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Suceava Stronghold

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1

Suceava Stronghold


Greetings! It's been a while since my last map and I decided to get back on the track with a scenario unlike my others - an economical map. The map is based on a real Romanian castle but the actions and events are fictional. Shortly, the player has to conquer the castle (quite easy) and within 10 game years to solve the following tasks:
- Population 300
- Gold 25,000
- 500 wood
- 50 metal armor
- 50 swords
- 300 bread
- 25% blessed
- 50% drinking ale.

There are no invasions, the events are scripted by conditions and the market trade is very limited. I suggest saving often, Have fun.

Castle history

In 1388 Petru Musat I (1375-1391) moved the capital of Moldova Province from Siret to Suceava. He was married with Vladislav Iagello (1386-1434)�s sister, the king of Poland. The Suceava Stronghold (u gorodea Soceavea') is mentioned for the first time in an official document dated from 10 February 1388, when Petru I is asked for 3,000 silver coins by the King of Poland, who gives the Pocutia domain as guaranty. The stronghold is also mentioned in other documents from 1393 and 1395.

Stefan cel Mare (1457-1504) was the one who understood the necessity of building more strongholds to defend the lands against the Turks, Hungarians or Polish men. Also he was the one who improved Suceava by building an extra wall outside the castle, as a ring. In summer 1476 the stronghold was attacked by the Turkish forces led by Sultan Mahomed II, Suceava was damaged but the ottomans were forced to retreat

The castle has never fallen during any siege, holding off even the strongest forces. In 1538 however, the ottoman army (having around 150,000-200,000 troops) led by Soliman The Magnificent himself invades Moldova with thoughts of conquering everything. In the same time, tribes from Crimeea attacks from east and the Romanian troops together with Hungarians from west. As they arrived to Suceava, the ottomans get the help of local barons, unhappy by the political authority of Petru Rares. The ruler is forced to retreat in Transylvania and on 14 september 1538 Soliman The Magnificent gets Suceava at his hands with no resistance at all. Macarie writes �The army of barbarians are having a terrible war with Moldovlahia, robbing the houses and enjoying themselves. Then the beautiful Suceava Stronghold fell at Turkish knees and they humiliated it, getting their hands over endless treasuries.� In the end, the Turkish forces have retreated to their lands, naming a man Stefan Lacusta as ruler, who was assassinated in 1340 for his betrayal.

In 1563 The stronghold withstands another siege, this time from Stefan Tamsa, a siege which takes 3 months and ends up with severe damages upon Suceava.


You are leading the Turkish army in a campaign to bring Europe to its knees. Horse spies are reporting that the nearby stronghold, Suceava is not fortified enough to withstand a brute assault. Take a bunch of men and kill the ruler, the men alive will join your army, but your main task is to gather resources and supplies for the main Turkish army which is now preparing to invade over the Polish kingdoms as well.

Updates include:
- More tree types.
- Fixed the "rushed" side of hills by totally redesigning them.
- Fixed the iron placement by adding stones nearby.
- Erased the tree fungus event as it would make the whole forest map look bad.
- Fixed the disappearing troops at the beginning.
- Added more marsh.

Enjoy the map and good luck, Lord_of_Hell.

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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
palat Hi Lord_of_Hell,

Nice work with your new map! The green grass is a pretty nice change from plain Crusader sand ;)
I also liked the varying height levels you set. Adds a new feeling to the early siege.
Just tried the beginning of the map. Will give some more comment after, because of my school final exams :P

[Edited on 06/15/11 @ 03:49 AM]

File Author
Hey palat! I'm very glad to see you around:)

Also thanks for trying the map, hope you have fun.
palat Hi again :)

I'm about halfway through the map and really having fun.
I got a few comments about my progress so far:
Well, I'm pretty weak at sieging castles, but you were right about it being easy at the start. The inner gatehouses are a bit strange though, they don't work properly. I don't know why.
--> Managed to win the siege with about 3/4 of my slingers, swordsmen and knights.
The economic part of this mission is tougher, around easy-normal difficulty, in my opinion. But it gets harder as the mission goes on.
--> The hardest part for me was just after I took control of the castle, when food supplies were low and popularity falling.
Somewhere a fire event just demolished most of my bakeries and workshops AND the population dropped to around 100. So I had to reload from a save. It's just too hard to put out that fire and still have the workshops' productivity at their best, because I can't afford to space them out.
Overall, very good playability, balance, and DEFINITELY creative ;) Nice scenery, as always. I loved the effort you put into this map, especially in the download page and download file.

