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Waterville Abbey

Author File Description
Charles of Tours
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible
Made with version: 1.2
Before the death of the Abbot, he appointed you to hold the position of Stewardship over Waterville. However, his twisted nephew took control with his villainous gang of thugs. With help from you, the peasants overthrew their dread ruler.

Now, as soon as you set the peasants back to work, word of hostile troops coming through the forest has been heard.

I hope you all enjoy this, my first published map. It is VERY difficult, and I have only beaten it once myself. You will need to act quickly.

Do not be fooled by periodic reinforcements, often times they arrive too late or at a bad moment.

The "easy" difficulty provides no real challenge (for me at least). The real fun begins on "normal". Beating this on "very hard" would make you a demi-god. Enjoy!
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peter2008 The setting of this map looks simple at first glance. A prebuilt settlement in the woods ...
But a well-scripted series of invasions will come down on it from early on. Repeated and onetime invasions overlap creating crucial moments when the chosen strategy will be tested: hold'em off or get overrun.

The challenge is out. Beatable on Hard, I can say for now.
Duc Volpe
Map Design2.5
Playability: 2
I think the problem here is that Charles of Tours valued difficulty over playability over a wide margin, and in some other areas... The author just puts the player in a map and is just expected to duke it out. It wouldn't actually be much of an issue, however little to no freedom is given here. The objectives and the script is vague and messed up respectively too I think (see aditional notes for that).

Balance: 2
One other problem that I unintentionally found out is that because the fort has more holes than Swiss cheese. And in combination of the short time of patching them up and doing other stuff at the same time makes it very easy to funnel troops all around the fort. This makes the threat of the ridiculous amount of invading troops practically irrelevant.

Creativity: 2.5
There is nothing really that caught my interest.

Map Design: 2.5
The map is, with the exception of the fort and The Ring of Seven Warriors hill, entirely flat with grass. It's also almost entirely covered with trees with a river/creek here and there. Try to make map more interesting by elevating the terrain and/or placing rocks or schrubs don't just rely on trees. And I'd also recommend placing more varriation in the terrain with dirt and stuff.

Story/Instructions: 3.5
Decent story for the most part but it lacks something appealing, to me atleast.

Additional Comments:
I strongly urge to spend more time with the terrain and script editor and the editor in general. I am not sure if you are aware that one can put an action that ceases repeating invasions or put a trigger that let the player win once there are no more invasions. To name a few things.

I hope this was a constructive review enough to give you an idea of areas in need of improvement. Naturally if the map is updated in a good way I will adjust the score accordingly so.

[Edited on 01/10/12 @ 05:16 PM]

peter2008 The map is of ultimate difficulty. It wasn't made for fun, it does not look inviting nor can be played for pleasure.

One can take it as a training exercise. "You don't have a chance, but use it." (Herbert Achternbusch, novellist).
A player may strike on a new idea for fighting, here.

Some tries are needed to get familiar with everything. Surviving may be possible only by making recourse to a whole bunch of tactics
some of which I only got to know or to understand in the d i f f e r e n t Stronghold games and game styles.
As an exception to the Dl section, a list of the major actions.

- Game speed lowered to 10. It will be a struggle for every second (and for every triggered trap to get 3 wood back and lay out new traps).
- Population needed, so deleted all the Bad things and replaced the good things beyond a river.
- The first 40 peasants trained to soldiers.
- There's one signpost and the invasions have to walk to it first. They must not come close, so "Forward defence" is best, a gatehouse near by the post. (Fd is from Kingdoms.)
- Next trick is from multiplaying Crusader: to build the moat b e h i n d a wall. That way, the diggers can work while the war is going on outside. The moat must be assigned very deep.
Aim: getting walls and moat and wooden traps finished before May 1225.
- Another strategy is to distract the AI units.
Part of the wall should be a g a p with a long narrow pass to make the large groups of melees run across the field to and fro.
Lured them into the wooden traps. The inner end of the pass closed when they start towards that direction. They get stuck and return. Not nice to give them the run-around, I know, but in times of despair ...
I hit this unfair way once playtesting LoH's Arsuf map. "Violence and deceit are the two main virtues in war." (Hobbes)
If a breakthrough eventually happens ... Gatehouses at various places not only allow crossfire but also divert the macemen. They separate into smaller packs that can be dealt with.
- Parallel to the front preparations, I completely rebuilt the settlement, exchanging dairy farms into apple orchards if possible. More orchards, and relocated the Granary amidst them, for double rations & taxes.
Hovels also removed beyond the river.
- But started the economy with woodcutters, up to 30 of them for getting wood quickly. If a wc stood idle due to the Fear factor, deleted the hut and replaced it. The man is the only free peasant at this time.
The same for the first fletcher (off/on :p).

Initial archers, stocked bows and 3x5 outlaws make 40 shooters. About 20 more bows can be purchased. These 60 have to deal with the invasions until the Snake's macemen arrive. For them are the first layers of traps.

The Pig invasion in Sept. 1225 brings the test for hold or fall. Need to give up the forward gatehouse and to retreat behind the moat (tiles pre-assigned!)
Hold or fall. After that there will even be a period of flaw in the intensity of the invasions.

Playing the map on Normal will be sufficient to get the feeling of the course.
Can share saves from before the wins on Hard and VH.

[Edited on 01/13/12 @ 06:50 AM]

Charles of Tours
File Author
To Duc Volpe:

I appreciate the review, however: this was one of my first maps. I am (as I am told) quite better now. However, I DID make this in the intention of a challenge, NOT for good looks. I can make better looking maps, and perhaps a lower challenge would spawn less criticism from you.
Duc Volpe With all due respect, I mentioned that the terrain is ONE of the fields is in need of improvement. It's just my opinion that everything needs to be done properly and polished before thinking: ''ah yes, time to turn on the heat.'' In short, even a map ment to be a challenge can be a nice looking map, or eye candy. But if that's how you choose to prioritise it, so be it. I'm just giving my thoughts and you can decide what do with it. But don't be suprised then when you get called on that. For example, (small) maps made by FTCampea are great examples of a combination between difficulty and map layout, I've heard.

By the way, I could be wrong but I don't think I mentioned I personally experienced actual difficulty problems...? Sure, poining out some of the flaws the map had that would pretty much nulify the supposed challenge this map possesses (such a shame) but not the actual difficulty...

I'm asking now: please, take my help for what it is and do something with it instead of deflecting.

[Edited on 01/18/12 @ 02:59 AM]

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Map Design2.5
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