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Johann's Folly

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1
The remnants of what appeared to be a large fortified town lay in utter ruin. The ground barren and dried of almost all water did not even allow most weeds to grow, and the ones that did, did not grow well. Charred husks of buildings littered the surrounding wall and hill. The crumbling keep was in well enough condition, but the battlements could not even support themselves, much less a defending garrison or the weight of projectiles. Sir Blackwell looked around grimly. "And to think a generation ago, this city was of more than a thousand souls and the countryside able to support at least ten times that number."

It had been almost twenty years since the young Sir Blackwell had followed Lord Johann into the Badlands. The land near the lake held many oasis and plenty of land for grazing or farming. However, the deeper Lord Johann drove his enemies back, the less hospitable the land became. His forces eventually ended up at the ancient city of Alhamah only to find rotting walls and a dried river bed. Without sufficient stores to survive a longer trek into the desert, Lord Johann decides to attempt to rebuild Alhamah under a new name: Johannestadt.

At the age of 60, the old conquerer believed himself to be the ultimate wisdom on Earth as well as the ultimate victor. The requests he made of his men routinely became more eccentric if not all but suicidal. After seizing the Northern gate to the Badland's territory thanks to Sir Blackwell's heroic and systematic clearing of the mountains around the old monestary as well as his efforts to rebuild the church as a fortress resulted in much fame for Lord Johann at home in Europe. Sir Blackwell remains loyal to Lord Johann, but his doubt in his Lord's judgement grows.

With the establishment of a base in the new settlement of Johannestadt, Sir Black well receives news of a strike force just across the dried river and over a large ridge. He decides that the force his waiting for reinforcements before it advances upon Johannestadt. "The time to attack is now!" Sir Blackwell once again mounted his horse. "To the enemy we shall go, my men! We shall be victorious!"

-150 Population to build Johannestadt
-No enemy or invasions left
-Keep enclosed

There is no oasis on this map, make a balance of good things and mining industry to keep your people happy! You have 14 game years to win. Good luck my liege!

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
return of Yasko
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5
You've authored another solid eco-invasion map. Playability is excellent. You must effectively manage a constantly compromised economy with trade and fend off bandits at the same time so there's never a dull moment. Few trees far apart forces you to use your wood wisely, and wise placement of towers/troops is a must, as you never know what direction the enemy is going to attack you on.

Balance: 3.5
Balance was good overall, but a few elements with the scripting and resource placement could perhaps use some adjustment. I felt the time between the second attack and the last invasion was too long. This allowed me to accrue so much trade/tax revenue that I was able to amass a huge army of knights, archers, and fire ballistas by the time the final invasion hit, which made the last invasion a little too easy (they did do a great job of breaching my walls though :D), so I'd say the map is currently moderate difficulty instead of hard. I'd either reduce the amount of iron available or shorten the time. Also, I think your intention was to have the stone quarries far from your keep to be utilized in order to get enough stone. However, there was enough stone near the keep to place one stone quarry (to the right of the keep), which was enough to provide 3 towers and a double wall by the last invasion. I didn't have to build on all that extra stone afterall. I'd take the near stone away if you want it to be harder.

Creativity: 4
Nothing particularly new about building up to a massive final invasion at the end of the scenario, but this one was designed very well! Not only do you have to eliminate the enemy, but you must make sure they don't kill so many peasants that you'd fail the mission. The army was massive and surrounded your entire keep with many different types of troops. You had to do a lot of troop movement to eliminate them all before time was up, which I'm sure was your intention. The feel of the map matches the scenario story very well.

Map Design: 4.5
As usual a great design, and a lot of attention to the details.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
Nice story. It cold work as a single scenario, but the story has an open-ended conclusion that could lend to a sequel or series, which I wouldn't mind at all :)

Additional Comments:
Another keeper. Great work!

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Map Design4.5
Favorites: [Who?]1
Size:535.15 KB