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Wolf Pentagon

Author File Description
IUseAxe ok ok this is my first Aiv for stronghold Cr..

I like it and.. ENJOY!

Please leave comments! if like : )... or not :(


*i accidentaly Changed the Format to .aiv (Villagues Mod ) if the aiv doesn't work please tell me...


Image Hosted by
By iuseaxe at 2011-08-09

Image Hosted by
By iuseaxe at 2011-08-09

THanks to HeroesFlorian to tell me how to upload a pic = )



Oil smelter
Fire Balista
Bad things
2 Fletchers
2 Armourers
2 Armourys
2 Granarys
Horses archers outside the castle
Tower mounted Balista


2 Houses
All the Healers

Crazy thing:
1 bal and 2 mgn in 1 tower = /

Thanks To: Heroesflorian and lordnmb
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Heroesflorian you have to upload your picture onto a hosting website (e.g. and then insert the html link to the picture/smaller preview of the picture here (enable html code in your map description!).


File Author
where the **** can i enable Html code? i only have this code ( is http )

Can you help me plx
Heroesflorian press the "update"-button. Then, in the appearing screen, there is a field for "file description / author's comments", and between that sub-headline and the box for writing you can chose a "format" - either plain text, or html. Set it to html.

Next, log in at imageshack, mark your picture and click "get codes for websites", copy that code and paste it in your map description.

That's it.
However, at least a link to your picture (which you have given in your comment), is also ok :)
But I would recommend you to add another picture, showing the castle during a skirmish game. This way people can imagine how the castle will look like much better.

lordnmb I downloaded your first AIV. You have a great design here, and everything seems well thought out!

My only suggestions would be to cut down on a lot of the buildings. Even though you have extra wells and healers (which The Wolf doesn't use in his default designs), it's going to really be a stretch to get the AI to build all of the hovels you have placed.

With the limited amount of farmland usually available, you should really employ the use of some negative fear-factor buildings to bump up the productivity of the AI's fields. Otherwise such a large population is not likely to occur.

The Wolf is designed to build a 10 hovel population driven by a -2 to -5 fear factor to fuel his (up to) 6 quarries. That is how this AI personality primarily generates its gold.

Fear factor is even more important to get The Wolf to make enough swords and armour since he will only build a maximum of three iron mines.

You may also want to add another armoury too as The Wolf has no problem topping off two of them if he is doing well.

I noticed you have HBow (I think that's horse archer) markers on some of the towers and gatehouses. The only *ranged* units that The Wolf will garrison his towers with is Xbow and Bow.

He will still make mercenary units, but he only uses these to attack advancing armies, guard his industries and farms, and occasionally harass enemy units.

Overall though, you've done a great job on your first castle. I hope we see more from you!

[Edited on 08/09/11 @ 12:59 AM]

Heroesflorian I downloaded your file a few days ago and just opened the file in the aiv editor. I noticed that there is NO pitch placed here. Then I just downloaded the file again and there is still no pitch there. As in the picture file, there IS pitch I think you maybe uploaded the wrong version of your castle? Check that please.

Now some comments on the castle:
Apart from adding another armoury and maybe some moat outside, you should also reduce the amount of inns in your castle. You have 7 of them and every inn is enough for up to 30 people, so 7 inns would be enough for a population of up to 210 people. But the max. population ((number of hovels (16) x 8) + 10 (keep population)) for this castle is at 138, so 5 inns would be enough. Moreover, as lordnmb already pointed out, this Wolf aiv doesn't need all 16 hovels (so, some of them could be removed), so 4 inns may also do.
And less inns also means less breweries required --> more space for other buildings (second armoury, ...)
And try placing the (necessary) hovels very early in the setup, as the ai will only build them when he runs out of free peasants, so placing them "too early" is impossible - if the ai doesn't need them yet, he just waits with building them until he needs them. But when the hovels were placed too late, the ai can not build them early enough, sometimes. (I don't think this is the case here, but it is sth to keep in mind for future aivs probably.)

