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Mussa's Well

Author File Description
Korsfarer Mogens
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Made with version: 1.2

Mussa's Well

"Now that I have seen Mussa's Well I can tell You this, Sire:

Mussa's Well is not a well, but more like a puddle of mud and a small plot of hardly fertile land, all situated in the middle of nowhere. It may provide for a very small population, but You will need to build a small castle as a shield against the musliman scouts. Well, at least You should erect a wall with a gate, and train a small garrison. Ruins located a distance away is evidence of a former attemp to build a castle, so You should probably act swiftly! I estimate it can be done within ten years! Due to the overwhelming heat I shall recommend that only small quantities of flammable materials are stored at any one time! Also, the distant rocky formation show signs of ancient mining activity. If You bring some miners they might be able to extract a small amount of valuable metal."

These were Your words to Your Lord upon returning from an inspection, as Your Lords trustee, of the outpost called Mussa's Well. Mussa's Well was given to Your Lord - shortly after the conquest of Ascalonia - by King Balduin the Third of Jerusalem.

The Kings orders to Your Lord were as follows:

"Take charge of Mussas Well and guard it with Your life, as it is an important source of water southeast of Ascalonia!

We shall provide You with the following:

8 pilgrims (craftsmen and farmers)
100 gold
1 dozen Baskets filled with fruit
1 dozen Smoked hams
1 dozen Baskets filled with bread
2 dozen Planks
2 dozen Stone

You shall also have some items - from Our armoury - enabling You to train a few guardsmen:

2 Longbows
2 Metal armour
2 Swords

In return it is expected that You deliver the following items to the armoury of the County of Jaffa, all within 20 years:

200 Gold
1 dozen Longbows
1 dozen Crossbows
1½ dozen Leather armour
½ dozen Maces

Due to the proximity of the infidel - and by now - weak Fatimid Army, We, Your King, can only promise You the possibility of restricted trade. Building materials can be provided in abundance, but no arms, and only limited food items! The Fatimid Army may not be as patient as We, but We confide in Your ability to fulfill the task!"

You have now arrived at Mussa's Well in the company of Your Lord and the assigned pilgrims. Your task is to be Your Lords administrator. Good luck, and do not lose Your head (in any meaning)!

This eco(-invasion) scenario is primarily about micromanagement: Timing, trading and recycling. An economy puzzle, if you like. Read the above carefully and adhere to the instructions and advice given, and it should be a smooth ride!

Well, at least You have a beautiful and uninterrupted view of the desert plain in almost all directions. Gives You plenty of time to prepare for the unlikely visitor(s) in a proper manner!

Korsfarer Mogens

Update Jan. 19, 2012!

Mussa's Well Revised

The revised scenario is almost the scenario it was intended to be! I was suffering from the misconception, that my scripting disallowed an increase in population by inducing plague every month. Same for the use of bad things (gallows etc.) by inducing thefts from the granary every month. Unfortunately it didn't.

The scenario was intended to reflect actual difficulties:

1) An increase in population would have very severe effects on the drinkablity of the water from the restricted source due to the (lack of) sanitary conditions at the time, and would therefore create sickness (plague) every month, and

2) using bad things would make your pilgrims discontent or leave, as they are not serfs, but free men (and women). Their discontent in the scenario would be implementet as theft from the granary.

To make up for the flawed scripting the following changes have been made:

1) You cannot build huts, and therefore an increase in population is not possible, and

2) You cannot use bad things to "motivate" the pilgrim volunteers.

The above changes just removes two factors from the puzzle. There's still enough puzzle to make You sweat, I hope! :-)

Files included in

Mussa's Well (the scenario as it was originally intended)
mussas_well_revised.txt (see above text)
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
SkullHeroLord Hmmm...That looks very intresting...
Good job.
saw959 ugly map plz improve your self
fayez2010 Not an ugly map it is.
Korsfarer Mogens! Don't be disappointed. I'll check and play your map with great interest as it looks good from instructions and story. Then I'll comment again.
Korsfarer Mogens
File Author
To saw959:
Sorry that the map doesn't live up to your expectations. I was only trying to convey/enhance the monotonous, and the feelings of loneliness, despair, frustration, long distances, and general discomfort. To "spice up" the long periods of boredom and despair, so to speak! :-)

To SkullHeroLord and fayez2010:
I hope you'll find it interesting. It's my first serious go at the mapeditor and doesn't contain any fancy scripting. Also, it hasn't been playtested by anyone but me, so I may have overlooked something.

Thanks to you all for your interest!
peter2008 Hi Korsfarer Mogens,

thank you for sharing your map with us!

It's of kinda meditating style. But not too relaxed: bad events and invasions announced keep one busy.

I very much liked
- the clear and moody introduction and texts.
Lowering line spacing should make it more readable.
- the problem to bridge a period of almost no food production.
Made it within 9 years, with population 48.
Korsfarer Mogens
File Author
Hi Peter20008

"Lowering line spacing should make it more readable."
I put HTML-tags in the original text, which resulted in the former layout. It has been corrected.

The scenario was intended to be played without any use of glitches (a much bigger challenge) - like multiple farmers in an apple orchard, which I suspect you were doing, as you finished in only 9 years. I know you are a very good player, so I could be wrong? Please enlighten me! :-)

Thanks for your comments and for taking your time to play the scenario!
peter2008 "Multiple farmers", I did this one time in all my game life: some years ago when I learned about that glitch. The result was ... boring gameplay.
Have been accused of cheating some times. When it's just about acquaintance and observation.
In other words, my approach below can be reproduced.

Should not have bragged about a record here. Really not necessary with this contemplative map.
Actually, it was meant to be a feedback both thankful and inspiring to you. You had mentioned that the map was possible in 10 years. So, in a second try, I sold all initial stone and started with Fear factor -3 which ensured abundance of flower, higher population/tax income, and speed in weapons production.

Korsfarer Mogens
File Author
Hi Peter2008

Sorry for implying you were using the apple orchard glitch. Because of a misconception of mine (about "year 0"-scripting), it was the only way I could see you meet the goals in only 9 years - or at all (with 48 people).

Thanks to you, I have updated the scenario, including a revised version in the zip-file along with an explanation, which should also appear in the scenario description above, but so far without any luck (2 failed uploads).

You will - I believe - understand my point when you read the revision and (hopefully) play the revised scenario.

Btw: I feel the same about using glitches, cheats etc. as you do. It just takes the fun out of any game.
Korsfarer Mogens
File Author
Forgot the following:

"You had mentioned that the map was possible in 10 years."

Actually, it's enclosing the settlement that's possible in 10 years, not the whole (revised) scenario. But I'm glad you perceived it like that, or otherwise I would probably not have discoved the flawed scripting. So thanks for that! :-)
peter2008 It's exciting to watch your concept taking clearer shape - and this convincingly according to the story ("free men").
No doubt will I play the update.
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