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The Chronicles of Darlindur: New Alliances

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2


‘’The legend says that the kingdom of Erekea was created by the ancient gods, and from them it was given to the men who now live there. Again according to legend, the human people chose four representatives to speak with the gods. The ambassadors were brought in front of the most powerful of all gods, Asol, the God of Earth and Fire. Together they decided that humans would choose a king to govern Erekea, and to speak with the Gods. The next day, the four humans were returned to Earth, and told the people what they should do. For the first time everyone lived in peace and harmony, and it was decided that the four ambassadors were to reign over Erekea, as a reward for their courage. The four kings were good and just the beginning, but over time their greed grew enormously, and began to fight among themselves. During the 3 rd Council was established that every sovereign would take a part of the kingdom. But this was not enough, and soon the four kings began to war. The youth died, burned the crops and the cattle became ill. The gods tried to intervene, but humans had become unfaithful, and no longer believed in the existence of the Gods. So the gods could only watch the slow destruction of the world they had created.
Darlindur,clerk of court.''


This chapter is very special from the point of view of the game: the three maps must be played in a specific order. But there is a paradox in the history of the order is reversed to what you have to play. Now I will tell you the story so you'll understand ...

After repelling the hordes of enemies to the young King Solaria convene the council of war. Also I am called. His speech is simple: the war against the gods is not just a challenge between the king and the gods, but in a war between humanity and the Gods. We must set up the largest army ever seen. It will encompass all the nations of the four realms soldiers, mercenaries and even bandits. Everyone must commit themselves to save our Earth. Are immediately sent messengers to the other three kings, even what he has not yet accepted the sovereignty of the young King's knights will be sent in each country and each city to recruit every soldier. All cities need to make a contribution to weapons and supplies. Everyone must do their part. The orders were immediately executed. The response of the two kings came true at once: their armies were ready! The third king was not convinced yet (still in Chapter V). They were recruited mercenaries and bandits. As for the soldiers were well advanced. The problem was that there were no weapons and armor

Darlindur, clerk of court.

.... and here begins our story ...

The city of Lanodin was used to produce weapons for the army. It stood near the town of iron mines, and a local merchant will sell large quantities. Unfortunately, the enemy was advancing relentlessly, and soon arrive near the settlement. The governor realized he could not resist and asked for help from a nearby village. In this village there was a garrison of archers of the royal army. But when the messenger came to town, he saw that he had been conquered, and the archers had been imprisoned. While returning to report the news to the governor, the messenger was captured by bandits. They wanted to kill him. But the messenger began to speak. He told about the war, said that everyone should unite to fight, said they had a common enemy, said that they had to fight at his side. Amazed by the speech, accepted the bandits. They had to leave the archers, then they would go to help the governor. But the troops of the Gods suddenly emerged from the forest. Needed to defeat them, and quickly!



Version: 1.2
Size: 160X160
Difficulty: Normal

The camp is surrounded by some of the bandits rock walls. On top of these were placed a few shields. There are two signs: one in the Northeast and one in South-West. The latter is very close to the camp, so there's little space for archers.

You have a lot of archers, spearman and some few swordsman. The enemy will attack with archers and dealers. Place your archers with care, so they can strike well the enemies while take cover behind their shields.



Version: 1.2
Size: 300X300
Difficulty: Normal

Vindel The village lies on a strange rock formation in the shape of a cross, in the midst of a dense forest. It 'consists of two levels of wooden palisades and some buildings outside. Just to the east there is the prison where the archers are watched by guards.

The bandits are gathered in the village outside, use them to regain the country. After hurry to release the prisoners, but be careful: not the gods will be watching, try to regain the village. The enemies will come from four different points, but are only a few spearmen and archer.



Version: 1.2
Size: 200X200
Difficulty: Normal

Lanodin is a small fortified city, surrounded by a moat. As mentioned above, is situated near an ore of iron. It 'consists of two levels. In one spread out the buildings, the barn and there is another fortress.

The enemy will come from two places, north-west and south-east. There will be spearmen, archers and warrior monks. You have 5 years to forge the weapons required. Use it wisely archers who come to your soccor.
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peter2008 Hello LegionHero,

these are all interesting missions. Funny is that the AI characters come up with units other than expected (the Wolf with weaker though numerous troops).

Liked mission 2 the most as it is about the right tactics within short time. This one still needs win and loose conditions.
File Author

First of all thank you for the download;)
Now follow your advice I will try to remedy the error and will do an update

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