The balance of your weapon workshops could also be improved: You made 2 of every weapon workshop, but 2 blacksmiths making swords and 2 poleturners making pikes will produce a lot faster than only 2 armourers. I suggest adding 1-2 additional armourers. One or two extra fletchers may also help. And as Wolf will always buy wood and sell crossbows if he produces more than he needs, he can also make some extra profit this way - and as you have too many hovels anyway, and some free space in the castle, it could easily be done.

What lordnmb also already mentioned is that you placed "HBW" spots. Sometimes Wolf even uses these spots - but as they are for horse archers, it's no use placing them on towers and gates. Instead you could place them outside the walls, if you want to place them at all.

In contrast, you placed neither oil engineer spots nor a oil smelter (to get the boiling oil). Some of these guys with oil at the keep entrance can improve his defenses a lot!

Furthermore, not all bow and xbow spots were placed. I suggest placing them in those towers where currently the HBW spots are set - you know, more ranged units means a better defense for the Wolf (or any other ai).

And as I see, no trebuchets or fire ballistae were placed - at least some fire ballistae could help him fending off his enemies.

You also placed no ballistae on his towers. These have a longer range than catapults, archers, fire ballistae and almost the same range as trebuchets, so they are a good addition to any castle defense. I see you placed 2 mangonels per tower, but please notice that (although there are 5 spots) only the spots 1-3 will be set for fire ballistae, trebuchets, ballistae and mangonels, so your 4th mangonel spot is "useless".

Ok... what else... you should maybe spread the wells more equally over the castle to ensure fast fire extinguishing everywhere, before the fire has time to spread over the whole castle.
And placing "industry" buildings close to stockpile and armoury (weapon production)/granary (bakeries - not for the Wolf, of course) is always a good method to increase their efficiency, strengthening the economy of the aiv. In exchange, barracks, mercenary post, engineers guild, hovels, trading post can be moved a bit further away as they don't have to be regularly attended by any workers. By the way I would place the engineers guild a bit earlier.

Probably this sounds quite negative now. But still this castle is no bad castle, and some of the mistakes almost everyone makes in the beginning - including myself :) Especially for a first try your castle is really fine, and I'm looking forward to future castle files from you :)

All I want to do when listing mistakes/weak aspects is helping you to get even better at castle building, and I hope my points may help you a bit!


PS: by the way I really like the shape of your castle!

[Edited on 08/09/11 @ 10:35 AM]

poool452 Sory I will not comment castle (looks good imo) but i have question for Heroesflorian :
Looks you know some details I don´t :)
- when I am in my custom AIV placing pitch trap (you know - oil+flame), archers from wolf´s towers never burn out this traps even with braziers on towers.
What I am doing wrong ?
Thanks for help.

For IUseAxe : rear part of your castle have no balistas or magnolias . Big mistake, because then rear part of castle is defenceless against enemy's catapults (crosbowmens and archers have no so distant range).
You can put in Wolf´s towers max 3 balistas and 3 magnolies, so use it. Very powerful.

[Edited on 08/20/11 @ 09:59 AM]

Heroesflorian @poool: I think the rear part is ok - most enemies attack from front and bigger towers would force him to change the walls layout probably... or, no it would work. So you're right with that, good idea.

About Wolf's archers: Usually they should light the pitch ditch when necessary. But the Wolf is known for using his pitch very efficiently - only lighting the pitch ditch when a lot of enemies are on it.
So... maybe just try sending more troops onto his pitch - then he should light it.

In contrast to that, e.g. Saladin or some other ais light pitch ditch very "early" - I remember a game when I had an allied Saladin and some hostile ones, and, really whenever the hostile ones attacked, exactly 1 (!) slave survived the bombardement of Saladin's and mine archers while approaching and managed to get onto the pitch and - boooom! - my Saladin lit it all :D

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