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Richard IV's Crusade

Author File Description
Lord Loxly
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
I would like to have a few reviews for my Campaign. I'm currently at Mission 3 of probably 20. Stay tuned and make sure to follow the topic to get the latest missions and the files.

Campaign Storyline

As a young boy you always wanted to be a Duke or better yet a King of the land. Your mother always use to tell you, "Now now little one, we all know that God makes us who we are don't complain and go back to doing your chores!" You always knew that someday you would prove mother wrong, and become a King.

More than 15 years later as a traveler; you have seen and experienced a lot of the horrors of the known world. You decide it's time to settle down for a while and become something of yourself. You finally find a nice looking place to stay, the innkeeper said that the land you are in is called.. Bastonia; the King is Richard IV. We sat and chatted a while, she then told me of a rumor that gave me the spark i once had as a child to become a King. She said, "The word is the King is becoming sick! He needs to find someone else to rule for him. He does not know who he can trust though; his family has all passed away in the last few years." I then knew that my destiny was to become KING of Bastonia.

I went to talk to Richard IV about Bastonia. We shared tales of the world we had both traveled. The King said something about his 'Last Crusade' and i am beginning to wonder what this old man is going to make of himself. I suppose now is the time to make a move and try to get on his good side.

Mission 1 - "A Fresh Start"

After recent promotion to Squire of Bastonia the king has asked you to earn 1000 gold, acquire 190 wood, and 85 stone for his upcoming crusade. Which will be his last. If you wish to become the next king you must first do a few things for the king.... This.... this is a good start.


- Earn 1000 gold
- Acquire 190 Wood
- Acquire 85 Stone
- Wipe out the enemy patrol near your newly founded keep.
- Raise as much of an army as you can with the given materials and available workshops.


Mission 2 - Siege of Bantioch


King Richard IV as impressed to hear the news that you completed the task he gave you.Richard is
indeed beginning to trust you. Even though you are a born leader, he needs to know if you can fight. He gives you a
reasonably large army to defeat and take back the city of Bantioch from the recent rising rebels. He believes you can
accomplish this task easily. They will not be all that prepared but news has came from scouts and messengers that they are
trying to prepare for some sort of battle. Richard to you, "Leave a Squire, and don't come back until you are the Lord of
Bantioch!" As you walk out bowing, "Yes, My Lord."


- Take the city of Bantioch back from the uprising rebels
- Either Rebuild the city, or make your own with the keep i made you. Survive the invasions that will come (125+ troops)
- Kill the rebel leader that is in the city
- BONUS If you kill all the lions on the map a bonus will be applied. Wait until the siege is over to kill the lions.


Mission 3 - Push Back


As you complete your latest task from the King, he sends you a dispatch reading, " I hope that by now you will already have beaten the rebels at Bantioch! I know that you're men are tired but they will just have to push through fatigue and hunger because i need one more favor of you and your army before we can start the Crusade. I need you to go to Fort Raner to replenish the walls and build an encampment. With this camp we can slowly push into the last rebel base. Seeing that the fort is so close to enemy territory I would expect a few attacks brought by them to rid you of the land. Remember, there army is massive!! Do not underestimate what they can do!

-- Objectives:

- Complete the castle walls
- Last out the enemy invasions
- Acquire enough ale for your men to rest and drink (%25 must be drinking ale)
- Bless your men and people with chapels and churches to enlighten their hearts (%45 must be blessed)

Good luck!


Campaign Download (Updated As missions release) -
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Loxly
File Author
Constructive criticism is encouraged. Also please leave a review if you liked, or didn't like the first mission.
Lithuania12 Just normal Economic Scenario :) Keep them coming!
jt989 i have a question

when you make new missions, will you update this file/post, or make a new one?
Lord Loxly
File Author
I will update the download link on the bottom of the information, and i will re-upload the file with the first, second, third, etc missions on it as well.
Rifki_221 how to make apple tree? *sorry my english ;)
Lord Loxly
File Author
Sorry bu you can't. Some things you cannot build because it could make it to easy to achieve goals :D Have to put some sort of challenge in it!

By the way everyone!! Mission 2 a Siege, Invasion map will be released within an hour of right now!!
Lord Loxly
File Author
Mission 3 will be added Sunday or Monday!
Lord Loxly
File Author
Mission 3 OUT!!!
peter2008 Hello Lord Loxly,

many thanks for your Campaign. Here some comments.
First after extracting, I renamed the map files, more precisely, added a heading "RIV 1" etc. before the individual titles. Thus the impression of subsequence is kept in the list of the in-game Scenario section.
Imo, it would be better to submit the following maps separately instaed of updating the current file.
Btw, if both invasions and eco goals are part of the course, we use to label these as "eco-invasions" which should be submitted to the Invasions section of Strongold Heaven.

Map 1. A maze-like area where one has to run a village under limited condotions of food source and space.

Map 2. A long time for build-up until in the end an invasion arrives. Also, an enemy castle has to be captured which dominates the most part of the land. Starting troops and goods are there in abundance.
Two problems: the sign posts are all located close to the Keep, so the incoming invaders will be slaughtered immediately. This happens in 1216, but victory will not be triggered before 1220. Pls put in the starting date here in an update.

Map 3. I found this one to be the most attractive mission as both starting goods, troops and space are limited so that success depends alot on the managing choices of the player.
Same problems as above: sign post is too close (map too small). The invasions cannot unfold properly.
Lord Loxly
File Author
Thanks for the feedback peter. I will make some changes to the next mission and the whole campaign itself with your input considered. It's good to get feedback from people so i can make the changes i need to make this fun for everyone. Once again thanks for taking the time to submit a comment and let me know what you thought of the campaign so far.

- thanks
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