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Acre(Akko) Stronghold

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1

Acre(Akko) Stronghold - "Inside struggles"


This is a recreation of the Acre Stronghold as a map with economical targets. The city map on which I recreated it was from the end of medieval times however so any siege would've been fictional. I have made it within two days (less than 12 hours altogether) but I think it ended up quite nice. The player has 16 years to achieve the following tasks:
> Population 500
> Gold 25,000
> Blessed 25%
> Ale coverage 100%
> Fruits 500
> Iron ingots 500
> Swords 300
> Armors 300

In this map, GOLD is the key to success because the iron mines are far too few to supply the development of 300 swords and armors AND 500 iron ingots stored fast enough therefore the player has to buy iron constantly, which we all know it's not that cheap. Taxes and a good food production is also requied. The events are scripted by conditions and not by time.

I also wrote a couple of hints, I suggest reading them after you played the map at least once (unless you win it from the first try).

Middle-ages Castle History

Following the defeat of the Byzantine army of Heraclius by the Muslim army of Khalid ibn al-Walid in the Battle of Yarmouk, and the capitulation of the Christian city of Jerusalem to the Caliph Umar, Acre came under the rule of the Arab caliphate beginning in 638. The Arab conquest brought a revival to the town of Acre, and it served as the main port of Palestine through the Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates that followed, and through Crusader rule into the 13th century.

It was captured by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem in 1104 in the First Crusade and the Crusaders also made the town their chief port in Palestine. Around 1170 it became the main port of the eastern Mediterranean, and the kingdom of Jerusalem was regarded in the west as enormously wealthy above all because of Acre.

According to an English contemporary, it provided more for the Crusader crown than the total revenues of the king of England. It was re-taken by Saladin in 1187, and unexpectedly besieged by Guy of Lusignan reinforced by Pisan naval and ground forces at first, in August 1189. But it was not captured until July 1191 by Richard I of England, Philip of France, Leopold of Austria with what was left of the German army and the rest of the crusader's army. It then became the capital of the remnant of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1192. In 1229 it was placed under the control of the Knights Hospitaller. The Crusaders called the city "Acre" or "Saint-Jean d'Acre" since they mistakenly identified it with the Philistine city of Ekron, in northern Philistia, now southern Israel. It was the final stronghold of the Crusader state, and fell to the Mameluks of Egypt in a bloody siege in 1291.

CREDITS: History taken from

As the ruler of Acre, your main task is to supply Jerusalem with more goods, and this summer's request is quite large, based mainly on heavy weapons and iron. Will you gather everything in time or be taken away off the king position?

City historical map

Present satelite view

Scenario citadel

Improvements include:
- Added more trees
- Added camels
- Added some sand dunes
- Beach visual improvements
- Lose event condition changed from 1 stone to 5 stones. (this means the castle can suffer some modifications, but not too many)

Enjoy the map and good luck


AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.5
Highly playable. An interesting mission which has all the aspects of an economic mission. Gold is to be gathered but is also needed to buy some necessary goods which makes the level interesting. I liked this fact. But the fact I liked so much is that the iron is to be bought but gold is to be gathered. Swords and Armors are also to be gathered with iron but iron is also to be gathered mostly by gold. But again gold is to be gathered!! Very interesting. I really liked this chain of puzzle. This increases the playability of the map and the player have to decide which of them he/she gathers first. Now I invert the angle of playability. There are some expectations such as food trading, apple farming etc. In updated version, player can now modify the castle to some extent which has increased the playability ratings. So 4.5
Balance: 4.5
Acquiring 500 iron and required swords and armorers was not easy. As you described that the gold is key to success but there are very few options of gathering gold except tax. This is not meant to be that if there is more population, more taxes will be gathered. For this player also have to establish a balance between negative and positive for gathering tax. Balance can be established but taxes are not enough. You have enabled weapons trading but I should say that the money I earn from them is all spent over buying iron and farm products. Disabling apple farming doesn't effect the players much. You would have to do something different for collecting gold that might looks easy but not easy...

Creativity: 4.5
Nice castle design. Not too much complex. The main citadel looks more creative. The towers, the walls, and the buildings placements have increased the creativity of this scenario. Events are scripted well and are linked to the conditions. But there would be some events without conditions which would check the player's development at particular stage. So that the player could find it more interesting. This can be done by expanding the defeat timer and by scripting more events. So a little score is minimized.

Map Design: 5
In your updated version, map design is just perfect. Camels, tress and improved beach design have increased the map design rating. As much of the map includes castle and the castle is perfect, so a rating 5.

Story/Instructions: 5
As earlier story and instructions are given perfectly informing the player also the earlier stages of this castle during muslim era. Unlike before, objectives and conditions are also given. On other hand you should read more than twice the history you have taken from Wikipedia if there are any grammar problems. But I can't give you less ratings this time. So a five.

Additional Comments:
A perfect job done in less than 12 hours. Take this review as my first review on this site. Please forgive if there are any mistakes in ratings. Overall excellent map. Accept this review as from amateur to professional player not from professional to amateur.

[Edited on 07/12/11 @ 06:06 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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