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Igra - The Far Land

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
Igra - The Far Land

15th September, 1065

To lady Ellyn Herenden, daughter of Sir Walter Herenden,

I beg your forgiveness for not informing you sooner about my journey. We have to leave in a hurry to catch up with the currents. Two more weeks the currents around Igra will begin to change, and we will no longer be able to access the island anymore until next year.
The reason I have to leave, may you have guessed, is because of my older brother taking the throne. I shall not tell you about the details, may they turn out to be harmful to you, but I hope you will believe me when I say I have no intention of competing him for it. I wish he would believe it too! Anyhow, Windland is no longer safe for me. Sir Wolffang suggested that I should leave for the moment. Taking the advice, I asked for my brother’s permission to go on a settlement journey to the far land Igra. With my last hope, this action may prove to him that I am not interested in the throne.
Leaving that aside, have you ever heard of our destination, Igra? It is an unsettled wild land which lies in the East of Windland, and is seperated from our land by the Sagan Sea. There are many reef barriers and strong currents circling around the cape, which make it almost unaccessible. That is the reason why this land has never been settled.
But that is not all about Igra. Covering the whole of it is a legend which my mother used to tell me when I was young. The legend takes back to when our land was still divided into several kingdoms, and when the dragons were still roaming the sky. There was a princess in a kingdom who fell in love with the young dragon lord. The King, unapproving the affair, gathered his allies and started a war against the dragons. An epic battle happened and after three days of fighting the dragon lord suffered a severe injury. The dragons were forced to retreat to their homeland, Igra. Hearing the news, the princess escaped from her kingdom, and with the help of the dragons, flied across the Sagan Sea to her love. The King’s army followed the princess, and with many efforts, they were able to land on Igra. But there was little they could do. The abrupt land and the fierce counter of the dragons prevented them from advancing, and after several months, those who were still alive abandoned the invasion and sailed home. No one had ever found the princess and the dragon lord. And from that time on, the dragons have never been sighted on the sky of Windland anymore.
Is it not a sad story? And have you ever wondered if that legend was true? It may. Around a year ago I was told by Master Woodback, a my teacher of mine, about a very old small book which he found in the Argolan castle library. It seemed to be the diary of a knight who had fought in the invasion of Igra. The diary is in bad condition, and a lot of information is lost. But according to what is left, we believe that there is a time when the currents change that allows us to reach the land. The time only lasts for around a month per year. From that time on, Master Woodback has been very excited about a journey to explore Igra. Is is not a perfect time now that I should accompany him?
This is a dangerous adventure, and who knows if there is any dragon left waiting for us on the land! But if the Wind is with us, we may find a new fertile land to settle. It hurts me a lot to have to leave you so suddenly, but I hope within a few years my brother’s doubt may ease, and I may be able to return to Windland once again. Until that time comes, I can only wish you would continue to keep me inside your heart.

With love and tender,
Aaron Windcaster

This map is the 1st part of the Igra series I am making and will upload in the future.
This map is made after Sir Prise's "Castaways - The Explorers" idea. Therefore it is more of a puzzle map than a normal economics map. All of the tricks are made by me.
My own rate is very hard. In the "diary of Writingham" file there are some hints, but very limited.
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File Author
I ran into Sir Prise's "Castaways - The Explorers" several months ago, and was very excited about his idea of a puzzle economics map, though I must say his tricks are a little simple (If you haven't tried it, I recommend you should before you go through this map). So I began on this project to create my own puzzle maps. At first I intended to post it after I finish the whole series, but now I know that with my working schedule and my laziness, if I didn't post it now, it might never be posted.
This is my ever first posted map. All of the tricks' ideas are from me (I can't be sure if anyone else has the same ideas). The design is kind of plain, as I must admit that I am too lazy (as said above) to perfect the details of the map like Sir Prise. So it will be opened free for anyone kind enough to fix it.
The story is fictional, as you can tell. The setting of a royal man who has to settle on a new land because of the conflict in the government was taken up from a true historical story of my country. I tried my best with the story of 2 time lines, but after rereading the script, it was kind of making me laugh. Well, I'll try better in the next map.
I also spent lots of effort to write Windcaster's letter in the most formal way (as a prince writing to his lady). You can tell that I'm not a native English speaker, so it was kind of hard to me, and maybe there are some stupid mistakes that I made. I would be grateful if any of you can help me correct it.
Well that's it. I am now working on the next map and it will come out in, say, 3 more months? I hope the 1st map will have been solved by then, cause there are many other tricks waiting in the 2nd. I will continuously check the review on this map so that I'll know if it's too bad or too hard to correct the 2nd. Therefore, please give me your most cruel reviews : D. Thanks to all who play.

[Edited on 12/14/11 @ 09:27 AM]

peter2008 Thanks for the puzzle!
Still struggling to find a way out off the first plateau. Only 1 archer could move away so far.
File Author
That's fast, Peter! However the point is to make your peasants pass too, but I think you are on the right trail so keep it up. Remember that Writingham was a successful pioneer so try to follow his way.
Aside from that, I am very greatful if anyone can tell me how to post a panorama on the description. Although I can create one (put inside the .zip file), I can't post it on. I see some authors who have done that, but I haven't found any instruction about it. I think there should be one cause it's a very useful thing for mapmakers and downloaders.

[Edited on 12/15/11 @ 11:23 PM]

peter2008 Now it's finished. :)

Fine and funny "running trick".
I thought I had also understood how to make my way towards the swamp, but in the end, one enemy wall tile remained deep inside a small plateau which obviously cannot not be reached even by ... trebuchets (lol), and that blocked the placing of own stone walls.
So I pathed another way there. Don't know wether the trick which I needed to use for it, was in your intention.
Could send you a screenshot if you email me.
File Author
I'd like to, Peter. Just to be sure I didn't leave any mistake.
So it seems the 1st map is too easy for you guys huh? Well I'll have to bring the 2nd to another level then : D
Dormouse Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and am really enjoying this map - it's most engaging! However, I have been working on it for about 2 weeks now and cannot work out how to reach certain areas.

I have managed to get to the following areas:
- The triangle to the left of the starting area with all the deer on it (but I cannot get beyond this to the plateau and stone)
- The large valley in the bottom left corner that is full of rabbits, and the L-shaped plateau to the left of it
- The island between the bridges
- The fertile valley floor in the top right corner
- Both patches of iron
- The river valley and crossings

However, no matter how hard I try, I can't get to:
- Any of the stone
- The pitch
- The plateaux in the top left corner (I can't find a way across the narrow canyons).

I've had some success with breaking down bridges, filling in the moat squares, and using wooden gatehouses as steps, but I can't get any further!

I would really appreciate any tips or hints. Thank you very much for your time.

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