[EDIT] - I can write a review if you want in a few days.

[Edited on 06/16/11 @ 12:28 AM]

File Author

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
About the gates, I think they are working as they should: Open-able only from inside and conquerable by digging the moat and using assassins (or just by walking on the walls road if you take the way through hills)

The siege is easy to point out the economical side of the map rather than it's fighting side. There are a couple of tricks to get over the 'traps' I have set and boost the economy a bit. As I said in the description, the events are scripted by conditions and not by date. For example, you can avoid tree fungus if you don't get over 700 woods in your stockpile, but you can't avoid the big fire because the condition on which it's set to occur is needed to win the map (see the scripting).

Also, I'd be glad about receiving a review:)
palat Hi L_o_H,

Finishing up my savegame right now & writing a review.
peter2008 I'd also like to say thank you, LoH, for this new map, first eco type one of yours.
Again a great recreation of a fortress. Your skills can best be seen when ... one starts to remove some wall tiles and spots the different height levels of the ground.

It can often be read in the history of castles that their stones got used up for new buildings in the nearby town. The ruins sometimes turn into sightseeing places with gastronomy there.
This castle, under the manifold eco requests, turns into a lively, busy settlement. I guess, the mission can only be won with certain relocations and with rebuilding the walls (including adding stairs - which you made deliberately possible at the edges?).
You involved all the segments of economy and applied almost all kind of events good and bad. The high population and gold request within the frame of a timer call for power play.
Only pity aspect was that some outer areas of the map did not get in touch with the gameplay. So the creative lines of rocks which deserve to be watched joyfully.

So I had a dense time and big fun. Got familiar with Suceava Stronghold. Hopefully, you let us see another eco map in a while.

[Edited on 06/16/11 @ 06:22 PM]

File Author
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Peter:)

The map was originally an Invasion but the AI seemed to behave weird due to the inability to get in the castle (gates would not provide inside access if destroyed, but only if conquered by assassins or a tower) so I decided to finish it as an economical map.

Due to that , some unintended gameplay issues occurred when I turned the map into eco. The possibility to add stairs from outside the castle was also not intended. I guess the player can do that (lowered walls not turning to stones) because of the technique I used when I designed the castle.

I'm glad you had fun ^^
palat Just a few days or so, finished finals today and review should soon be up.
File Author
First, thanks for taking the time to write this review. I appreciate you mentioned quite many details, thinking that fewer and fewer people are even bothering to write a short review.
I expected a score around yours so I feel it's overall a fair thinking.

You points were good, though I feel necessary to detail some aspects.

"the bad (point) being a heightened difficulty." -> For me that's rather a good point. You also mentioned that some newer players would think it's a bit hard. Personally, when I review a map I do it strictly from my perspective and as the mapmaker I think it ended up with a normal difficuly, not too easy but not too hard.

The bandit event was never scripted to work "normally". It looks like the bandits really wish to destroy everything due to their maximum size, and later the player notices they can easily be dispatched. Truth is, It was never meant to work in a destructive way, and rather for the negative popularity addition and to draw players attention away of economy.

Moving to the design zone:
If everything is green it doesn't mean there should be a river nearby. I did not recreate only the Stronghold but also the real surroundings of the castle. There is no river, and I rather not add one to keep the map accurately recreated.
I remember I had a problem with trees: I reached the sprite limit and the trees density was an important matter. Adding single different trees here and there would make the map look even more unnatural.
I agree with the iron issue.

As for the story, I'm not a big writer. I feel satisfied with this score :)

Thanks again for review.
palat Hi Lord_of_Hell,

Thanks for clarifying those aspects.
I agree with the points you made, I realize I made those errors in my review. Just trying to improve my reviewing skills :)

Once again, thanks. I enjoyed playing this mission very much :D
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