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Johann's Turn

Author File Description
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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
"The time has come, Sir Blackwell."

Lord Johann stepped into the tent with a sword at the ready. His old age had made him gray, but the strength in his grip did not seem to waver.

"I cannot have a man who doubts my rule. To do so is to be a traitor to the crown and a traitor to the crown will receive no lesser penalty than death."

Sir Blackwell, still lying in his cot, did not quite realize what was happening. Lord Johann made a waving gesture and two guards came and grabbed Blackwell's arms. They dragged him from the tent and stood him before a set of makeshift stocks. They ripped Sir Blackwell's family crest from his tunic, then slapped him into the stocks.

Sir Blackwell had no time to understand what was happening. He had been pulled from bed after being accused of being a traitor and now Lord Johann was to have him executed. After all he had done for Johann, the very man who he used to be friends with, had grown distant and ever more crazy. The sun had not yet risen and except the two guards now half-asleep at their posts across the staging grounds, Sir Blackwell was alone.

He heard a whisper from behind him. He couldn't turn. A hooded face appeared in his peripheral vision. "Good Afternoon, Sir. I hope they haven't roughed you up too hard."

"Robert! Open these stocks! In the name of the King!"

"Don't worry Sir, no one will be taking your head off them shoulders..well, not today anyhow. I can't raise the alarm yet, just know that when you see an opportunity, take it!"

With that, Robert was gone and Blackwell was alone again. He thought of the many hot days he had spent clearing caves and running the camp. He let his head rest of the splintered wood and thought of the hills in France he and Johann had fought together on, he thought of the pirates that had attacked the ship in Malta. He thought of Scotland and home.

Blackwell snapped out of his dreams and saw the day. His men were everywhere around him. They were all shuffling around and muttering. No one made eye contact. Sir Black well spent the better part of a few hours trying to speak to the gathered men, but they continued their daily routine and barely paid any attention to him at all.

Lord Johann slapped his hand down on Sir Blackwell's back. He had with him twenty of his most loyal men and a long sword. One of his men carried a stout wooden stool.

"The time has come, I'm afraid." Lord Johann laughed with a shrill and stepped around in front of Blackwell. "Your men are now aware of your crimes and they live in full knowledge of your denial!" Johann turned with his arms raised from the stocks. "Here is the traitor! Today he will be of this earth no more! Ha!" Johann stopped short. The men were not joyous, they were not angry. They looked perplexed. Johann glowered back out at them. He turned, and the force of the stool hitting him in the side knocked him over.

Sir Blackwell had been released by the guards. He quickly grabbed the chopping block and threw it at Lord Johann. Johann fell to the ground, but just as quickly was back on his feet with a knife drawn. "Run you fool! I shall destroy you yet!" Sir Blackwell never looked back. He ran with the guards who had freed him to the stables. Though they passed many men, not one attempted to stop the small group. They all piled onto a few pack camels and rode off. As they gained more and more distance from the camp, they continued to check back though not once did they see any sign of followers.

Four weeks later, Sir Blackwell found himself surrounded by the last remnants of his loyal guard. Despite the lack of leadership within Lord Johann's army, Sir Blackwell learned that Johann's forces had taken the city of Lagas without losing a man. Apparently, Johann had slain the city's governor at a banquet. He fled the city while taking the lives of four more of the guests and several of the guards. He was pursued by almost all of the city guard the next day, but as soon as the defenders left, Johann's men came out of hiding throughout the city, overthrew the rest of the guard, then shut the city down. The defenders returned, but were driven back by their own battlements. The leader of the guard vowed to return and retake the city and the lives of those that had killed their beloved leader. That brilliant assault on the city was just two weeks after Sir Blackwell had escaped and now, two weeks later, Lord Johann had finally snapped. He was a recluse inside the city's keep. He had his men sweep the city over and over again for assassins. He had become paranoid that Sir Blackwell's ghost would attack him in the night and refused to allow the growth of the city to continue.

Sir Blackwell had two options: Attempt to find a way back to Tyre and from there go back home, or to attack Lagas, kill Johann, and reclaim the leadership of what was once his own army. He had less than twenty men now, but they knew they had to kill Lord Johann. His troops held no loyalty to him and with Johann gone, Sir Blackwell could take over the city and begin collecting resources to found his own castle, far from the badlands and the treachery of the desert. He made sure his men knew exactly what was needed of them and readied his own resolve.

-Kill Lord Johann with your band of men and take over the city. Gather stone and iron for your own personal interest and then make sure the people of Lagas are content. Make sure to have 100% ale happiness! Also, weather the hordes of enraged Mamelukes attempting to retake their city.
-Do not let Sir Blackwell die.

-Iron and stone are scarce in this region, use the crumbling ruins in the area of Roman lookouts and the ancient stronghold as quarries but be wary the bandits that may roam the area.
-The city has undergone a drought and is only recently recovering from famine. Fire and plague may need to be dealt with! Be sure to be ready for anything in the badlands..

Good luck and godspeed: Time is already started.
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File Author
can somebody tell me why the cede event wont work in the script anymore? I redownloaded this because i had to reinstall my crusader. the cede makes the castle your own, but you don't have the option of placing any buildings or anything.. help?
fayez2010 Hi there,

Make sure that the map contains buildings or ruins, related to only one player. Haven't you placed that ruins of any other player? For proper cede event, all buildings in a map including ruins should relate to only one player, say orange. And none of the buildings should relate to player before cede! Be sure to check it :)
File Author Ok. Thanks for the heads up. I will change the ruins in the map so that this can actually be playable again. I guess I deserve it for adding in eyecandy.
fayez2010 I've checked it myself, Hobbithole!

You've placed the ruins of player 3 and castle of player 2. For proper cede event, you should recheck the map and replace all the player 3's and human player's buildings to player 2. You can place different troops, however.
File Author
Update inbound. Ill probably do it over the next few days cuz its finals week
fayez2010 I've noticed another issue in scripting, Hobbithole. Your "Time On" will not occur!!!. If "Time Off" occurs at May, then how could "Time On" occur at June, when time is stopped. So I suggest you to link "Time On" to the same condition of that cede event i-e 'Enemy Lord Killed' and should be scripted at May. I hope you'll again update.:)

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