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The Chronicles of Darlindur: Against the Tyrant

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
Sorry for the delay but I was on holiday


‘’The legend says that the kingdom of Erekea was created by the ancient gods, and from them it was given to the men who now live there. Again according to legend, the human people chose four representatives to speak with the gods. The ambassadors were brought in front of the most powerful of all gods, Asol, the God of Earth and Fire. Together they decided that humans would choose a king to govern Erekea, and to speak with the Gods. The next day, the four humans were returned to Earth, and told the people what they should do. For the first time everyone lived in peace and harmony, and it was decided that the four ambassadors were to reign over Erekea, as a reward for their courage. The four kings were good and just the beginning, but over time their greed grew enormously, and began to fight among themselves. During the 3 rd Council was established that every sovereign would take a part of the kingdom. But this was not enough, and soon the four kings began to war. The youth died, burned the crops and the cattle became ill. The gods tried to intervene, but humans had become unfaithful, and no longer believed in the existence of the Gods. So the gods could only watch the slow destruction of the world they had created.
Darlindur,clerk of court.''


Finally, the army is ready. Thousands of people lined with shining armor. Thousands of armed men united to save their land. The young king is head of this incredible army. Now it's time to unveil the plan of battle. Gods do not expect an attack, and this reason we will ensure the victory. But first you must defeat the only one who has not sworn allegiance to the young King There is one last monarch to beat. It's time to attack his castle. We will use only a part of our great army, because we can not risk losing all of our soldiers in a single siege. We began the preparations. Meanwhile, the Tyrant had heard that the young King was coming to kill him. Immediately begins preparations: it strengthens the walls, recruits new soldiers and spread pitch around the castle. I only know the reason why he joined us, is possessed by the gods. Not enough to kill him, we must also kill the emissary of God which dwells in the city.



The castle stands on the slopes of the Great Marstamg mountain range, on an artificial plateau. It 'consists of an outer wall, which encloses the old city and temples, another wall that divides the city from the fortress and the walls of the fortress. has been made abundant use of pitch, so you need to be very careful. Also among the houses were raised wooden barricades to protect the divine emissary. The outer walls are tall and massive, punctuated by towers and gates. Between the two fences is a beautiful road that connects the two gates.


Your strategy was simple: to send out scouts to see if there was the pitch and then deploy troops in a single point. The explorers will report two things: there is no pitch on the ground, but there is no space to deploy all your troops. Since there is no pitch you decide to split them into three groups, and you stay with the largest. But during the night from the castle out of the engineers strewn pitch on the ground. Now you find yourself separated from other groups, without which you will never succeed in this endeavor.


-To win you have to kill the Tyrant (rat) and the emissary (wolf)
-Kill the Tyrantand and get new archers
-Kill the messenger and get new archers
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4
The map, design and overall layout provided a very good gameplay, fun and entertaining. However the easiness of the map disappointed me and a map this easy doesn't look highly replayable. There are a couple of different strategies one can use, but each having different levels of difficulty so using the best one simply erases the rest of possibilities.

Balance: 2.5
Taking into consideration the purpose to create a map winnable for most of the players, the map still looks too easy and unbalanced. At least for me.

As I said before in the comment, my first try on this map was made on very hard. I didn't really thought I was going to win, yet the strategy I used overtook the large fortification without using all the troops, ending with a 50% losses.

Castle fire traps are oversized, a couple of knights being able to clean the path very well. If the traps were smaller and more, triggering them would have been much harder.
On another hand, the counter-attack didn't do more than scratching a couple of troops.

Shields shouldn't be removed, although using them has a lot of advantages. Besides the map simply being too easy, my suggestions for a better balance would be:
- Pitch ditches placed in smaller and more groups.
- Killing pits in certain spots like gatehouses/entrances/key points
- Enemy castle using shields for some wall troops (xbows/boiling engineers) so they won't die that fast.
- A more difficult counter-attack.
- Player inability to rebuild shields/siege engines
Final score: 2.5

EDIT: The updated version contained significant improvements, like a harder difficulty and pitch regrouping. Having the map played on VH again, the score was 40% but a lot more effort was needed. Updated score: 3.5

Creativity: 3,5
This looked like a very creative map and I've seen a couple of nice aspects in the design. In addition, the story was a very original piece of work. However, simply the lack of details across the map keeps me from giving a higher score.

Map Design: 4
Some areas lacks in details, the mountains especially. Except 2-3 rocks in the middle of them, I haven't seen anything else. I know it's just a mountain, but details, like a more varied use of elevation and usage of different terrain types would make those areas far more natural looking.

EDIT: With a noticeably amount of terrain details added, the mark rises by 0,5. Updated score: 4,5

If a castle is big, it should also have something inside. But large inside areas of this castle aren't covered with anything. Big castles are hard to defend and the old kings weren't building large fortifications for nothing - they did it to defend the many people and important buildings inside. This is an aspect where the design has less realism.

Lastly, there were a couple of areas outside of the castle that looked too flat. Again, more diversity and usage of editor tools. Those were the main reasons which kept the design out of 'perfection' but some improvements are highly possible.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
An excellent effort of writing, resulting a great story. Some sentences looked a bit short however, as well as some mistakes were present. So a 4,5.

Additional Comments:
I am willing to edit the review if the author wishes to improve on the aspects I have pointed.

[Edited on 08/02/11 @ 04:00 PM]

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Map Design4.5
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