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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.1

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The Duke of Talrokburg has long been disliked by his people. He has defended them, however, through countless invasions and famines. Although the Duke subjugated accused criminals and witches to the most barbaric of punishment, his people had always accepted his rule as the best of all possible worlds - based on the fact is was the only one they knew.

On the guards most loyal to the Duke were ever allowed to travel to other cities on the coast, and all visitors to the city were directed through the harbor based at the fortress, separated from the rest of the regular subjects. One day, however, a new face came to the city. He arrived in a peculiar fashion: His ship, caught in a storm, wrecked at the base of the cliff castle and he was forced to swim ashore.

He survived with a few of his best men. He and his group walked the desert around the mountain and the castle and soon arrived at the gates of the city. The city guard allowed him entry because they recognized him as a war hero. He was greeted in the city by a few of the city guard, but met only the suspicious and fearful eyes of the citizens as he passed down the main street. Upon entering the heavily fortified main keep for the Duke Talrokburg, he found that the methods of keeping the city under control were far from civil.

"Duke, I am Captain Freeman. I have come to your fine, outlying city in order to set myself up on my own estate and to create for myself my own land on which to bring goods and taxes to his most holy and almighty King of England."

The Duke was impressed with this new captain, and expected that he would soon have a suitable heir to regent of the region. He allotted a large swath of the river land outside the city to Captain Freeman, as well as an enclosed manor in which to conduct his business. However, the duke demanded taxes from the Captain whenever he wished to sell his own goods from the port, as well as maintained control over the workers of the Captain's land whenever he needed scapegoats or cowards in order to have tortured and made example of.

After only a few months of watching the treatment of the people of Talrokburg, the Captain had had enough. He secretly printed pamphlets that bade the people to demand in unison of the Duke, that their family and friends be freed from the prisons and that the severe sanctions on travel and trade be removed so that the city could prosper as well as have a contented populace.

The citizenry at once recognized the authority of the Captain. They began to meet in houses, churches and even in the halls of the Duke himself. Word of the petition soon reached the Duke's ears, however. He had his heralds announce in the main square that a meeting would be held for all those with grievances against the Duke and his rule the next day and the Duke himself would hear out the people.

The next day, as much of the city gathered in the main square to argue their petition, many more of the dissenters hid in the shadows, fearing that the Duke would not be true to his word. The Captain himself knew that the Duke was not so easily convinced to give up his power and arranged that all the men, be them workers, slaves, monks, or his few actual soldiers, be ready at a moments notice to defend the city folk from retaliation.

By noon, smoke rose clearly from the main square of Talrokburg, as well as from all over the mountain. Captain Freeman could not get into the city, however, as the city's gate was barred shut, and no guards were there to open it. Hunters soon returned from the hills and told of hearing the screams and seeing the burning of people from high up on the cliffs. The Duke clearly had never intended to hear out the people.

Captain Freeman and his men tore down the rotting section of city wall separating his estate, and found a city under marshal law. Men wandered the streets and plundered what ever they could find, and only in the name of the Duke. The main square was filled with black smoke and masses of people piled on top of one another piled in turn on massive piles of dry wood. The Duke was eradicating the revolutionaries.

The Captain's men were ready to defend themselves and the city. The Captain himself ordered his men to assemble an army to take the city. His foremen needed to find a source of stone, whether it be an actual quarry or the city walls themselves. He surrounded himself with the incoming survivors of the Duke's initial ambush on the city.

"Lord Freeman, when we went to the square, the Duke himself was there! He stood on a stage and ordered that the people who wished to petition his rule come to the front of the stage. Many of us hung back, for fear of the many soldiers on either side of the square, but more than half of the entire crowd surged forward shouting and waving their hands. The Duke snapped his fingers and in an instant the soldiers surrounded the rowdy group in front of the stage ad began slaughtering them. We stood and watched.. It took less than five minutes for their hot steel to bring down every last person in that crowd... They dragged a moaning woman to the top of the stage.. The Duke held her up by her hair, he.. he picked up a metal bludgeon and he said: 'You have angered me. Worse, you have angered my men who have always hungered for their chance to ravage this backwards, traitorous city. I can no longer defend you from them.' He.. the duke then dropped the poor woman, raised the rod above his head and brought it down, again and again on her head. He smiled the entire time.. Captain, I believe he has gone mad. Before he climbed back into his carriage, he straightened he sword and corrected his hat, then shouted with both of his hands raised high: 'RUN, MICE! THE EAGLES APPROACH!'.. We must do something before he allows the whole city to be raised!"

Captain Freeman stepped outside his manor. He could not wrap his mind around the madness of his regent, let alone the guilt he felt of hastening the Duke's descent into his horrific actions.

"We will fight a force far stronger than anything we could muster here. The Duke has committed crimes worthy of divine punishment, yet he will face it not, without our timely intrusion. Let none among you resign yourselves to hiding away or wishing for salvation. We must all, upon this very hour, stand against this tyrant. We must resign ourselves to our own sacrifices and to our own abilities as a united force of free men in order to remove this demonic presence from this land. Let us make haste, my fellow Talrokburgers! We must contain the repeated waves of those that are our enemies and in turn beat down the walls of the Duke and bring him to justice! Let us bring this Duke to his own knees and then let us bring down our own, but heavenly, bludgeon!"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

-Raise an army composed of whatever forces you may be able to muster and kill the Duke. With the Duke dead, even those guards that are the most fanatically loyal, will flee the city with a righteous fear of retribution.
-Accomplish this difficult task within 15 game years.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
return of Yasko Great story, premise, and design! With no shields available, this one is going to be hard to beat.

One thing I noticed however, is that armor workshops are available, but there is no iron on the map and iron trade has been turned off at the market, so no armor can be made or bought. Currently the strongest melee unit that can be trained are monks. Was this your intention?
File Author
I wanted the heavy units you start with to be your only ones. I was hoping that the player would have a huge mass of units that was a good mixture of many types. I forgot to disable armorer's shop but I didn't put any iron on the map so I guess it doesn't matter.

When you get the chance, would mind putting up a review? It's not actually that hard of map. It just requires average economy building for your population, but the point of the game is to amass troops and overwhelm the fortress.
return of Yasko I'd be glad to post a review, but I'm not sure if it can be beaten as is. I've tried a few times and even a huge army with a careful attack plan can't survive. I used 170 crossbowmen and 250 monks on year 11 and they still can't reach the keep. The keep and armed walls have an enormous height advantage so your unarmored units dye quickly from projectiles even with full advantage from good things. Also, there was an "outlaws have returned to our cause" event, but nobody showed up.

The main problem is there's crossbowmen and archers peppered among the massive number of units on the keep. There's no way for my crossbowman to zero in on them and clear them out before they decimate me.

Have you tried this map yourself, and beaten it?

File Author
I beat this map by continuously spawning troops and bringing the defending archers to the tower edges by feighting attack. Once they get there they stay there, so then I just used my ranged units to attack. I beat it seemingly too easy when I tested it, so I vamped up the invasions. I couldnt figure out why the bandits I scripted never showed up either.. But in the end i didn't need them.

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