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The Son of the Wolf : Act One ; The Arabian Vulture

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2
††††† - The Son of the Wolf - †††††

Act one

The Arabian Vulture

Few weeks ago,you have been orderd by your father,Duc Wolpe,the King of England,to go on your first real mission,you didn't know what it is,but all you knew that you where to be sent to a camp on our border with the lands of the Arabian Caliph nicknamed "The Arabian Vulture".Your father told you that you will get more information on the mission when you arrive.
You rode with your bodyguards for a few days when you arrived in the camp.When you arrived,the commander,and the whole army there, is honored and amazed to se you in ther camp.

Few days after you arrived at the camp,a letter arrives from your father.It says:
"My son,
I heared you arrived at the camp,and that all has gone well.You are probably exitded to hear what is going to be your first mission.
You see,the arabian lord of these lands,known as "The Arabian Vulture",has been raiding our terrytory lately,I whant you,my son,to guard our border here.If the Vulture attacks,answer him the same way!
And don't fail me,this task shoud not be too hard,if he attaks,you have everything you need to broke thro the walls of his city and kill him.I know you will win,I havent teached you the art of war for nothing!

Good luck. -Wolf, Duc Wolpe"

One day after the letter arrived

A Arab horsman roude near the camp:
"The Caliph knows why you are here.Retreat out of our lands at once!",he shouted.
"You have 3 days to reatreat,the 4 day we will attack!"

And,without saying anything else,the arab rode back to the city.

Two Days after the letter arrived,and 1 day after the visit

The wherehouse where we kept our sige engines has been burned downd,all the tools we need to build new ones burned as well.It was ceartanly the deed of the enemy spies.

Three Days after the letter arrived,and 2 day after the visit

In the morning you sent 4 scouts to give you information about the city's defences.

Later that day,we saw a group of people runnig down from the mountians to our camp.We thoth that they where enemyes,but they only had some old ragged chlothes on them and some wery rust swords with them.
As they approched to the camp,our crossbowmen whanted to shoot them down,but I told them to wait.When they arived,I asked them who where they and what they whant.One of them said:
"We are the prisoners of the vultures mountian ,please don't hurt us!"
You are suprised,you didn't know that the moutian south of your camp was acualy a prison.
They explain that they where the war prisones of the Caliph,and that theye where imprisoned in the moutian for many mounths.
They tell you the horrible ways that they where treated,they woud be put in a gibbit and only with a bush to eat and some dirty water in front of them to drink.
They where tourcherd every day,in many ways.
They where sometimes skinned by some of ther tourcherers,and after a few hours of constant skkining,they woud be "let free" by ther skinners,they told them that they where free to go.But when they turned around,they woud got a arrow in the back,and then the dogs woud be released at the poor souls.
Each day 2-6 people where "released".
Some where eaven put in a steel cage,over a big pot of boiling oil.
The cage was loose,and sometimes it woud brake and the person in the cage woud fall into the oil....the list of tourchers went on and on...

The people of the city did not know this,they only knew that the caliph woud love to attend public executions and hanging of criminals.

You where speeachles.You didn't eaven think that the caliph was so twisted.
They also tell you that the rumors spred in the mountian that the Caliph's men have been studying the ways to built Trebushets,and that they succseded,some men eaven said that they saw it.

Four Days after the letter arrived,and 3 day after the visit,one day after the arrival of prisoners

In the morning,your men call you to see something in the woods,it where the heads of the 4 scout you sent yesterday.The caliph will pay for this!

Moments later,a arab battle horn is sounded.
The Arabs attacking,1 day before the horsman said!Cowards!
You give orders to your troops to prepare for battle,this is going to be your first battle,and you know that it was not going to be a easey one...

Sorry for the huge delay of this but I just got SH1 and I am enjoying it,sorry again.:)

Thaks to:
Peter - becose he was soooo awsome and tested this one and he helped me a lot
Me - for making the map and the story

-Defeat the Caliph's attacking force
-Kill the Caliph
-Don't loose all your troops

There are none
(If you guys find this map too hard I will add some.)

And a question - how do I add fonts to my text?

PS. - I know that the plot is not fantastic,but hey,I did my best.:)

Next map is going to be "The Sige of Margat"

Good luck,son of the will need it

And have fun
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Lord_of_Hell You should use < > brackets instead of square ones [ ] :)
File Author
Ohh...Thank you very much,LoH,thank you.:)
Hope you will enjoy the map,and that you will review it.:)

[Edited on 01/12/12 @ 09:08 AM]

Lord_of_Hell I'll see how it goes and give you a first score. If you're OK with it I might find some time to write the review.
File Author
OK.And why woud I not be okay with that?

[Edited on 01/13/12 @ 04:19 AM]

Lord_of_Hell I have a question. Did you playtest and win the map by yourself? Overall it looks a bit out of balance.

[Edited on 01/14/12 @ 08:38 AM]

File Author
Well yes...Why?
Cannot win?
Hint: You shoud not assult the walls from the front...the trebushet isn't there without a reason...

[Edited on 01/14/12 @ 03:51 PM]

Lord_of_Hell I know. The enemy attack was quite weak for its size though. You meant it that way?
Anyway, a review is coming.

[Edited on 01/14/12 @ 04:01 PM]

File Author
I ment that I playtested and won this map. canot say that the attack was wery small or weak...

Hoping for a nice score...:)
File Author
Still waiting for the review...:-/
Lord_of_Hell Please be patient. I will finish it as soon as I get the chance otherwise I don't think you want a rushed review
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