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The Chronicles of Darlindur: The Challenge of the new King

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2


‘’The legend says that the kingdom of Erekea was created by the ancient gods, and from them it was given to the men who now live there. Again according to legend, the human people chose four representatives to speak with the gods. The ambassadors were brought in front of the most powerful of all gods, Asol, the God of Earth and Fire. Together they decided that humans would choose a king to govern Erekea, and to speak with the Gods. The next day, the four humans were returned to Earth, and told the people what they should do. For the first time everyone lived in peace and harmony, and it was decided that the four ambassadors were to reign over Erekea, as a reward for their courage. The four kings were good and just the beginning, but over time their greed grew enormously, and began to fight among themselves. During the 3 rd Council was established that every sovereign would take a part of the kingdom. But this was not enough, and soon the four kings began to war. The youth died, burned the crops and the cattle became ill. The gods tried to intervene, but humans had become unfaithful, and no longer believed in the existence of the Gods. So the gods could only watch the slow destruction of the world they had created.

Darlindur,clerk of court.''


I still can not believe...the attack was stopped! The inhabitants were able to defend them. The battle seemed hopeless, and yet we won. Fortunately, we found that secret passage into the mountains to bring back the cavalry. But now the worst is over: the heir is safe and has been recognized as king by the other sovereigns except one. Ferguil, the king of the lands to the west. We have to convince him to accept Ithara as the fourth king, or the council can not be met. But first there is much to think about. We must set up the coronation ceremony. It should be solemn and majestic, so that gives a good impression of the king. There will be many noble and influential people. If the ceremony goes well we will have good hopes for the future of the young new King was of course something goes wrong. The Gods, angry at having failed, they attacked the cathedral, seeking to kill the king ..

Darlindur,clerk of court.


The ancient cathedral of Asol was the first to be built, and was dedicated to the most powerful of the gods. When people believe they stopped the building was used for parties and ceremonies. In the past kings and queens were buried in the crypt of this church. The building is shaped like a cross, the central part consists of three naves, the two sides with a single aisle. At its heart is the altar, and behind there is an apse with a few seats.

The enemy is numerous and well armed. Use wisely the royal guard and the archers. The crypts are full of traps, and many of these enemies will die. You have some engineer with boiling oil. Some monks will help you fight, and make good use.


After saving the king of the gods by the troops, he decided to convene a meeting of advisers to address the problems of the kingdom. The most obvious is the lack of a capital city: the ancient Gaemlena had been razed to the ground, and now had to find a new capital. Other problems were less important than the administration of justice, tax exemption, the beginning of epidemic, the lack of the royal treasury, the decaying road system and many others. First you must think of the capital. It had to be a rich city, positioned strategically, defensible and well known by all. Suddenly I had an idea: the city of Solaria. When King ruled the four still together and in peace, the capital of the kingdom was Solaria. It was a beautiful city, full of life. But when the king divided the city fell into disrepair and was abandoned. I said to the King and he approved of my idea. After asking a small amount of funding to the other two kings, gathered the survivors of Solaria and moved to Gaemlena. Slowly the city was rebuilt, and a new trade pact with the monarchs who had lent the money guaranteed rapid economic growth of the city.
But when the gods came to know that the young King had not only survived but became stronger, they were enraged. The new King had re-created from scratch an army and a capital. Darlgi needed a lesson. An army was sent to besiege amazing Solaria and end the life of the young King Fortunately I was warned in a dream, and so we could be ready for when the enemies would come ...

Darlindur,clerk of court.


The city of Solaria was built in ancient times, and was built according to the canons of that time. The town grew in height, where dozens and dozens of towers soar into the sky. Some of these towers do not have access, so if the soldiers who are killed over it, the tower will remain undefended. The city has two entrances: a bridge to the West and a gate to the South. To go to the fortress you have to cross another gate.

You have a number of archers and crossbowmen, but some can not move out of their seats. You also have a few pikemen and swordsmen different. The knights who had saved the King in Chapter Two are still at your service, and you use it immediately.

No enemy or invasion left
The King must survive

Reach 100 people

Completing this goal will come forty archers, you can use to improve the defenses of the castle. The problem is that a gang of bandits have kidnapped people and held captive in a cave to the north. You must hurry to release them before the enemy soldiers arrive. Use your faithful knights.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord_of_Hell The river and castle looks good, I'll check it out soon.
File Author
I hope you enjoy with the bonus map too
Lord_of_Hell So, I played through your map.
The high custom high towers gave a special feeling when defending the castle. I also saw that you used smaller invasions, that's a good thing and makes the map more balanced as the invasions work at their best.
So the map was quite balanced but not too hard with the strategy I used: I just retreated to the keep with all the troops and when the masses of troops got in the castle, I set it to burn. Kind of suicidal tactic but It worked fine as long as the keep was safe and the enemy troops were dieing fast. I had to sacrifice the troops blocked on the custom towers.
The starting gameplay freetime is a gap a bit too big I believe.
As for the terrain designing, I can say you did a quite good job on the terrain height and the river as well, but it's obviously, the terrain is just... too empty. Except a few tiny rocks, there is nothing than endless grass. Even if there's no actual forest, a couple of trees and bushes would give the place a more natural look. And remember, usually around a river there are either beaches or trees, none of those being available in your map.

Besides a few weak spots, it was a good map.
As for the bonus map, it was too easy. I just blocked the swordsmen's path with a wall, then deleting the wall and so on. The swordsmen were walking around under my archers arrows until they all died. With a good use of that strategy and some patience, the map can be won with no losses at all I believe. But anyway, the idea of a bonus map is a good one and your effort to make a castle out of walls only was clear.

So, keep the maps coming. Good work :)
File Author

Thank you for playing it LOH. Regarding the scenario I had thought that since the castle was a ruin before, even the ground around it was to be desolate. The bonus mission but I believe I have the wrong file. I had two, and one had turned off the availability of buildings. I think I confused the two. I will provide to fix things.

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