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The wrath of the Snake

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2

After a long and bloody battle with the Snake, you are taken captive by your enemy, and you are taken to his castle. For a long time remain locked in the cells of the castle, and you accept so the most terrible tortures. The reason for this is an old story ...

''Some time ago, to avenge the death of your father, you have invaded the counties of the Snake, in search of him. The war lasted four years, and the last day of October, one of your spies will report that found the Snake. He is an old castle, the same one where your father was killed. Do you think it ironic that there could be no better place to avenge your father. You prepare the army and move on to the castle. The battle is terrible, is also shot in the leg by an arrow, but out of desire for revenge, continue to fight with incredible fury. Your men are excited seeing you and fight with renewed vigor. Finally arrives in the rooms of the Snake, where he is waiting for you with a sword and a dagger in the other. There is no need for words. We launched against one another, motivated by hate. Your swords clash so violently that they break. You remain unarmed, but your enemy still has the dagger. He is coming towards you and tries to hit you, but you, with a rapid movement, take the weapon and handed it to him turns against him. You hit him in one eye, but suddenly a stone thrown by a catapult hits the room, and you are buried under the rubble. At your awakening, you discover that the battle is won, but the Snake is gone. Fearing its possible revenge, you go to your castle waiting for news of him.''

...Now Snake is taking his revenge.
After a few days, the servant who brings you food tells you that some of your men will seek to free that night. Hopefully you tell him that you understand and wait for the night. In the evening, your men will throw a rope with which descend from the prison window, get on your horse and you walk to your castle.
As soon as the Snake learns the news, decided to march against you to destroy you. You must not let them!
But this time he will not be alone. As you should know, your father was led into a trap by the Snake, but it was the Wolf to kill him! In memory of this, the Snake asked him for help. The Wolf has promised to intervene only if the Snake is not able to defeat you.


In this map there are no resources, you have to use those already available. You do not worry about the food, you will have enough. If that's not enough you can buy from a merchant, together with the resources that may serve you.

And be careful, because in the end the Wolf will attack you!

Good luck!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
palat First download :D
Anyways, I'll give some comment after I play through this map.
palat A fun map to play, but it was extremely easy.
I played it on Very Hard difficulty: final score: 23000, 20% troops lost. The Snake's army just didn't use any siege equipment, and didn't have a lot of armoured units. I easily made money by selling food in bulk. Also, shields made the enemy bows and xbows really hard to hit my archers (which I trained a lot of).
It was quite a scene though. Watching the enemy attack wave after wave, but repelled each time. Some archers also used the wooden palisade for defense. Nice!
Map design is very good. So is the layout of the castle, especially the base of that round tower.
File Author

Thanks for your comment Palat:)

Now I will try to increase the difficulty with removing some initial resources and adding many armored units, thanks for the advice.
File Author
try it now ;)
palat Will try it again.
I can write a review too, if you want one :)
File Author
sure, I'm glad to hear comments or criticisms. They help me to improve:)
palat Here's my victory screen for your new version:
This time it had much better balance. I played on normal, and it did feel at normal difficulty.
Review coming up in a day or two.
File Author
I'm glad you enjoyed it and I thank you for the time you will use to make the review :)
palat The Wrath of the Snake

Playability: 3.5

All in all, a fairly fun map to play. After this update, it's harder to maintain popularity by feeding the peasants.
However, this doesn't affect the overall playability at all, unless the map is played on Hard or Very Hard difficulty.
The invasions are scripted well, occurring at the right time, at the right size, and with the right troops. The reason that they still need improvement is because the invasions only spawn from the bottom left corner. As well as easily being within the range of the player's arrows, this allows the player to expect where all invasions come from, detracting from the experience. Siege equipment never gets built because engineers are shot down before they get to the siege tents.
Economically, it is hard to keep the economy up and running, due to rampant knights demolishing pretty much everything
outside the castle walls. But the castle's economy is not critical in the gameplay of this mission at all - because there
aren't any economic goals at all. The most important role of this economy is to allow the player to recruit more troops to
replace those who have fallen in the battle.

Balance: 4.0

The mission is quite balanced. Considering the comparable size of the Snake's army to the player's garrison, I would say the enemy has a clear advantage, even after the economical and strategical bonuses that the player has. One must rely on quick, wise decisions and knowledge of defensive siege to emerge victorious. The use of fire and various other siege tactics are necessary.

Creativity: 3.0

As far as creativity goes, it only extends to the design of the castle and the attacking army's primitive fortifications. Castle design is splendid - the entire fortress is lifted slightly off the flat ground, near the back of the castle... Towers are custom-made and vary in size, shape, and defensive abilities. The tower platform is creative (nice base lining there) but affects the balance, because it is too close to the signpost where the invading armies spawn. This isn't the most original map that describes a classic rivalry, between the player's character and the antagonist Snake, but has some features that stand out over the others.

Map Design: 4.0

No resource is accessible because of a beautiful, swirling river that rushes down the right of the map. This can be manipulated to the player's advantage however - just because the player has no access to that side of the map, it doesn't mean buildings can't be built there. Buildings such as the Marketplace, hovels, and barracks don't need to have access to the player to function. The Snake's army can't destroy them as a result, but this does not affect playability or balance much. Great use of the dirt affect and a swamp to create some nice scenery.

Story and Instructions: 3.5

It's a good story, with a few grammatical errors. After reading, however, I feel I have more questions to ask than questions answered. Most notably, why does the Wolf attack you in the end? Why does the Wolf care - it's the Snake's feud with the main character. Perhaps the Wolf is a relative or a close friend and ally of the Snake? While this isn't necessarily a negative point, you can answer such questions to provide a longer, detailed story.
Instructions are clear and concise.

- - - - -

FINAL SCORE: 3.6/5.0

Well done, LegionHero.

[Edited on 03/21/13 @ 09:09 AM]

File Author
First of all thanks for your reviews palat.

Since I'm not very good at English, I had to use google translator to write the story, but it was more difficult than expected. Some typical expressions of my language are not translated as I want, so it's easy to confuse the words for the computer. I had to readjust the story, but there are still many imperfections, which the computer processes it wants.

I added something to explain the arrival of the Wolf

All in all, it went well, so I have no reason to complain too much. :)

[Edited on 06/22/11 @ 07:11 AM]

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