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Saint Brigid's Falls: The Chapel

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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
Saint Brigid's Falls: The Chapel is the first of a series of five linked scenarios following the history and growth of the hamlet of Saint Brigid's Falls. In this first chapter, you will be asked to build a chapel next to the well created when Saint Brigid prayed here for water and a tavern to keep the pilgrims happy.

NOTE: Even though these games are labelled as Invasion maps, they concentrate at least as much, if not more on the Economic challenges.


- There are wild animals around, both on two and on four legs.
- Working with speed can be useful.

Be sure to play the following parts as well.
Saint Brigid's Falls: The Rat of the Glens
Saint Brigid's Falls: Revenge
Saint Brigid's Falls: Rebirth
Saint Brigid's Falls: The Cathedral
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Good work. A good set of Maps combining Invasion tactics with Economics in a connecting progressive storyline.

Here's an abbreviated breakdown:
Playability -- Fun, challenging, interesting.
Balance -- Took me a few starts on normal, few games take me more than 2...nice work.
Creativity -- in storyline, map, and method. Good work there too.
Map design -- Good: a little eye candy, some tricks (can't use something you thought you could b/c of signpost or invisible rock), and fairly smooth. Little room for improvement, but still above average.
Storyline -- Creative, on-going, and matches the map.
King Ace 13
Map Design5.0
I love this map! I especially enjoy scenarios that take you back to basics - they just seem so original to me.

Playabilty 4/5 This is an extremely enjoyable map. It's one that I'll probably play several times. The only problem is that the "Defeat" page never shows. Because I'm inexperienced at these games, I lost quite a bit, but because the "Defeat" page never showed up, and my lord was killed, I was stuck and couldn't do a thing. But, still, it was quite fun. If you change this problem, Jayhawk, I'll happily change the 4 to a 5 that this map really deserves.

Balance 4/5 Nicely balanced, but a little too easy. Once I got passed the first 2 invasions, the second almost destroying my settlement, I only needed to keep producing archers. I believe that an invasion map needs every invasion to threaten the very existence of your lord, down to the last, meer spearman. Maybe you should put in a "time until defeat", or make a huge invasion at the end. Still, good job.

Creativity 5/5 Very creative! I personally believe that God does exist and that he watches out for those who call on Him, so this tips in my favour. I like the idea of building a chapel on the site as well.

Map Design 5/5 This map design is rare. The hill on which you start is good defense-wise, but the objectives force you to expand your settlement into a path that's adjacent to any signpost, which again forces you to not only think about defences, but also think about where you can place buildings to beat the objectitives. Very clever.

Story/Instructions 5/5 I love the story! As mentioned above, I love the concept of prayer in any Stronghold scenario. The story sucks you into what promises to be a brilliant series.
The instructions are good too; short and blunt. Nice work.

Overall: I think this map is brilliant. I shall certainly play all the maps in the series.
P.S. Oh, by the way, my name is King Ace 13. I live in Australia, N.S.W.. I'm probably the biggest rookie on the sight, since I've only been playing Stronghold 6 months. But I love the game, and when I heard about Stronghold: Crusader Heaven, I had to join! I hope this'll be a learning experience for me, I might even end up being as good as Lord Malibur, Gordon Farrel, or Sulis.
Map Design3.5
Playability: 4.5
This is where this scenario shines. It manages to keep you on your toes by throwing a little bit of everything your way. Your space for both farms and other structures is limited, but you have to raise a fair-sized economy to meet the objectives (not to mention defend yourself). Wildlife will attempt to interfere with your plans, and fires (thankfully not overzealous ones) may also cause you to stumble. I managed to run myself out of food a few times, it was fun figuring out how to get back up and running as quickly as possible. The defensive posture is not overly complex but owing to the availability of stone gatehouses and towers without stone walls or stairs, enclosing your town is simple but fun. As with most scenarios that have economic goals, once the events had settled down the game became slightly less interesting, although the continuing small invasions necessitated the growth of my enclosures off the starting plateau. Seeing these blossom and a town grow up around the hill was a pleasure. The one other negative point aside from the ending does not affect the gameplay very much, but there are structures you can build that you can't use, such as blacksmiths and tanner's shops. An unwary player may build these before realizing they were a waste of resources.

Balance: 3
I won this on my first attempt on very hard. Despite that, it took me some time to complete the scenario as the invasions and events caused me several delays, and the enemy did manage to reach the lord twice early in the scenario before I finally managed to keep them out for good.

Creativity: 4
This is a bit more than your standard keep-the-bad-guys-out scenario. It has a combination of elements that make it different - the available fortifications, story, starting position, limited trade options, economic goals, and the use of small invasions coupled with events that flow with the scenario in order to provide a challenge to the player. The flow matches quite well to what I perceive to be the expected progress of the player - for instance when invasions cease to be the main focus, bad events begin to increase.

Map Design: 3.5
The map design seems to have relied heavily on the hill and mountain tools, preset heights, and patches of brown rocks. The small rivers are nicely done however, and the hills frame the farmland in a pleasing way. Otherwise more time might have been spent refining the terrain shape, for instance many of the cliffs are blocky.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story fits the map well. It's to the point and also enjoyable.

Additional Comments:
This is a fun map, I would recommend giving it a try. As a side note, if you encounter any slowdowns or unexplained pathing abnormalities (aside from the fact that soldiers need to be on a wood tower before they can get into connected stone towers), try destroying wood towers that are used to get soldiers into stone towers, they may be the cause. At one point it actually caused all my workers to be unable to deposit goods in the stockpile somehow.
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Map Design4.6
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