd person style for Stronghold. Nasty hunter behind the Blue ship.
What could be improved? Pity that the mission was short. -> More obstacles, tricks, results. Let the assassin have to walk upon the walls somewhat longer. By destroying hovels and killing people, the effect of negative fear factor would be raised.
As for the map design, perhaps less rocks ("Less is more.").

Do you know AZ ViTrAzhAs' map, "Fathers‘ Sins, Chapter 2: Jack Wolverine"? Brilliant one, a must-play for you!
File Author
Thank you peter.
Yeah...the mission is a bit short...
But I am thinking of making a seaquel,but I am not shure what is gonna be the goal. . .
And for the rocks...well...I wanted to place more,but I hit the 1000 limit -,-

And I played that map,but coud not win it.Realy.
peter2008 If you ever like to play it again and get stuck somewhere, you can email me. :)

Have fun with the sequel!

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